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Small Thumb Image Palmistry

Small Thumb: Follower and weak minded.

Stiff Thumb In Palmistry

stiff thumb indian palm reading blog

Stiff Thumb is one which does not bend backwards like the supple thumb but remains stiff against any pressure to bend it backwards.  Usually it tends to remain close to the hand.  The individual with stiff thing to the test of his common-sense.  He is cautious, determined.  He plods along, does not spend lavishly and neither gives confidence nor invites but a steady person who does not attempt many things at a time rather successfully completes a few attempted.  He has the sense of justice and great self control.  The quality of skin consistency and color certainly make a large difference in qualities of this thumb. The coarse skin would make the possessor of stiff thumb stingy and hard hearted while fine skin will produce economy and sense of justice.

Generally there is brutal force behind the will of this thumb.  If the second phalange is also developed and thick the arguments and reasoning are blunt and the person is too out spoken.

The consistency tells whether constructive energy or laziness is directing the will and logic.  A weak thumb with energy is better than a good thumb spoiled by laziness of flabby consistency.  Good thumb on a soft hand would like to exert itself but will get tired too early.

The Mount Of Venus In Palmistry

The Mount of Venus is found at the base of the thumb and is bounded by the life line.  This mount relates to love, affection, passion, and vitality.

If this mount is reasonably high the person will be positive, enthusiastic, loving, and sympathetic.  He or She will thoroughly enjoy life and be happiest inside the right relationship.  He or she will be passionate about  life and have plenty of energy and enthusiasm.

This mount is an important factor in determining compatibility.  The height of the mount reveals how passionate the person is.  Obviously, a relationship where one person has a high mount of Venus, but the other has an almost flat mount,   would have enormous problems.  In practice, we wants the heights of the two mounts of Venus to be about the same.

The Life Line determines how wide this Mount is.  A large Mount of Venus reveals someone who is generous, giving, understanding, and considerate.  He or she will also be open-minded, warm and enthusiastic.

A narrow mount of Venus created when the life line hugs the thumb, reveals someone who is cautious, listless, and lacking in energy and passion.  

Guest Ask Palmistry Question About Star On Mount Of Sun


I've researched a lot about palmistry and come across your work in this field. You have shown many accurate reading in the palm lines, I have a star on my hand and wanted to know what this means, the star is located near the Apollo mount and there is a sun line which stars from the mount Mars and ends to the star, can you please let me know on this meaning.


Star on Mount of Sun denotes subject will get good name and fame due to own efforts and talent.

The Bracelets or Rascettes Palmistry

 The bracelets or Rascettes are the two or three lines found at the bottom of the palm at the wrist. In Hindu terminology they are called Yavamala or Manibatidlias. The more number and the more clearly marked these lines, the better. In some rare cases, there will be four such lines. The capacity to command and wield authority increases with the number of such lines. Thus if one has only one such line, he will be wealthy, if two an administrator, if three a ruler and if four a royal personage, according to ancient Hindu belief. Of all the lines, the first line, nearest to the palm, is the most important and is called the Venus Bracelet. A triangle in the middle of the Venus bracelet indicates a large fortune by inheritance. The longer the bracelets, the better. Western palmists like Cheiro do not consider the bracelets to be very important, except as indicators of health. keyword:- how to make a rubber band bracelet

Signs On The Heart Line Palmistry

Signs on the Heart Line

Star - Happiness, romance; good fortune.

Cross - Traumatic experience, misfortune.

Square - Able to absorb and overcome emotional hurts.

Triangle - Able to think your way out of emotional problems.

Island - Guilt, emotional stress. Refer to the nearest mount.

Parallel doubling - A secret side to your emotional life. Refer to the nearest mount.

Chained formation - Emotional instability. Refer to the nearest mount.

Breaks - Quarrelsome nature: emotional upsets.

Overlapping breaks - Tendency to fall out with partners only to make up later.

Crossbars - Emotional disturbances, interference in romantic life.

Island On Jupiter Mount On Heart Line

Island On Heart Line On The Base Of Mount Of Jupiter

If there is an island on heart line under pointer finger where Mount of Jupiter is located then it indicates respiratory issues, ENT problems, throat and lung related diseases.

Loss Of Money In Lottery & Gambling

Many of my clients who come from various developed countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. where lottery and betting is legal come up with a common question that how are there chances about becoming millionaire by winning jackpot, lotto.

I am tired of replying to such mails from people wanting to know about chances of success in gambling, lottery, getting bankrupt, bankruptcy, being declared bankrupt, etc.

One of my client from Texas, USA wanted to ask me if there is any chance that he will win big lotto or jackpot in future while he already had lost his big amount of money in share market, stock market speculation, lottery, gambling and in other speculative businesses and wanted to know if he could get lottery results and wanted to know the best way to play lotto, chances of winning the lotto.  He was addicted to lottery and gambling websites.

I replied to him to stop play lottery and other gambling, derby, lotto wheel,  live roulette, speculative businesses. (

If you are regular visitor of this blog then you could have already read about the above topics, if not then you can go through  lottery astrology and palmistry signs.

Why I told him to stop play lottery?


1.  Broken Sun Line:  His sun line is broken and if you read here article about break in sun line then you will know about it that this is clear indication of defamation, loss of reputation, and of course loss of money.  If in your hand you have weak sun line or defected sun line then you need to always be careful about cheating and avoid to be part of speculative businesses.

2. Ladder type Fate Line:  His fate line is in parts which is clear indication of instability in life.  Subject is not able to fulfill his/her wishes due to his/her wrong decisions.  He/She always take wrong decision and invests money in wrong directions.  He gets trapped in taking loan and borrowing money from others and gets to the point of helplessness and suicidal ideation.  When he comes to this point he want to seek help from astrologers for success in speculative business.

3. Rahu Lines:  As you are aware of rahu lines and may have read already about rahu lines in this website that rahu lines are diagonal lines which cut your life, fate, head, heart, health  and sun line. There are so many rahu lines present on his palm which is clear indication of loss of money,   It indicates health and family related hurdles/issues from time to time.  Also subject gets loss/cheated by business partner/loss from land or problem in married life.  And of course if rahu lines are present in your hand then there are strong chances of bankruptcy, loss of property, loss of money in share market, etc.

Thus, in the light of the above mentioned facts it is not advisable to indulge in speculative businesses if these signs are in your hand.

Nitin Kumar Palmist

Palm Lines On Hands

Introduction of Lines

Lines are the most fascinating part of palmistry. You may remember that we learnt that mountains are our desires and potentials. For example developed Jupiter tells about high ambitions and capacity to lead and desire to rule. But it never tells if your ambitions will be fulfilled or if you will ever get a chance to lead and rule. Now it's the job of the lines to tell about these things. Lines tell the efforts and the results of those efforts. It is to be noted that lines have little independent meanings; they give results according to their connections with the mountains.

Signs in Hands

We can see many small and faint lines that are called influence lines. They sometimes make many geometrical signs and shapes. They provide different results according to the place where these signs appear.


When two lines intersect, it becomes a cross. This gives a wrong effect everywhere except on Jupiter where it shows positive results.


If four lines intersect in such away that they form a shape with four corners then it is known as a square. It is good everywhere. It also saves from accidents and troubles. (But don't misjudge it to be few crosses, now it's a completely different entity).


Around shape is said to be a circle. On Jupiter, Sun and Saturn it gives favorable effects, elsewhere it is just the opposite. It is found rarely,


Everywhere favorable. (Again don't misjudge it to be few crosses, now it's a completely different entity).


Wheat (a kind of grain) like shape in a line is known as an island. It brings bad results everywhere. The only exception is in the top joint of the thumb where it points to no problem of money for living (see below).


A few vertical lines intersect a few horizontal lines to form a grill. A grill increases the effect of a mountain very much, too much is always harmful, we commonly find it on Venus where it increases the sexual desires too much. If uncontrolled then it can give sexual diseases too.


A tassel in the end of a mainline declines its strength. Nowhere is it good in the hand except in the end of the Heart line. In the end of the Heartline it tells physical ability of procreating children.

Fork and Trident

They increase and develop the qualities of a mountain or a line. A fork is good and trident is even better Vertical Lines One or two standing vertical lines are good on a mountain. More than two prove less fruitful.


A long square with a tail is regarded as very fruitful for money and knowledge alike. This is described as a different sign in Indian classical palmistry.


A star on any mount is the best possible sign, but on the lines it's very bad.
Here triangles, squares, fish, crosses, islands, grills and stars are important signs. The others are normal, good or bad as stated above.
Now we'll try to understand what these signs mean on different mountains. Firstly, these signs are made of lines so they always mean some efforts in the areas (on the mountain) where these signs appear, but they have some definite good or bad results.
A good sign on Jupiter (cross, triangle, square and star) means successful efforts to achieve a position of self respect and pride, where a person can feel his ambitions are fulfilled and it also gives a position of leadership where he can show his potential. A square (that especially increases positive qualities) means teaching and counselling skills when seen on Jupiter (the ideal qualities of Jupiter). A star looking shape on the Jupiter makes a person achieve a high and very respectful position where he can fulfil all of his ambitions and where he can have a chance to lead and rule the world. It also gives very influential social, political and business contacts. A bad sign on Jupiter (Island, grill and crisscross) means that negative qualities come up. It makes a person proud and arrogant and his ambitions are also not fulfilled easily.
A positive sign (triangle, square and fish) on Saturn means that planning gives positive results to the person. He feels himself lucky. Please read carefully that I said that he feels himself lucky, whether he is lucky or not is not really important. He gets the money and other benefits because his thinking and planning work. These signs also give a turn to the introvert nature and mysticism. These people have a natural interest in mystic arts. But a star on Saturn gives many ups and downs in life. A star makes a person king but only for a few days and after that he is again out of the palace. A bad sign (Island, cross and grill) on the mountain of Saturn makes a person feel himself quite unlucky (it can be a question of debate if he really is unlucky or if it is his own feelings) and he feels that all his very good and great planning also find some deadlock at the final moment.
A positive sign on the Sun (triangle, square, fish etc.) means that this person makes successful efforts to get lots of material pleasures and prestige. It also gives the most important thing; satisfaction. I have seen that a star on the mountain of Sun makes a person have a position of great respect and where all material pleasures are easily available. It also gives high contacts as Jupiter does. A bad sign on the Sun (cross, island and grill) gives bad fame by bringing scandals. They also give lots of mental discomfort.
A positive sign on Mercury (triangle, square and fish) makes a person diplomatic, very sharp minded and able to take benefit from anyone. A star is found in the hands of very successful diplomats and scientists. A negative sign on Mercury (cross, island and crisscross) brings out the negative characteristics; these people are considered as having a manipulative personality,

A positive sign on Venus (triangle, square and fish) makes a person happy in his relationships. A star on Venus gives a magnetic personality that brings many men or women in life. (Ancient books say that it's a sign of prostitution). A bad sign on Venus means failure in love and relationships. (If a square on Venus is very close to the life line, it can bring imprisonment. It's an exception to the rules but it's very accurate.)
A positive sign on the Moon (triangle, square and fish) gives positive use of imagination (i.e. creativity) and also brings many journeys. A star can make a person famous in the field of creative arts and can also, sometimes, make a person lunatic (it depends on other positive and negative signs in hand). A bad sign on the Moon gives lots of restlessness and fantasies.
A positive sign on Mars Attacking, especially a star, gives good chances in adventurous sports, police, medical ortherapeutic fields. A negative sign on Mars brings out the negative characteristics and makes a person angry, violent and hostile,

Major Lines in Hands

There are many lines on our hand. They are divided as below:-

Main Lines are 3:- Lifeline, Headline, Heart Line.
1. Life Line tells about the capability of the body.
2. Headline tells about the development of the brain.
3. Heartline, tells about the sentimental part.
All 3 lines can be seen on 98% of the hands.

Secondary Lines: - Not everybody will have all these secondary lines i.e. a person may or may not have these lines in his hand. But most of the questions related to our lives are answered by studying them. These are known as:

1. Luck Line or Line of Saturn 2. Success Line or Line of Sun 3. Health Line or Line of Mercury 4. Line of Mars 5. Line of Marriage 6. Lines of Children 7. Journey Lines
8. Bracelet Lines

Rare Lines:-They are seen on very few hands,
1. Girdle of Venus
2. Ring of Jupiter
3. Saturn Ring
4. Line of intuition
5. Via Lasciva
6. Medical Stigmata

Any other line besides these will be called chance line as they are thereby chance.

Quality of Lines (Good or Bad lines)

we'll use the words good line or bad lines many times so let's see which line is considered a good line and which one a bad one.

Thin and deep lines are considered good. Contrary to it are bad lines i.e. thick, broad, chained, wavy, fragmented and faint lines. Poor lines give poor results. Lines that become invisible or light when stretching the hand tight are said weak. Here thick and chained lines tell a difficult period and problems related to that line, weak lines give the less powerful result, still they are positive signs while thick and chained lines are telling difficulties. A fragmented line also tells problems related to that line, whenever a line is seen broken (a clear gap between two parts of the line) it means a traumatic incident that might have affected the progress of the person. A change in a line (parts of lines covering each other) also points to some big change that, at the time of transition, might have been difficult. Still it is not as bad as a clear broken line.

1 . An Island in any line tells about a negative result arising out of that line. It also tells a difficult period of time on that line.
2. Triangles and squares bring out the positive qualities and benefits of the line as well as the good times on any line.
3. Lines branching out are good.
4. But the lines that cross main lines tell some difficulty. If a small line crosses then it is a small difficulty and if a strong line crosses then it's a serious trouble (but main lines crossing each other mean nothing because it is their normal path for example the Luck line crossing the Headline and the Heart line).
5. A line running parallel to a main line is good, it is a support to this main line; however this support line should not get too close to the main line as it could become like an island and tell some Interference.
6. Crosses and stars are never good on any line and they tell some traumatic incident at that moment.
7. Lines of a slightly darker colour than the colour of the hand are considered good. While the red lines (a hint of pink perhaps) tell a time of struggle.
8 . A line with a fork or trident in the end becomes more powerful while if a line has a tassel in the end or if it fades when it terminates it becomes weak and gives less result.


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Client's Feedback - DECEMBER 2017

If you don’t have your real date of birth then palmistry is there to help you for future life predictions.  Our palm lines, signs, mounts and shapes which are very useful in predicting the person’s life. We can predict your future from the lines and signs of your both palms. We can predict your future by studying your palm lines and signs. There is no need to send us your date of birth , time of birth , place of birth etc . Palm told the personality ,future ups and downs thus a experienced palmist can guide you to deal with upcoming challenges with vedic remedies.