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Hairs On Back Of Hand Palmistry

Hair is generally found on the back of men's hands. It is also found on the second knuckles and, in some hands, on the first knuckles too. 

Hair on backside of palm - Men

If a man has no hair on the back of his hand, it indicates a lack of virility and effeminacy of character. 

If the growth of hair is thick and excessive, it indicates coarseness and cruelty. 

Hair on backside of palm - Women

Ladies, generally, do not have hair on the back of their hand. If they do, the lady in question could be considered manly and a virago.

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Tension Line On Hand Palmistry

Tension Lines On Palm - Palm Reading

Tension lines are also known as "Worry Lines", "Stress Lines", "Obstacles Lines", "Rahu Lines", "Anxiety Lines", and "Debt Lines".

Tension lines are diagonal lines or slanting lines.  Tension line starts from Lower Mount of Mars or inside of life line and goes towards all fingers. 

Tension line indicates financial losses, depression, problems in social life and family life, obstacles in each point and aspect of life, worries, downfall in business. Subject is not able to get success due to his/her bad luck.  See below image-

Position Of Rahu and Ketu In Palm

As you know area of Mount Of Rahu (Rahu Parvat) is located underneath head line in the middle portion of palm, so if there are so many slanting lines (rahu lines) on mount of Rahu then it indicates less saving but more expenditure.

Place of Ketu is located between Mount of Moon and Mount of Venus just above bracelet line. 

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हाथ में संतान का योग बताने वाली संतान रेखाय

संतान रेखा ( Santan Rekha In Hindi)

पश्चिमी देशों में कनिष्ठिका की जड पर स्थित बुध पर्वत पर बनी आड़ी रेखाओं को विवाह रेखाए और उन आड़ी रेखाओं पर खड़ी रेखाओं को संतान रेखाए कहा गया है। कितु हमारे अनुभव के अनुसार इन रेखाओं से संतान संबंधी प्रश्नों के राही उत्तर नहीं मिलते हैं।

भारतीय सामुद्रिक शास्त्र में हाथ में अंगूठे वाले क्षेत्र को पितृ क्षेत्र कहा गया है। अंगूठे की जड पर शुक्र पर्वत की स्थित इस तथ्य का अनुमोदन करती है क्योंकि शुक्र पर्वत व्यक्ति में काम भाव (सेक्स) का अनुपात बताता है और यही भाव संतानोत्पति का कारक है। अत अगूठे की जड पर स्थित शुक्र पर्वत पर खड़ी रेखाएं संतान संबधी प्रश्नों का सही उत्तर देती हैं।

ये रेखाएं यदि स्पष्ट और लबी हों तो स्वस्थ और दीर्घायु संतान का संकेत देती हैं) लूटी-फूटी रेखाए अस्वस्थ संतान को इयोतक होती हैं। कई बार ऐसा भी देखा गया है कि हाथ में संतान रेखाए तो होती हैं कितु जातक को संतान सुख प्राप्त नहीं होता। इसके दो कारण हो सकते हैं। पहला यह कि जातक में प्रजनन शक्ति तो होती है, कितु वह परिवार नियोजन के किसी उपाय द्वारा संतान पैदा करना नहीं चाहता। दूसरा यह कि जातक में प्रजनन शवित होती हैं कितु उसके जीवन साथी की प्रजनन शवित बाधित होती है।

इस बाधा का पता लगाने के लिए हाथ के चंद्र पर्वत को देखना चाहिए। यदि चन्द्र पर्वत के निचले भाग पर दूटी फूटी रेखाए या क्रास हो तो उसको उपयुक्त उपचार के लिए चिकित्सक से सलाह लेनी चाहिए। कमी किसमें हैं, इसका पता लगाने के लिए पति और पत्नी दोनों के हाथ देखने चाहिए।

इनके अतिरिक्त हाथ के कुछ और लक्षणो रो भी संतान सबंधी प्रश्नो व्ले उत्तर मिलते हैं, यथा कलाई की निकटतम मणिबंध रेखाएं संपष्ट हो तो संतान की संभावना होती हैं। यदि ऊपरी मणिबध रेखा ऊपर की और धनुषाकार अवस्था में उठी हुई हो तो संतानोत्पति में बाधा आती है।

शुक्र पर्वत को अंगूठे से अलग करने वाली जोड़ रेखा स्पष्ट द्वीपों की माला के समान हो तो संतान की संभावना होती हैं।

शुक्र पर्वत दबा हुआ हो तो संतान उत्पति में बाधा होती है। इस बाधा के निवारण के लिए मूगा, माणिक्य या लाल रंग का कोई अन्य रत्न अंगूठी में जड़वा कर पहनना चाहिए और प्रतिदिन संतान गोपाल स्तोत्र का पाठ करना चाहिए।

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Nail Fungus - Fingernail Health

As per palmistry, if subject is suffering from onychomycosis (fungal infection or skin comes out from under the fingernails) then there are chances of knee pain, bones related issues, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc.

Treatment of nail fungus 

1).  Apply coconut oil daily inside and outside of nails before going to sleep.
2).  Apply vinegar or dip your finger nails in apple vinegar for five minutes, daily.
3).  You can use Terbinafine Cream which is used for relieving itching, burning, cracking, and scaling associated with jock itch, athlete's foot, ringworm, and other fungal infections of the skin. Terbinafine cream is topical antifungal agent. It works by killing sensitive fungi.

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How To Know Symptoms Of Lesbian Or Gay By Your Hands

Know About Your Gender From Your Hands

There is no particular sign on hand which predicts 100% accurately gayisim, guyism, heterosexual, Gay, transgender, bisexual or lesbian.  But you will find few points in palmistry books which indicates gender related problems, subject attracted towards same sex, etc.

1).  If mount of Venus is flat then it indicates subject is impotent.
2).  If little finger is too short then it indicate venereal disease, bad habits, gender related issues.
3).  If strong and bold branch of heart line from underneath Mount of Saturn joins headline then it indicates subject is interested in same sex.
4).  If there is an island on heart line under Mount of Saturn and fate line passing through this island then it indicates gender related problem, transgender, hinjda, etc. 
5). Thumb is supple and very close to Index finger.

Marriage Line is also called Line of Affection.  Marriage line does not necessarily show marriage it may only indicate attachment to someone male or female.  In other words this line can indicate anyone whom you consider a friend or loved one.  Marriage line is often found on porn star, prostitutes, unmarried person, celibates, saints (sadhu), and kinnar, bisexual, hinjda, eunuchs, and in such cases indicates strong friendship.  So every marriage line does not necessarily represent marriage but it does represent an affection that you have felt or feel for someone. 

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In My Hand One Marriage Line Cross Second Marriage Line Palmistry

Marriage Lines Crossing Above Heart Line

You are searching for "marriage line crossing each other" or "two marriage lines cross each other" or "first marriage line cross second marriage line" right???

In other words two marriage lines create a "X" sign or "cross" sign underneath Little finger.

In your hand marriage line turns upwards and cross above marriage line or  marriage line turns downward and cross below marriage line, see below images

If your marriage line is crossed by another marriage line then it is inauspicious sign denotes unhappy married life, divorce, separation, loss of partner, ill health of partner, childlessness, never married, unmarried, and problem in married life due to others interference in your personal life.  Overall this is a bad sign.

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Women Breast Size & Shape Tells About Her Character & Personality

Ladies!! Your Breasts Reveals About You

character of woman with her boobs

Women character based on breast shape. Based on a Survey, woman personality can be known based on the shape of her breast.

The nature of women based on breast shape
1 . Swelling breast: she was an independent woman. Easy for this woman to start intercourse with men, she likes fast amorous with everybody, friendly and open. In addition, she also have thought broad, humble, and good natured, while her philosophy was life is short. But she has not despoiler forgive others who have had some fault him. This woman aspires married man who honor liberty as well as like lifestyle active. Their idol was a responsible men, and willing to settle the matter with.

2. Plump breast: This Woman never put up with a serious bond. Sometimes she doesn't care about other people's feelings, but on the contrary, if the woman is already bound in the commitment, she was fond of with his family including meet all your requirements and honest in her husband's family. From the outside this woman appears like a good women and responsible, but in her heart emotions will face even slightly explosiveness if problems. Males generally macho and conforming dambaan women busty plump is this.

3. Consntricted breast: women have breasts flat is very appreciative of the freedom of the individual and believe in the theory. These women often experience conflict with her self or the people but this woman was able to find easily the settlement of the problems encountered. This talented woman in the field of art, such as interior decor, hand work, Cook, and keeping animals. Men who fit this woman is a man who is impatient and does not talk much. Because these women prefer less talk and a lot of work, though the stubborn woman is full of warmth, love, and to be trusted.

4. Swooping breast : very easily governed, faithful to his partner, always alert, and is fond of the interlocutor direct to the point. This woman tend to select men corresponding for her criteria. This because once she fell in love, and he will faithful to his partner. She has no objection if the husband asked him to stay on house and care for children. Men that ideal for swooping breast women that is what have sense of humor high and had personality open. To choose a living spouse, this woman will not misjudge of possessions, but the family man background . 

5. Snoopy breast (Large aerola): This women tending to spatially masculine. Generally , of the masculin nature will gradually disappears when this woman increased teenagers, and then origination indicating the nature of feminine. But this woman dislike pressure or restraints from others. Very difficult for her to be humble in the presence of other people, because of her esteem or ego was so high. She loves to comparing between friend who is one with another. Man who suitable for this woman is that may be is believable and always be by her side when sad or happy.

6. Widening Breast : Widening women's carefree nature and independent. Unfortunately, this woman loves to talk and exaggerate the problem. More crazy again, this is easy once angry woman, not like bridled but quick to help others who need help. This lady should always be honest and frank when they deal with matters related to the emotions. Though these women do not usually live in luxury, but he is a clever woman berjimat closely. This is because he is easily bored if must be in addition to her partner at any time, so she likes to achieve self sufficiency. At the same time this woman always specious. Lelak eldest does not comply with this woman. The firstborn should always be like lead. This lady feel marriage is a nasty thing but after marrying this woman should always be changed.

7. Pectus carinatum breasts (Down breast): this women is very sensitive. She will feel betrayed if he has not given the attention he gives to certain signs signals through. Next he would cry and lose confidence in his love relationship. This woman thought patterns very naive and inexperienced as a female is rather slow, in matters pertaining to sexual relationship. But don't worry because the sex knowledge and experience will increase after the marriage. In the household, the woman is very popular because of its kind, especially in welcoming her husband after work. Men who become women's choice is the man in charge, courageous and resolute in its establishment.

8. Bells: This female is a practical and honestly think. Her weakness is forgetful and lazy work. He often fought with his own feelings if made any options and easy-to-bouncy if there is something that makes them angry. This makes the people did not dare to come close to this woman that's easy to say: If there is a slight problem. However this woman has the power of attraction that is able to make the boy interested and feel happy to.

9. Small breast : this woman difficult declined requests others. She is open, capable of about other people, and patient, make this woman known as a good natured and helper. Probably kindness arose uttering he meddlesome others. This woman aspires became his wife and mother wise for his children. Pair that is suitable for this woman is man that has a regular job uttering this lady could not live siege and distress berpanjangan will face. If experience stress he would easily affected by the disease. 

10. Sagging breast : Fail never exists in the dictionary of this woman. Her hobby is read and supremely interest in art, she was follow the heart for the sake of adding to his experience. Women's suits make friends with people who can understand him, because he does have a large head, selfish nature and are free to do anything.

How Breast Shape and Size Can Predict Personality

#1 - Small bosoms, small areola with nipples facing forward - You are a great problem solver and intellect. You are quick thinking and can be quite humorous at times. You love the arts and are a true classic. You start conversations sometimes that other wished you hadn’t. You love to be comfortable at home and are not highly social. You value books and learning but you can come across as a little weird at times. You prefer time alone. You hide your emotions but are one strong lady! 

#2 - Large breasts, small areola, with nipples facing forward - Your breast shape predicts that you were born to lead and are quite the looker. You succeed in the most complex of tasks and have a strong will. You make decisions with your mind over your heart most of the time. You possess lots of self control and weigh actions carefully. You may be an empath but don’t know it. You are a stable person who rarely asks for help. 

#3 - Medium sized breasts, small areola, with nipples facing forward - You are a free spirit – and do whatever you think is best. You are a very innovative person – many times turning what’s old into something new. Your forward thinking makes some people to believe you are a bit odd. You always show great style by sporting lots of attention-getting clothing. You have a tendency to offend others, even when you don’t mean to. 

#4 - Large bosoms, large areola with nipples facing downward - You always look at the bright side - always smiling at others and have something nice to say. You are an avid daydreamer and have many hopes for the future. Even though you’re shy on the inside, people don’t seem to notice. And even though you’re funny, not everyone understands your sense of humor. 

#5 - Small breasts, small areola with nipples facing slightly outward - You have an attractive personality. People love you for your fiery disposition. You are passionate and compassionate and people love that about you. You have great concern for the environment and always go after what you want. Your quick decisions sometimes get you into trouble. You may have a quick temper at times. 

#6 - Large bosoms, large areola with nipples facing forward - Your breast shape says you are very kind to others and have a good heart. You work harmoniously with others and are a great problem solver. People recognize this about you and come to you for advice. At times, you put others well being ahead of your own because of your nurturing personality. You hate judgemental people and listen to the facts before making decisions. People enjoy your company. 

#7 - Smallish breasts, medium areola, with nipples facing slightly outward - You are a good friend and wise beyond your years. You love to try new things and are always looking to improve yourself. You love reading and prefer to remove yourself from drama. You detest violence and arguing and are therefore a pacifist. You prefer to be alone with a good book or classic movie.

#8 - Large bosoms, large areola with nipples facing outward - You are popular and very creative. You have clever ideas and plan things well ahead of time. You can get depressed when life overwhelms you. You can be very charming and people flock to you! You tend to do things your own way and love to put a new spin on things. 

#9 - Medium bosoms, small areola, nipples facing slightly outward - You love to fit in with all the popular people but are a bit shy. Even though you might seem a little gullible to some, you are no dummy. You are a good judge of character and were born for special things in life. You have many hopes and dreams and believe in yourself. You are a great friend and an especially hard worker. 

#10 - Large breasts, medium areola, nipples facing slightly outward - You always see the best in other people. You love going new places and love new adventures. You are highly sociable and fun loving. You love to amuse others and carry your positive attitude with you wherever you go. Best known for your great smile! 

#11 - Smaller breasts, medium areola, nipples facing downward - When you walk into a room, heads turn! You are breathtakingly beautiful and love to seduce attention. You detest boring routines and love traveling to exotic lands. You can be manipulative at times but let your heart lead the way most of the time. You are also very smart! 

#12 - Medium sized breasts, medium areola, nipples facing outward - People trust you explicitly and find it easy to confide their deepest secrets with you – which they have no doubts you will keep private. However, you don’t allow everyone to be a close friend. In fact, you often say you have enough friends and don’t need more. Your breast shape predicts that you can be elusive and mysterious, even to your closest friends. You tend to hold all your cards privately – trusting only those whom you consider to be family. You hold high standards for life in general. 

Dark Red Lipstick Spell - How To Restore Broken Relationship And Marriage

Lipstick & Perfume Love Spell/Charm

This needs to be done on a Friday night.

Take a white paper and write down the name of your boyfriend/husband on it using a dark red lipstick.  Now spray some perfume on this.  Now put this paper in an envelope and also put some rose petals in the envelope.  Now kiss the envelope and pray that your boyfriend/husband starts loving you and listening to you.  Now you have to hide this envelope in your house so that no body opens it.

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2 Marriage Lines On Both Right And Left Hand Palmistry

Two Marriage Lines On Right And Left Hand

If there are two marriage lines (equal length and equally strong) on your both hands then it indicates unhappy married life, divorce, separation, extramarital affair but you need to also confirm this from fate line or from other signs.

Marriage lines on Hand
 Marriage Lines On Hand

Double Marriage Line/Parallel Marriage Line

Double Marriage Lines or Parallel Marriage Lines on Both hands (Right and Left Hand) denotes problem in married life or no fruition, comfort, pleasure, enjoyment in your married life, no matter how many times you marry.  In India mostly couple decide not to get divorced because of their children’s future so their marriage is just like contract.

3 Marriage Lines On Right Hand And 2 Marriage Lines On Left Hand Palmistry

Three Marriage Lines On Right Hand And Two Marriage Lines On Left Hand

Marriage lines on Hand
3 Marriage Lines On Hand

In this condition you need to consider a strong and long line as marriage line and consider another lines (above and below marriage line) as affection lines.

Affection lines indicates short term relationship in teenage or in middle age.

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How To Read Marriage Lines In Hand Lines

Marriage lines on Hand
Marriage Lines
Marriage Lines on Hand

Marriage lines are horizontal lines located underneath your pinky finger (little finger).  You need to consider a clear and long line as marriage line and consider another lines (above and below marriage line) as affection lines.

Basic Meaning Of Marriage Lines

Marriage line indicates about your love, relationship, married life, divorce and separation, sexual life, sexual disease, how many children, how many partners, how many marriages, etc.

Affection lines indicates short term love affair, attraction towards (mostly in teenage or teenage love/affair).

But of course, marriage lines also indicates illicit relationship, extramarital affair, cheating with partner but you need to confirm this from fate line or from other signs and lines.

How To Predict Divorce or Separation From Marriage Line

There are so many signs on hand which indicates divorce and separation but you will find two most common signs on hand which indicates divorce, separation and unhappy married life due to difference of opinion and job in different countries or cities.

1).  Fork on Marriage line -  If there is a fork on marriage line then it indicates divorce, separation due to difference of opinion.

2).  Break on Marriage line - If there is a break on marriage line then it indicates divorce, and separation due to work in different countries, unemployment, and financial issues.

How To Predict Happy Married Life From Marriage Line On Hand 

There are so many signs on hand which indicates happy married life and financial gain after marriage.

1).  Marriage is long and good (not defected).  Check fate line also because if fate line is not good then there are always chances of family and career related obstacles and problems in subject's life.
2).  Marriage line touch sun line indicates happy married life and good progress after marriage.  Marriage in rich family.

Read Full Detailed Article On Marriage Line With Images - Marriage Lines On Hand With Images

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Palmistry - Palm Reading Guide


The mounts are nine areas on the palm of the hand. They are all named after planets, showing the close association palmistry has had with astrology throughout its history. The qualities of the Greek and Roman gods who were named after these planets were also well known to the population, providing a system of keywords for each finger and mount. This became a simple mnemonic system that helped people to learn and understand the meanings of each finger and mount. Many of these keywords are still just as useful today. For instance, the word “mercurial” comes from Mercury, and “saturnine” from Saturn.

A. Mount of Jupiter

D. Mount of Mercury

G. Mount of Outer Mars

B. Mount of Saturn

E. Mount of Venus

H. Mount of Luna

C. Mount of Apollo

F. Mount of Inner Mars

I. Mount of Neptune

The mounts reveal the person’s interests and consequently are extremely useful in helping people choose a career that they will be happy in. They also reveal how much energy the person is prepared to put into that particular area of his or her life.

They are called mounts, because they are usually raised protrusions on the palm of the hand. However, this can cause complications, since they are not necessarily raised.

A well-developed, high mount shows that the person has good potential in the area indicated by the mount. Conversely, an underdeveloped, hollow mount shows a lack of promise or potential in that particular area. Most people’s mounts are neither high nor low. Consequently, flat mounts should be considered normal.

It can be helpful to regard mounts as banks of energy. A large, high, full mount contains much more energy than a mount that lies flat on the palm. Consequently, large mounts reveal the person’s interests and enthusiasms. Naturally, we all pay most attention to activities that we enjoy doing. Consequently, we exert more energy and enthusiasm in these areas than we do on activities that we have to do, but do not necessarily enjoy.

The height and quality of the mounts change to reflect you. (After all, your hand is a map of your mind.) Sometimes these changes occur extremely quickly. You can prove this yourself, by feeling the mounts on your hands at different times. Examine them when you are feeling full of energy, and again when you are feeling tired. You will notice a distinct difference. If you want to gain more of the positive attributes of a specific mount, you need to exercise it. For instance, you can increase the size and quality of your mount of Venus by having sex more frequently. (There are also lines of sexual satisfaction on the mount of Venus. They are found on the side of the palm between the wrist and the start of the second phalange of the thumb. They indicate the degree of pleasure and satisfaction the person is experiencing in his or her love life.)

The most obvious mount, and certainly the easiest to find, is the mount of Venus, which is the area of the palm at the base of the thumb that is encircled by the life line. There is a mount at the base of each finger, also. For instance, the mount of Jupiter is found immediately below the Jupiter finger. Likewise, the mount of Mercury is found at the base of the Mercury finger.

Below the mount of Mercury, halfway down the hand, is the mount of outer Mars, and below this is the mount of Luna.

At the base of the palm, in the center, between the mounts of Luna and Venus is the mount of Neptune.

Finally, between the mounts of Jupiter and Venus is the mount of inner Mars.

Ideally, we want the mounts to be high (raised) and wide. This is because high mounts show that the person is prepared to put energy and enthusiasm into the area that is related to the particular mount. Wide mounts show that the person will put mental effort into that area, as well.

It takes practice to locate and assess the mounts. They are often easier to see if the hand is held at eye level while you look down the palm. The subject is complicated because not every mount will be raised, and some of them are likely to be displaced. For instance, the mount of Mercury is often sited between the Mercury and Apollo fingers, rather than directly under the finger it relates to.

While looking at the mounts, determine which one is the most prominent in the hand. Press on this mount to see how firm it is. A firm mount shows that the person has gained knowledge, which he or she is utilizing. A soft mount reveals that the person has gained knowledge, but is not making good use of it.

Frequently, it is impossible to determine which mount is the dominant one on the hand. All the mounts will appear to be equally well developed. This is a sign of confidence and capability. People with hands like this are ambitious, enthusiastic goal-setters, who aim high and usually achieve their goals. This is why hands like this are known as “lucky hands.”

Conversely, you will also come across hands that appear to be lacking in mounts. This is not the case, of course. The mounts are all there, but are simply not developed. People with hands like this are lacking in confidence and have major doubts about their abilities. However, our hands are a map of our potential. Over a period of time, it is possible to change a hand like this with concerted effort. However, someone with a hand that appears to be lacking in mounts will have to work a great deal harder to achieve his or her goals than someone else who has a “lucky hand.”

Palmists differ in the amount of attention they pay to the mounts. William Benham, in both of his books, considers the mounts to be the most important single aspect on the palm.1 Other palmists, including Cheiro, cover the subject in a page or two. I tend to be somewhere between these two extremes. William Benham’s books were the greatest single influence on my palmistry career, and I have spent an enormous amount of time researching and studying the mounts. If the mounts virtually leap out to greet me when I first look at someone’s hands, I will pay more attention to them than any other part of the hand. If they are not immediately obvious, which is usually the case, I will examine them after assessing the shapes of the hand and the major lines. With most people, I use the mounts to determine the person’s interests and to confirm other factors I have seen on the hand.

The Mount of Jupiter

Keywords: jovial (from Jove, the Roman form of Jupiter), benevolence, generosity, independence, philosophy, leadership, ambition, confidence, and justice

The mount of Jupiter (A) is found at the base of the first finger. A high, wide mount that is sited directly under the finger reveals someone with intelligence, good self-esteem, and leadership qualities. This gives the person the desire and ambition to achieve his or her goals and to become successful.

You are most likely to find a well-developed mount of Jupiter on the hands of charismatic religious leaders and people in public life. When the mount of Jupiter is strong, all the other mounts on the hand will be, also. I have never seen a strong mount of Jupiter on a hand that also contained weak or negative mounts.

When this mount is deficient, or even flat, the person will suffer from low self-esteem and lack of confidence. He or she will lack ambition and feel awkward in social situations.

If the mount is high, but feels spongy to the touch, the person will be vain and egotistical. He or she will show off, and always want to be the center of attention. This person is also likely to overindulge in anything that interests him or her. Food is one of the most likely areas.

The mounts under the fingers should ideally be found directly below the finger that they relate to. Frequently, though, they are displaced and this alters the interpretation.

If the mount of Jupiter is displaced towards the side of the hand the person will be egotistical. If it is displaced towards the Saturn finger the person will be self-conscious, thoughtful, and interested in learning. Occasionally, it will be found displaced towards the thumb. This means that the person will be extremely aware of his or her family background and heritage, and this will color and influence everything he or she does.

The Mount of Saturn

Keywords: saturnine, traditional values, reliability, responsibility, conscientious, introspective, and solitary

The mount of Saturn (B) is found under the Saturn finger. It is usually the least prominent mount on the hand, which is fortunate, since it is relates to the saturnine qualities. When this mount is well developed, the person will be conscientious and hard-working, but will also be gloomy, melancholy, and solitary. He or she will enjoy work that is involved and detailed, and that can be done with little or no input from others. He or she will find it hard to express love and affection. People with a well-developed mount of Saturn have a strong interest in philosophy, religion, and law. They enjoy research and locating the hidden truths that lie under the surface.

Most people have a flat area under the Saturn finger, and consequently do not have any of the negative qualities that can be created by this mount. These people are independent, and are able to spend time on their own without feeling lonely.

If the mount of Saturn is displaced towards the Jupiter finger, the person will gain optimism and a positive attitude. This is also the case when the mount is displaced towards the Apollo finger. However, these people will still need a large amount of time on their own.

Mount of Apollo

Keywords: enthusiasm, appreciation of beauty, creativity, self-expression, harmony, and people skills

The mount of Apollo © is a positive mount that is found at the base of the Apollo, or ring, finger.

A well-developed mount here gives the possessor enthusiasm, people skills, good taste, and a shrewd eye for money-making opportunities. This person will also be adaptable, versatile, and easy to get along with. He or she will enjoy entertaining and being entertained.

If this mount is wide, as well as high, the person will be vain and tend to exaggerate. He or she will have a desire to impress others.

If this mount is soft and spongy, the person will fantasize about all the great things he or she is going to do, but will seldom do anything to achieve them. This person will use charm and enthusiasm to carry people along on his flights of fancy, and they will believe him, at least for a while. He or she will be self-indulgent, vain, and insincere.

Sometimes this mount will appear to be nonexistent. This is a sign that the person lacks imagination, and has little interest in aesthetic pursuits. However, he or she will be extremely practical.

The mount of Apollo is often related to creativity. If this mount is displaced slightly towards the Saturn finger, the person will have a greater interest in creating beautiful things than in performing in public. He or she might, for instance, write plays, rather than perform in them. This placement also means the person will always relate well with young people, and would do well in a career that involved children.

If this mount is slightly displaced towards the Mercury finger, this person will be interested in performing, directing, or producing. He or she will enjoy being in the limelight. Interestingly, this placement also gives the person an affinity with all living things, so he or she may become interested in gardening or keep a number of pets.

Mount of Mercury

Keywords: communication, verbal skills, quick thinking, spontaneous, and mentally alert

The mount of Mercury (D) is sited at the base of the little finger. It relates to clear thinking and self-expression.

People with a well-developed mount of Mercury are interested in the world around them, and enjoy competition and mental challenges. They are affectionate, entertaining, and easy to get along with. They make good partners, parents, and friends. They generally do well in business, since they are shrewd and good judges of character. All of this is accentuated if the little finger is also long.

If both the mounts of Apollo and Mercury are well developed the person will have considerable potential as a public speaker, and be interested in debating and oratory.

If the mount of Mercury is undeveloped, the person is likely to be insincere, deceptive, and full of grandiose, but impractical, schemes. This person is likely to have communication problems inside his or her close relationships.

This mount is frequently displaced towards the mount of Apollo. This gives the person a cheerful, positive, carefree approach towards life. This refusal to take anything seriously can sometimes work to this person’s disadvantage. If this mount is displaced towards the side of the hand, the person will display amazing courage in the face of danger.

Sometimes the Apollo and Mercury mounts appear to be one large, single mount. People with this formation on their hands are highly creative, “idea” people. They can do well in any field that involves creativity and communication, but usually need some direction and guidance from others to avoid scattering their energies in too many directions.

Mount of Venus

Keywords: passion for life, warmth, love, sensuality, vitality, stamina, and love of life

The mount of Venus (E) is found at the base of the thumb and is bounded by the life line. This mount relates to love, affection, passion, and vitality.

If this mount is reasonably high the person will be positive, enthusiastic, loving, and sympathetic. He or she will thoroughly enjoy life and be happiest inside the right relationship. He or she will be passionate about life and have plenty of energy and enthusiasm.

This mount is an important factor in determining compatibility. The height of the mount reveals how passionate the person is. Obviously, a relationship where one person has a high mount of Venus, but the other has an almost flat mount, would have enormous problems. In practice, we want the heights of the two mounts of Venus to be about the same.

The life line determines how wide this mount is. A large mount of Venus reveals someone who is generous, giving, understanding, and considerate. He or she will also be open-minded, warm, and enthusiastic.

A narrow mount of Venus, created when the life line hugs the thumb, reveals someone who is cautious, listless, and lacking in energy and passion.

Mount of Mars

Keywords: courage, decisiveness, and persistence

There are two mounts of Mars, known as the inner and outer Mars. Inner Mars (F), sometimes known as positive Mars, is found inside the life line, between the Jupiter finger and the thumb. It is the small piece of flesh that folds when the thumb is moved.

The mount of inner Mars reveals whether or not the person can stand up for himself or herself. It relates to aggression, and also shows how physically courageous the person is. This mount should be firm to the touch. People with strong mounts of inner Mars often go into careers where these qualities can be utilized. The police and the armed forces are two examples. If this mount is soft and spongy, the person will be lacking in confidence and unable to stand up for himself or herself.

Directly across the palm from this mount lies the mount of outer Mars (G), sometimes known as negative Mars, which is usually situated between the head and heart lines. Sometimes the head line will finish on this mount, but the heart line is always below it. The mount of outer Mars relates to self-control and moral courage. When this mount is firm to the touch, the person is able to withstand everything that life sends his or her way, and to keep on going long after everyone else has given up.

If one of these mounts is strong, the chances are that the other one will be, also. However, as long as one of the mounts is firm, the person will stick up for his or her friends, and anything else that is strongly believed in.

Strong mounts of Mars are essential for success in any competitive field, such as sports. This is because this mount gives the person sufficient energy, determination, aggression, persistence, and a strong desire to win.

The area in the center of the palm between these two mounts is known as the plain of Mars. Like the mounts, it should be firm to the touch. A good way to test this is to place your fingers on the back of the person’s hand while applying pressure with your thumb on the other side.

When the plain of Mars is firm all the lines that cross it (destiny, head, and heart) can be used to the utmost. When the plain of Mars is weak or spongy the person will be easily influenced by others and make major mistakes in choosing friends. Many teenagers have a weak plain of Mars, but, fortunately, it usually firms as they mature.

Mount of Luna

Keywords: sensitivity, emotions, subconscious, creativity, imagination, intuition, and travel

The mount of Luna (H) is situated across the palm from the thumb, at the base of the hand on the little finger side. It relates to the person’s emotional nature, and also governs his or her imagination and creativity. It is also related to mysticism, spirituality, and intuition.

Like the others, this mount should be firm to the touch. It should also have a clear apex. This is a skin ridge pattern, similar to the fingerprints. This denotes a strong, creative imagination. However, if this is the main mount on the hand, the person will be inclined to daydream and be lacking in the necessary push and persistence to achieve his or her dreams. If this is the dominant mount on a man’s hand, he is likely to be effeminate. If it is the dominant mount on a woman’s hand, she is likely to be frivolous, scattered, and superficial.

If the mount of Luna is high, the person will have a strong interest in travel.

If this mount is deficient or lacking, the person will deal only in concrete facts and have no interest in fantasy or the imagination.

Mount of Neptune

Keywords: speaking skills, quickness of the mind, and connection between the conscious and subconscious

The mount of Neptune (I) is found at the base of the hand, next to the wrist, and joining the mounts of Venus and Luna. When it is firm it creates a level surface at the base of the hand where all three mounts meet.

A well-developed mount of Neptune gives the person the ability to speak in public and to think quickly on his or her feet. Not surprisingly, it is usually found on the hands of entertainers and anyone else who has to speak in public.

This mount connects Venus with Luna, which symbolize our conscious and subconscious energies. If it is equal in height to Venus and Luna the person can come up with good ideas and then make them happen.

Manchahi Jagah Par Transfer Karane Ke Liye Upay

Manpasand Nokri Ke Liye Upay Aur Totka

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Manpasand Nokri Ke Liye Upay Aur Totka

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Kuch hi dino mein aapko kushkhabri mil jaaygi ki aapka transfer manchahi jagah par ho gaya hai.  Lekin aapko manchahi jagah par transfer karne ke liye pryaas jaroor karna hoga.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Palmistry Interpretation Of Main Line

Palmistry How to read Palms


Palmistry is an ancient art and one that has many interpretations.It is extremely difficult to master the art, however it is easily learned by understanding a few basics.

In palmistry the fingers, mounts, signs, lines as well as shape of the hand needs to be analyzed.

Lets now discuss them in detail :

Lines Of Hand :

There are 3 major lines in hand. Life line,Head line and Heart line and 6 major mounts . See in the figure below. 
Mount are shown in red color and lines in blue color .
Palmistry Interpretation Of Main Line

Life Line :

  • This line extends from the edge of the palm above the thumb and travels in an arc towards the wrist.
  • It represents the person's vitality and vigor, physical health and general well being.The life line does not indicate how long you will live. What the line reveals is the quality of your life.
  • A perfect line, without breaks, crosses, or irregularities of any kind, promises a healthy and active life.
  • A chained life line indicates a delicate health.
  • Lines running in the opposite direction cutting the line of life show worries and obstacles
Branches :
  • A branch from the life line leading to the Jupiter mount is a sign of academic achievement. branch that leads to the Saturn mount indicates taking on some extra responsibility such as buying a house or taking a new .A branch towards the Apollo mount indicates monetary gain. branch towards the Mercury mount indicates business success.
  • Even small branches that rise upwards but do not reach the mounts indicate minor achievements.

Head Line : 

  • This line starts at the edge of the palm under the index finger and flows across the palm towards the outside edge
  • It represents the person's mind and the way it works, including learning style and communication style.
  • It does now show how intelligent you are rather gives an impression of how much clarity of thought an individual possesses

  • A Short Line indicates a person whose thinking is to the point.
  • A straight and clear head line, denotes practical common sense and a love for material things more than those of the imaginations
  • An extremely long and straight, and going directly to the side of the hand, represents high intellectual power
  • A sloping head line represents an imaginative as well as a creative person
  • A faint line indicates poor memory.
Origin and End :
  • A head line that rises inside the life line on the mount of Mars indicates a worrying nature.
  • A small gap between the head line and the life line shows that the person is a bit restless and like to be active
  • If your Head Line and Life Line are joined at the beginning, this indicates that you approached childhood with a cautious and outlook.It also shows your closeness and how dependent you were in your childhood
  • A floating headline indicates a carefree attitude
  • Head Line ending in a fork indicate your ability to look at more than one point of view.

Heart Line : 

It is found towards the top of the palm, under the fingers.
This line represents the matters of the heart,emotions and also various events centered around love.

Origin and End :

  • If the line starts high it can suggest a jealous type. While a low start suggests a serene and rational love, but if the line is to low to start it shows coldness.
  • A selfish and materialistic look at love is characteristic to those whose Heart Line start below the middle finger
  • A normal and content love life is represented by the line that starts beneath the index finger 
  • A heart line that rises between the first and the second fingers, is the most favourable sign, this sign represents calm temperament in matters of the heart.
  • If the line extends boldly across the entire palm, then the person tends to look for those whose status rises above their own, and has great respect for them
  • If the person has a heart line that that joins a head line this suggests a person who lets head rule his heart


  • A short line shows a lack of interest in the affairs of love and affections. However if the short line is also very strong and deep, then the person's affections tend to be quite stable.
  • A wavy line, as well as a broken or chained line, represents many love interests, but none of them very serious
  • Happiness in love is shown by small lines that extend upward from the Heart Line. However, if the lines extend downward, then it symbolizes a disappointment
  • Broken lines indicate disappointments in relationships.

Fate Line : 

  • It is located in the center upright line on the palm of the hand
  • This line is believed to be tied to the person's life path, including school and career choices, successes and obstacles
  • Strong fate line belong to those who have clarity in terms of career and who settle into an early pattern in life
  • Presence of two lines indicate dual careers

Origin and End :

  • If the Fate Line starts joined to the life line, it indicates that you are a self-made individual. Often you will know very early in life just what your life's aspirations are
  • If it starts on the base of your thumb, inside your life line's curve, it indicates a point where family or close friends are supportive of you
  • If it starts from the Mount of Luna denotes that success will be more or less be dependent on the fancy and caprice of other people
  • A Line of Fate starting from the wrist and going straight and clear to its termination on Saturn, is a sign of extreme good fortune and success which will last even in the latter stages of ones life


  • When there is a break in the line, it is sure sign of misfortune and loss
  • If the fate line is absent it indicates instability in terms of life goals
  • If the line of Fate sends off shoots or lines towards any other mounts but that of Saturn, it denotes that the qualities of that particular Mount will dominate the life.


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