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Dreams Explanation & Meaning With Solution

Dream Explanation & Their Solution

So you want to know meaning or interpretation of your last night dream? What does it mean? and why it comes in your dream? and what is the solution of it? 

Usually dreams comes and goes but few dreams comes on daily basis (repeatedly or over and over) mostly in the late hours of sleep.

Dream interpretation is a part or branch of astrology. Dremology is also a reliable tool to predict future such as tarot reading, horoscope reading, zodiac reading, psychic readings, palmistry, etc. 

Dreams are part of our life and each and every person wants to know about meaning of dream.  There are so many books, websites and apps available on Internet on Dream Analysis topic but readers are disappointed due to lack of detail provided by them.

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One more thing I would like to tell you that it is not possible for anyone to describe you exact meaning of your dream and also it is not possible to cover all dreams in one post/article so you need to use your brain to understand your dream. For example if you are searching for meaning of shoe dream then you need to read section given on shoe dream and make out which suits best for your dream.

In this post I will try my best to provide you real and perfect meaning of your dreams with solution :)

Dream interpretation by Jesus and Christianity

Dreams & Their Meanings With Solution

Good Dreams About Woman

1).  Dream about beautiful woman - Fulfill of all wishes, good news. You are looking for girl for marriage but not able to find true partner or soulmate for long period of time but now there are strong chances that you will get right partner for your life soon.

2).  Talking with beautiful woman in dream - People loves you. Now there are strong chances that people gives you importance and ask you for suggestion. Your attraction towards people will increase and you will get benefit from it. 

3).  Sex with beautiful woman in dream - New relationship start soon. You are feeling alone from inside and thinking a lot sex but not able to get any sex partner or you are watching daily porn in your mobile or laptop but now there are chances that you will get sex partner soon.  If nightfall ( sperm comes out in underwear ) happened during sex dream then this type of dream is useless and no meaning of this dream. 

4).  See smiley face of woman in dream - Profit from land and property.  You are doing business or just start new business then you will get support from your employees and get success in it. 

5).  Meaning of seeing virgin girl in dream - New relationship starts soon. If you are girl then you will loose your virginity soon (first sexual counter soon) or if you are boy then there are chances that your girlfriend is cheating you (she is not virgin and having boyfriend beside you).

6).  To see woman menstruation in dream - Bad dream resulted in losses and fight. Menstruation dream always create problems in life.  You are not happy with your family life.  Unsatisfied married life.  You are suffering from gynecology problems. Your health will down so you need to go for regular checkup. This post is originally posted on

7).  To dream of a woman giving you a beautiful gift dream - You will get gift from your lover soon.  You are in love with someone and planning to purpose her soon.

8).  Dreamt a naked womans laying down - Good dream.  Satisfied sex life. You are trying to over exposed youself in public.

9).  Dream of see women vigina/vagina - Married soon. Porn addiction. Sexual weakness. You are undergoing treatment of sex problems.

10). Dream interpretation of a pregnant woman - Good married life and love from partner. Successful married life and love and care from hubby.

11). Pregnant women comes in dream what is mean - Increase in your love with your partner and chances of new baby coming soon.

12). To give birth in dream bible - Happiness in family.

13). I am girl but dreaming about someone else vagina daily - You are very close to your female girlfriend.  You will get help from same sex.

woman beautiful in dream meaning

Bad Dreams About Woman

1).  Dream about old woman means - Problem in career, bad news. There are 
chances that woman create problem in your life, try to destroy you.

2).  Dreaming about love with old woman - Health problem and accident. Harm or loss by woman. Problem in married life by another woman.

3).  Dream about rape of woman means - Fight with relatives and friends. Your wife is not interested in you and wants divorce from you.

4).  Dream about woman is cheating you - Defamation. You will get loss of reputation soon due to your illegitimate work.

5).  Meaning of kill woman in dream - You will get punishment from government soon. In this situation you need to avoid talking with suspected woman or woman who is not good with you.

6).  Meaning of woman kill you in your dream - You will get award from goverment soon. Good for your career.  You will get recolonization in your city and society. 

7). What does it mean to dream about menstrual blood - Illness and severe health issues, and fight between couples. If you see menses blood on pad then it means you are in influence of black magic.

8). Dreaming of having a bigger penis what dat mean - Sexual intercourse with ex-wife soon. Your wife is not satisfied with your sex power so you need to increase your libido and power.

9). To see wife naked with another person - Divorce and separation soon. Wife having extramarital affair. Lots of problem in your married life and your sex life is boring. Your wife is not showing interest in sex. 

10). To dream of your boyfriend cheating on you - Separation with boyfriend soon due to another girl.  You are in love with someone but not able to tell him.

11). Girlfriend talking behind my back in dream means - Breakup soon. You are not satisfied with your relationship and wants to breakup with your partner.

12). I dreamt that my ex girlfriend was wearing red panties - Fight with your current girlfriend and ex will return in your life.

13). Why do dream about sexual relationship with a president - New friendship with rich person or famous person or sexual intercourse with famous person and you are alone and looking for sexual partner so you will get sexual partner soon.

Solution - Donate boiled rice to poor family on Friday.  If problem in married life then try to perform this simple clove remedy:- On a Saturday night take seven cloves and then blow on them by taking your husband/wife/lover’s name 21 times.  On Sunday morning burn these and throw the ash on road.  Do this for seven Saturdays continuously.  You will get amazing results from this spell. Your lover or soulmate/partner will obey you.

Dreams About Flag

usa flag dream meaning

1). White colored flag in dream - Increase in spiritualism.  Peace in your mind and life.  Family matters resolve soon.

2). Red colored flag in dream- Indication of injury and disease. Family dispute and problems.

3). Yellow colored flag in dream - Chances of operation. Sickness and other severe health problems.  If you are thinking to start new business then you need to wait for few months otherwise there are chances of loss in it.

4). Black colored flag in dream means - Chances of journey in sea and desert. You will find yourself in big problem soon or you are not able to get rid of your problem from long period of time.

5). See broken flag in dream means - Inauspicious dream.  Chances of money loss through cheating. You need to take your decisions wisely and clear everything to your partner before going to start business with new partner.

6). To see killing someone with flag means - Bad news and ill health. You need to go for proper treatment and visit specialist to consult about your health in more depth.

7). Dream of having flag on roof of house - Increase your wealth and relatives visit your house soon. You can start new business or side business because there are chances that you will get success in it.

8). Dreaming of seing burning flag - You will suffer from health problems soon.

9). Dream interpreation of USA flag in dream - Visit in different cities of United 

Solution - Feed white colored food to animals daily. If problem in job or you are not able to get success in interview or you are jobless then you can try this simple spell for getting job soon :-  When you are going for interview take one lemon and insert four cloves in it and then chant the mantra “My God!!! I am in trouble so please help you.  I am your devotee.” and blow on the lemon.  Now take this lemon with you in your purse or bag to the interview place.  When you are returning after interview throw this lemon at any crossroad or road and do not bring it back home.  You can get success in interview.

Dream About Broom 

broom about dream meaning

1). Dream of broom means - Money problem soon. Income is less but expenditure are often more than saving.  You need to keep inside or hide your broom from guest and visitors who visit your home. 

2). Dream of sweeping from broom means - The possibility of theft in the house. 

3). Dreaming beaten by broom means - Unfortunate. Accident.  There are strong chances of long travel or transfer to away from home.

4). To see broom on bed in dream - Fortunate sign. Good news from relative side. Sudden travel will also bring good luck for you. There will be increase in income. Your family life will have soothing effect upon you.

5). Dream of seeing many brooms on store - Lucky indicates you will get promotion or new home soon. You will not carry your pursuits intelligently. You will be full of optimism during this period. 

6) Dream of having broom on wife hand - Fortunate dream indicates you will get success in your business.

7). Meaning of dream giving broom to someone - Unfortunate dream indicates loss of wealth and quarrel between husband and wife.

8). Dreaming of killing a person with broom and that person turned to a bird - Very good dream.  Your debt will clear soon.   

9). Someone sweeping in my dream - You will get transfer soon. You will be benefited through news coming in some form of communication. 

Solution - Donate your sleeper to poor person. You are suffering from loans, debt and insurance EMI, etc then try this money spell which will help you to get rid of money problems:-  Donate your old footwear (only leather shoes) to poor people on Saturday (this will reduce hurdles in your career and money wise). 

Dreaming About Water

meaning of water sea river waterfall in dream

1). To dream about see waterfall in dream - End of all problems from your life.  If you are heading for promotion then this is will come your way. 

2). Dreaming for swimming - Fortunate dream.  Indicates good health and long life. This post is originally posted on

3). Seeing sea in dream - Very fortunate dream indicates increase in wealth and promotion in job. Your friend circle will also increase. Your mind will also bend towards spiritualism. A lucky period indeed for you. 

4). See himself drowning in dream - It means you will face problems in upcoming days. Inauspicious dream. 

5). To see fountain in dream - Auspicious dream.  Fulfill of wishes.

6). Dreaming about rain in dream - Very good dream.  Chances of gain of wealth soon.

7). To see flood in dream - Very bad and unlucky dream.  Defamation and financial loss.

8). To see bathing in river in dream -  Lucky dream.  You will get rid from your diseases and get good health.

9).  Some one giving bottle of water in dream - Release of debt soon.

10). Dreamt of pouring water over your hair - Inclination towards spiritualism.

11). Dream of jumping into river while being chased - Increase in your tension and problems.

12). Dream of red river means - Blood comes out from your body soon.

Solution - Donate your old bed sheet to poor person or poor family on Monday. If your health is not remaining okay then you can perform this spell for betterment of health - On Saturday night soak about 100 gram wheat in water and then on Sunday morning mix 50 gram of jaggery in it and give it to a cow to eat.  You need to do it on Sundays only.  Keep doing for a few months.  There is no problem if you miss on any Sunday in between.

Dreaming About Police

dreaming about police

1). Dreaming of police coming to your house - Fortunate dream.  you will get relief from your tensions.

2). Dream interepations of police arrest you in dream - You will get trapped in scandal. Your friend circle deceived you.

3). What is the meaning of police kill you in dream - You will get help by friend or relative soon.

4). Dream of murdered by police - You will get help by friend. Also chances of sudden travel which will bring good luck for you.

5). To see female police in dream - Bad health of wife. Family members bad health gives you headache and disturb your daily life.

6). Someone call police in dream - You will get in trouble soon by your enemy.

7). Some one give you pistol in dream - Security in job. Your sensual activities cause you humiliation in public. 

8). Heard police vehicle siren in dream - Indication of warning, accident.

9). Dream of being in jail - Profit from new business soon.

10). Wearing army uniform in dream means - You will get new job soon.

11). What does gun shoot in the dream mean? - You will face trouble soon.

12). Bible dream meaning im staying inside the army camp - Change of location 
or residence soon.

Solution - Donate your old shirt to poor person or poor family on Tuesday. Problem related to court or police or any other this type of problem then you can perform simple remedy for it - Put a 1 rupee coin under your pillow on Saturday and then on Sunday morning throw this coin at any graveyard or where funerals are performed.  You should not be called from behind from anyone while leaving from home and you should talk to anyone when leaving.  While throwing the coin you have to say “ My God ! I want your help and all other powers that are here it is my prayer to you that my work (say whatever work you want to get done) be done soon.  Then come back home.

Dreaming About Eating Food

eating berger in dream meaning

1). What does it mean to eat corn in dream - Good dream.  Fulfill of wish. There will be repeatedly business trips/job trips etc.  You will get success in your business trips and gain popularity.

2). To see a gunear corn juice in dream - Your wife pregnant soon. Your income growth will remain same for few months. You will spend your money on home decoration.  This post is originally posted on

3). To see a big yam in dream - Your good luck starts soon. You will appreciated or your work will appreciated by your boss and higher officers.

4). To see food in refrigerator in dream - Illness and skin diseases. Your enemies are waiting to get chance to harm your reputation but they will not get any 

5). To pick pawpaw in dream meaning- Constipation and soon visit to doctor.

6). Dream interpretation of cake - You will get job soon. An extension of business or promotion in your social status is increase in your society in upcoming period. 

7). Dreaming of eating bread - Prosperity in family. You will perform extremely well in your business, service, job etc.  

8). What the meaning of dreaming about boil eggs - Change in your job or career and bad health of mother.

Solution - Give food to poor person or poor family on Wednesday.  You are not getting results after a lot of hard work then you need to do this spell to remove negative energy from your house and increase of flow of money - Outside your house on top of main gate place a black horse shoe.

Dreaming About Alcohol

dreaming about alcohol drunk man meanign

1). Dream about see yourself drunk - Family problems arise. Frustration due to failure and family problems so you are thinking about suicide.

2)  Some one attack on you with beer bottle in dream - You will get punishment from your company or boss.

3). To see broken wine bottle on street in dream - Settlement of your big problem which is related to court or your business.

4). What the bible says on a drunk man chasing someone in a dream - You are suffering from ADHD.  You need to visit doctor soon.

5). The means of seeing alcohol color in dream - Fortunate sign. Good news. Dispute with friends and family members on small issues.  You need to keep calm and try to handle the situation in cold manner.

6). A bottle red wine in d dream - Happiness, increase in wealth. You will get results of your hard work.

Solution - Feed birds on Wednesday. You are suffering from alcoholism or you want to get rid of addiction of alcohol then try this spell to stop drinking alcohol - To get rid of alcoholism:  Take 1-1/2 kg black gram, 1-1/2 kg coal and tie them in 1-1/2 meter length black cloth.  Now rotate it on your head 21 times and then on Saturday throw this in running water and think of lord in your mind.  Do this for seven Saturdays continuously. 

Dreaming About Washing

menaning of washing dreams

1). Dream about see yourself washing your underwear - Success in love and affair.

2). See girl panties in your dream - You will get new relationship soon.

3). Dream meaning of new washing machine - Loss of friend. Your health is not good and not allow you to perform certain works.

4). Dream of mother-in-law washing clothes - Profit in business.

5). To see children washing hand in dream - Money gain and good news.

6). To see your mother washing your hand in dream - Unable to get good treatment and due to this health will more down.

7). Dreaming that you are washing your clothes on top floor - Court case or debt. You are wasting your time and energy in small matters.

8). Dream of washing underwear in sky - Chances of divorce.  Your family life will crate problem and tension.  If you see wife underwear then strong chances that your wife is cheating with you.

9). Washing your hair with mud in dream - Auspicious work on house soon.

10). Dreamt about throw washing machine from window - Relative helps you.

11). Dream interpretation of washing clothes in swimming pool - Invitation to trouble.

12). Dream analysis washing cup - Insecurity in job.

13). Christian interpretation of dreams that involve garments - Opening of new shop soon. 

Solution - Donate your used clothes on Friday to poor family. 

Dreaming About Bride

meaning of bride sex

1). Dream about see yourself as bride -  Married soon.

2). To see a bride in white dress in dream - Peace in your life.

3). Seeing yourself in wedding dress in dream - Married soon. Your lover and boyfriend will purpose you soon.

4). Dream meaning of seeing nude bride in dream - Problem arise in your wedding.

5). Dream interpretation of seeing bride in wedding dress - Good luck.

6). Dream interpretation about bride death - Bad luck.

7). Dreaming that bride is masturbation - Your wife having extramarital affair.

8). Wearing wedding gown in dream means what? - Married soon with your boyfriend and start new relationship soon.

  Solution - Donate your wedding dress on Friday to poor family. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating with you then try this love spell -  On a any tree leaf write down the name of husband/lover/girlfriend with a red pen.  Now chant “lover/wife/husband” name 21 times and blow on the it and then dip this tree leaf in a bottle of honey and close the bottle and put this bottle in a corner of house where nobody can see it.  Hopefully you will see the results soon.

Dreaming About Dog

dreaming about dog in dream meaning

1). Dream about see yourself attacked by dog -  Illness and health injury.

2). Dream of white dog chasing you in dream - Peace in your life.

3). Interpret Dream of dog barking - Fight with neighbors.

4). Dreamt about dog using toilet - Profit in business.

5). To see dog bite in dream meaning - Profit from relatives.

6). Dreaming about your dog death - Protection, god will save you from upcoming bad event.

7). Dream of many dogs in your house, garden and office - Court matter solve soon.

8). What does it mean when you see black dog barking on you in dream - Your 
ancestors try to talk with you.

9). Dream meaning dog attacking you - You need to be careful from your hidden enemies as there are chances you will get loss from them soon.

Solution - Give food to black dog on Saturday.  If your enemy is strong and try to harm you then write her/his name on bread with butter or tomato sauce and give it to eat black dog. If enemy is female then give bread to eat bitch or enemy is male then you need to give bread to eat black dog.

Dreaming About Vegetables

meanings of vegetables dream

1). Meaning of dreaming cooking traditional vegetables -  Good health and family loves you.  You need to wash properly your vegetables before going to cooking.

2). Dreaming of busying vegetables in dream - Disease free and good health. You are not able to make healthy food for your family and because of this family health is poor.

3) Biblical meaning of vegetables in a dream - Alive on others donation. You are not able to provide food to your family or you are stuck in the tunnel or midway.

4). Dream of fresh vegetables - Quarrel in family. Family members are not happy with you and your job.  You need to think for relocation or change your job.

5). To see green leafy vegetables in dreams - Indication of illness. Your family member is undergoing treatment of chronic disease.

6). Dream about cutting vegetables in dream - Defamation from all sides. You need to protect yourself and family from bad demon or evil eye.

7). Dream of vegetable garden - Defeat by enemy.  Enemies are try to harm you.

8). Spiritual meaning of vegetables in dream -  Enemy defeated by you.

9). Dream interpretation of throwing vegetables - Indication of poverty.

10). Biblical meaning of cooking in dream - Fulfill of your all wishes.

11). To see sandwiches dream meaning - Food poisoning or health problems. 

12). To see tomatoes in a dream means - Happiness and increase in business growth.

Solution - Give vegetables to poor family on Saturday. If family problem in your house then you need prepare rice pudding on Friday and give all members to eat it.  This will increase love and peace in your family. 

Dreaming About Someone

meaning of some one died in dream

1). Dreaming about someone you like - You will get all types of good luck.

2). Dreaming about someone means they miss you - He will get job soon.

3). Dreaming about someone means they're thinking about you - You will get success in your travel or travel soon.

4). If you dream about someone do they dream about you - Breakup with boyfriend.

5). Is it true that if you dream about someone they went to sleep thinking about you - Extramarital of wife or husband.

6). What does it mean when you dream about someone you don't know - Good luck.

7)  What does it mean if you dream about someone repeatedly - Success in business and money will come in your hand.

8). What does it mean when you dream about someone you don't like - Family prosperity and wife conceive soon.  

9). Meaning of one being shot in dream - Deception from real friend.

10). To lose someone in a dream and cry means what? - Death of relative.

11). People laughing at you in dreams meaning - You will get name and fame 
soon.  Popular soon.

12). When someone offer you a job in a dream - Cheating by relative or close friend soon.

Solution - To remove evil eye or black magic or bad luck or if you want to protect yourself from enemy then try this spell: Bring some sand from outside of your main gate (from place between road/street and your main gate from where people enter your home).  Now mix some red chilli powder, black mustard seed, and salt to that sand.  Now rotate the utensil (in which this mixture is) in a clockwise direction seven times like doing incense stick to the person who is affected with evil influence.  After this burn this mixture in a pan and then when it cools down throw it on the road.  It can be done on any day and if improvement is not felt then it can be done again also.

Dreams About Office

office dream meaning in english

1). Dream about new office means - You will soon fired from your job. But this dream is auspicious for men and inauspicious for women.

2). Dream interpretation moving office - Dismiss or demotion soon. Deception and theft at home.

3). Dreaming about work meaning - Transfer soon. You are missing your family and want to join them.

4). Dream interpretation desk - Money profit or promotion.  Good luck.  You will get result from your hard work.

5). Dream interpretation office table - Good luck and increase in salary.

6). Empty office dream meaning - Enemies increase in number. You are victim of conspiracy against you.

7). Dream interpretation work desk - Tension will increase. You are soon transferred to new place.

8). Dream interpretation empty office - Quarrel with office staff.

9). Bible meaning of renovating office in dream - Location change of your office.

Solution- You need to cut a lemon in four pieces and throw all of them on four sides of your office on any day. 

Dreaming About Blanket

dreaming about blanket meaning

1). To dream about black blanket dream meaning - Happiness and increase in money.

2). Dream about folding blankets - Jobless soon.

3). What does it means blanket gift in dream meaning - Financial loss by 

4). Dreams of blankets being pulled off - Wife death.

5). Seeing blanket burnt in dream meaning - Beautiful wife and big house.

6). To dream about buying blanket dream meaning - Side income source will stop soon.

7). Dream interpretation white blanket - Long life with no major health problems in old age.

Solution- Donate your old blanket to poor on Saturday.

Dreaming About Building

dream house building meaning

1). Dream interpretation tall building - Auspicious dream.  Sign of progress and money gain.

2). Dream interpretation building under construction - You are in problem currently and try to get rid of your problem but you are not able to find solution.

3). Dream interpretation building collapse - It means profit in business or you will get easy money.

4)  Dream meaning tall building swaying means - Relationship problems in your family. Family members are not happy with your decisions.

5). Dream interpretation building a house means - Progress. Family together for event.

6). Abandoned building dream meaning - Inauspicious dream.  Financial loss in business.

7). Dream interpretation afraid of heights - You are suffering from phobia and your moon is weak in horoscope.

8). Unfinished house dream meaning - Something bad happen in your wedding or function.

9). To dream of collapse building (means) - Fights between you and other family members.

10). Dreams about white building meaning - You will soon long travel or long distance journey.

11). Seeing own building or house in dream meaning - A sign of good health of family members.

12). Seeing a old building in dream means - You will get huge success in your career soon.

13). Bible meaning of renovating room in dream - Change of residence and location soon.

Solution - Tie a black thread on your house or building's main gate.

Dreaming About Earrings

stolen ear ring in dream meaning

1). To see gold earrings dream meaning - You will get unfavorable results in your project and mission.

2). Dreaming about lost earring dream meaning - Diseases increase in family and money loss.

3). Dream of silver earrings dream meaning - Your enemy will get benefit due to your foolishness.

4). To dream about receiving earrings in a dream - You will face defamation soon.

5). Biblical meaning of earrings - It means you will give money to your friend but he will not return you.

6). Dream of diamond earrings dream meaning - Unfortunate incidents happens on home.

7). Dream interpretation of gold earrings - Unusual and beyond imagination happiness. 

8). Dream of diamond earrings with boyfriend - You will get help from friends. 

9). What does it mean if earrings stolen in dream - There are strong chances of money gain through speculative business.

10). Dream of receiving sliver ear rings - Improvement in work, job and career.

Solution - You need to adopt child or give money to poor child for his schooling or for daily life.

Dreaming About Feces

meaning of feces dream defacting dream

1). Dream meaning poop in toilet - Dream analysis expert says that toilet dreams indicates money gain.  So there are chances that you will get profit in your business.

2). Biblical meaning of feces in a dream - Huge profit in business and wealth gain.

3). Dream of cleaning poop from floor - Cleaning latrine means you will get task to be done in near future from elders.

4). Dream about poop in roof means - You are in debt and chances of bankruptcy. Share holders are waiting for money from you.

5). Dream meaning poop in front of people - You are jealous with other person's or friend success.

6). Dreams about poop everywhere on earth means - You are suffering from depression and not able to get rid of it after lots of treatment.

7). Baby poop dream meaning - Your baby is naughty and he/she is lucky for you.

8). Dreaming of feces on the floor - You will soon face family problem.

9).What Does It Mean To Put Feaces In Your Mouth In A Dream - Danger and loss from hidden enemies.  You need to alert from your enemies.

Solution - You need to always keep horse teeth in your right pocket.  You will protected by enemies and evil eyes.

Dreaming About Coin

meaning of coin in dream

1). Dreaming picking some silver coins what does it means -  You will give money to your friend or in other words there are chances that you will help your friend.

2). Dream of receiving silver coins collecting coins in dream - Spent of money in religious purpose or for helping others.

3). Meaning of finding coins on the ground - You will get call for interview or you will get job soon.

4). To see coins in dream Christianity - Inheritance and money gain.

5). What does it mean seeing silver coin in dream - You will regain your lost reputation soon.

6). Dream of picking up money off the ground - You need to do more focus on your job otherwise there are chances that you will fired soon.

7). Dream of picking up coins off the ground - You will soon meet new person who will change your life.

8). What does it means when you dream picking of dollars - Success in your hobby related job, acting, literature, etc.

Solution - You need to buy a iron Lock on Wednesday. But you need to be careful while buying the iron lock do not open this lock as this is "charm lock for you" or not let the shopkeeper open the lock. You need to buy it without opening by anybody. You need to put this charm lock underneath your pillow while sleeping Wednesday night. Then you need to donate this lock in any Religious Place (Temple, Church etc.) on Thursday morning without opening the lock with keys. Whenever someone will open the charm lock that person will be opening the lock of your LUCK.

Dreaming About Church

visiting church in dream

1). Dream of attending church service - Promotion and regards from colleges. 

2). Dreaming that you are inside the church - Protected by Jesus.

3). Praying in church dream meaning - God will answering you soon.

4). What does it mean to dream about going to church - Happiness.  You are ready to make changes in your life and you will get benefit in upcoming months.

5). Dream of singing in church - Jesus will help you soon.  You will get opportunity in big company to work with them.

6). What does being in church mean in dreams - Family happiness.

7). Dream interpretation church altar - Humiliation and defamation soon.

8). Dream of church choir   - Chances of benefit in business and increase in money.

Solution - Pray daily from your heart and visit church. 

Dreaming About Accident

meaning of accident in dream

1). Dream of fatal car accident dream meaning - Death news of close friend or relative.

2). What does it mean when you dream about someone dying in a car accident - You are in big trouble soon.

3). Dream of car accident and death means - You are unable to get rid of addiction.

4). Dream of seeing a car accident on road- Increment and change of status.

5). Dream of car crash dream someone else driving - Relief.  Victory over enemies.

6). Dream about someone getting hit by a car - Enemies try to harm you by their schemes. 

7). Dream interpretation motorcycle accident - Tension.  Deception from opp. sex.

8). Dream interpretation losing control of car   - Health goodness.  success.

Solution - Tie a black thread on your motorbike.

Dreaming About Teeth
tooth paste dream teeth meaning

1). Dreams about teeth breaking means - Defamation in market due to own bad habits.

2). Pulling teeth out dream means - Bad relation with siblings and quarrel in office.

3). Dream of teeth crumbling means - Sudden gain of wealth through speculative business.

4). Dream of someone else missing teeth - You will get success in your work and you will get respect from others.

5). Dream about teeth falling out means death - Poverty and money problem.

6). Dream interpretation teeth falling out biblical - Debt, tensions and problems 
in all aspects of life.

7). Dream about losing teeth bible - False allegation on you.  People don't trust on you.

8). What does it mean when you have a dream about your teeth falling out? - You are undergoing money issues for long time.

Solution - To get rid of your disease and for good health you need to donates sweets to poor children on Friday.

Dreaming About Hospital

meaning of hospital dreams

1). Dream of being admitted to hospital means- You are suffering from bad habits and lack of energy.

2). Hospital dream christian meaning - You are undergoing treatment from specialist doctor.

3). Dream friend hospital meeting regarding operation - You will overcome soon from your disease and having good health.

4). Mental hospital dream meaning - You are depressed and feels alone.  You need to go for picnic or long drive daily.

5). Seeing someone sick in your dream means - Your friend or family member sick soon.

6). Hospital dream moods - Happiness and good health.

7). Dream about hospital waiting room - Your relative or friend is admit in hospital.

8). Dreaming of sick people in hospital - Trouble and unhappiness.

Solution - You need to walk on daily basis on grass without shoes in the early morning this will remove negative energy from you.

Dreaming About Trees

meaning of dream about tree

1). www.dreaming seing people cutting down trees - You will find yourself in trouble soon.

2). Biblical meaning of trees in dreams - You will get relief from your all obstacles in life.

3). Dream interpretation tree branches means - You will get support from friends and relatives.

4). Dead tree dream meaning - Your spiritual angel is no more to support you.

5). Dream meaning tree growing in house - Success beyond your imagination.

6). Spiritual meaning of trees falling - Deception and ruin career.

7). Tree dream interpretation islam - Growth in career.

8). Burning tree dream meaning - Financial instability and family problems. 

9). Dream of tree falling on car - Accident and injury.

Solution - You are suffering from so many problems and business is also not doing good in this condition just donate one bowl of rice to poor family on Friday.

Dreaming About Garden

garden at my home dream

1). Dreaming of "vegetable garden" dream symbol - Dispute in family.

2). Dream of flower garden dream meaning - Happiness and family prosperity. 

3). Dream in green garden dream meaning - Green color is indication of growth 
so there are strong chances that you will get good success in your business.

4). Dream of seeing garden in dream by bible - Lots of happiness and fulfill of wishes.

5). Dream of watering garden dream meaning - Unnecessary expenditure and losses. 

6). Dreaming of vegetables sting meaning - Family dispute and property dispute. 

7). Dream interpretation watering plants and fishes- Financial losses.  Business is not doing well and you need to stop it.

8). Dream meaning flowers blooming in night -  Your good luck starts soon. 

Solution - You are not getting results after a lot of hard work and your business is not giving you much benefit or as per your wish then try this remedy - You need to take small red colored handkerchief, 58 dollars, rose petals, and red sandalwood.  Now just place all things in handkerchief and tie up everything altogether and place it in your locker where you keep your money.  You will see improvement in your financial condition.    

Dreaming About Shoes
shoes meaning in dream

1). Biblical meaning of shoes in dreams - Fighting in couples (with your partner).

2). Dreaming about black shoes dream meaning - Inauspicious.  You will face trouble in career and job.

3). Dream of red shoes dream interpretation - Danger.  Something happen bad with you soon.

4). Dream of buying new shoes - Profit. Increase in wealth.

5). Dreams about shoes being stolen - Financial loss. Cheating in business.

6). Dream interpretation white shoes - Peace. Relief from mental stress and problems.

7). I lost shoes in dream christian interpretation - Financial crisis. 

8). I see long pair of shoes dream interpretation bible - Physical weakness and body pain. 

9). Dream of stolen shoes at mall means - Loss due to wrong decision and wrong partners.

Solution - You need to throw coal equivalent to your weight in running water.  

Dreaming About Earthquake

japan earthquake in dream meaning

1).  Earthquake in dream -  You could get bad news. You will face big misfortunes in your life due to your flirt and amours nature.

2).  Earthquake in dream bible - Family problems and sickness. If you are doing bad to others then it would prove harmful to you.

3).  Dream earthquake building collapse means - Transfer and relocation. You are greedy person and interested in shortcuts. 

4).  Earthquake dream my bed moving in next room means - Bad experience with someone. 

5).  Dreaming of earthquake and tsunami - Problems in family and married life soon. You need to go for counselling and solve your family matter soon.

6).  Dream of earthquake and flood means - Operation and accident and health problems. 

Solution - You need to keep a filled box with rice with you and keep aniseed just underneath your pillow.

Dreaming About Fire

fire dream in ass meaning

1). Dream of fire burning house - Family problems arrive soon. You are not able to get success in your life due to family responsibilities and fights with family members. 

2). Dream of putting out fire with water - Bad relationship with all friends and siblings. Deception from friends.

3). Fire in dream hindu meaning - Sign of danger, unwanted tensions and diseases. Injustice with you.

4). Biblical meaning of fire in a dream - Bad health and curse. You are thinking about taking revenge from your enemy.  You will get success in it.

5). Dreaming of fire flames means - Stress and obstacles in life.  Misfortune. You will only get success after hard work.

6). Dream about fire and smoke - You are suffering from evil eye and black magic. Jinn and evil eye and black magic related issues are ongoing in your family.

7). Fire dream meaning in islam - Warning that you need prepare about upcoming problems. Chances of fights, accident, injury and operation.

8). Dream about fire explosion means - Deception and cheating with you.

Solution - You need to pour some honey in mud pot and bury it at funeral place. This will gives you protection from your enemies. 

Dreaming About Death

death interpreations of death dreams

1). The meaning of when you dreamt of your deceased mother - Bad dream.  You need to check her health on regular basis.

2).  Dreams of death of a loved one - The person is not happy with you and wants to make distance from you.

3).  Dream interpretation death of father - You need to go for his health checkup as there are chances of bad health or illness to him.

4).  Dreams about death of a family member - Chances of death of any old man in the family.

5).  Dreams about death of a child - Abortion and miscarriage in your family if any lady is pregnant.

6).  What does it mean when you have a dream about someone dying? - There are chances that somebody is suffering from cancer or chronic disease.

7). What does it mean when you dream about your own death - There are chances that you will trap in scandal so be careful and alert. 

8).  Dreams about death of someone else - Deception and cheating by someone.

9).  I died in my dream - Alert from hidden enemies.

Solutions- Hmm, unnecessarily fear of death is very common in human beings or sometimes subject is experiencing death experience more than one time or more again and again so in this situation you need to perform this spell - You need to wear iron ring in your middle finger of right hand as this will reduce negative energy from you. 

Dreaming About Relative

means relative sick in dream

1).  Dreams about family members dying - Trouble will come soon in your family

2).  What does it mean when you dream about someone dying in your family - Inauspicious dream.  You will get punishment from elders or fight with them. 

3).  Dream meaning family gathering means - Soon there are chances that ceremony or function will be arrange by your family. 

4).  Dream interpretation death of mother - Inauspicious dream.  Bad luck.  If mother is alive then this is indication of her bad health. 

5).  What does it mean when you dream about death of a loved one - If the person is alive then it is indication of bad health for that person or he will make distance from you. 

6).  What does it mean when you dream about death of a sibling - Sibling is not happy with you and wants to make distance from you.

7).  Christian dream interpretation family gathering means - Family gathering means happiness and your family arrange function soon.

8).  Dream of someone dying means someone is pregnant - Chances of abortion if you are pregnant or ill health.

Solution - You want to control your relative or any person then write person name or your relative name (whom you like) with your red lipstick on white paper and fold it and place it in envelope and kiss on envelope and hide it at home. 

Dreaming About Daughter

dream about daughter bathing means

1).  Dreams about a daughter i don't have - You are undergoing treatment and you will conceive soon  after medical treatment ended.

2).  Dream about future daughter means - Your daughter lives away from you in hostel and you are missing her a lot. 

3).  I had a dream about my future daughter -  You are missing a lot your daughter but you will meet her soon.

4).  Dream of daughter getting married - She will pregnant soon. 

5).  Dreaming of having a daughter - Your daughter will get admission in college soon.

6).  Dream about my daughter having a baby - Auspicious dream.  Sign of happiness.

7).  Dreaming your daughter is pregnant and get abortion- There are chances that your daughter leaves you.

8).  Dreams that your daughter is pregnant - She will get married soon. 

Solutions- If your daughter is having illicit relationship or not in your control or weak in study and suffering from any disease then try this spell on her-  This needs to be done on a Friday night. Take a white paper and write down the name of your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife on it using a lipstick.  Now spray some perfume on this.  Now put this paper in an envelope and also put some rose petals in the envelope.  Now kiss the envelope and pray that your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife starts loving you and listening to you.  Now you have to hide this envelope in your house so that no body opens it.

Dreaming About Mother

mother wants me to sex with my father dream meaning

1).  Dream of mother dying means -  It means you looking for help or guidance.

2).  Dreaming of deceased mother - You are confused and desperately wants help from your parents and elders.

3).  Dead mother cooking dream meaning - Your mother is happy with your success or you are in right way of life to get success.

4).  Dream interpretation mother sick means - You are stuck in your life and struggling to get success.

5).  Seeing dead mother smiling in dream - Means you are happy with your life and success. 

6).  Mother in law crying dream meaning - Struggle in career.

7).  Dream of dead mother talking - She wants to give you proper guidance so that you will get right direction in your life.

8).  Dream of dead mother being alive - You will get success soon and great news.

Solutions-We all know mother is precious thing in the world and we cannot compare motherhood with any thing but sometimes our relationship is not good with her due to some reasons and misunderstanding so in this situation you need to perform this spell - Write her name on tree leaf from red pen and just place it from opposite side on your top roof, do not forget to place a heavy stone on it.

Dreaming About Father

dead dad dream meaning

1).  Dream of father who passed away - Father gives you blessing in dream.

2).  Seeing father killed me in dream means - Fatherless or you are child of single mother. 

3).  Dreaming of becoming a father - Happiness.  Wife could get pregnant soon.

4).  Dream of dead father alive - You are very close to your father and your father wants you to get success in your life. 

5).  Dream of dead father being sick - Difference of opinion with your father.

6).  Dream interpretation fighting with father - You will get gift or permission from your father soon.

7).  Seeing dead father sick in dream - Quarrel with father.

8).  Dream of dead father talking to me - Auspicious dream.  Increase in wealth.

9).  Dad slap me in my dream meaning - Heated argument between you and him soon. 

Solutions- We all loves our parents but sometimes due to some reason and misunderstanding our relationship with them not remains good so in this condition try this spell-  You need to sprinkle 2 to 3 tablespoon of sugar under their bed and pray whatever is in your heart for them.  You will get good result from it if you perform this spell on new moon day.

Dreaming About Brother

interpretation of brother died in dream

1). Dreaming of my dead brother meaning - Strong relationship buildup with brother.

2). Dream of fighting my brother - You will get support from your brother.

3). I had a dream my brother died what does it mean - Good relationship with brother.

4). Dreaming of brother getting married - He will get good news soon.

5). Dream of dead brother being alive - Chances of bad news from relative.

6). Dreaming of my brother who passed away - Auspicious.  You will get profit in business.

7). Dream brother died in car accident - Brother will get long life.

8). I keep seeing my dead brother in my dreams - Quarrels between you and your brother. 

Solutions-  If your brother is not listening you and fights with you then recite your brother name 21 times on any food item and give him to eat.

Dreaming About Sister

interpretations on dream meaning of sister bathing

1).  To seeing your sister in a dream- Benefit from sisters in job or business.

2).  Dream of arguing with sister - Sister will pregnant soon.

3).  Dreaming about arguing with my sister - Loss of money.  You will caught your sister red handed with another person/boyfriend.

4).  Dream of having a sister - Sister health recovery soon. Sister will travel or go for long journey soon.

5).  Dreaming of fighting with my sister - She will get job soon. Sister's wish will be fulfill soon.

6).  Sister getting married dream meaning - You will get good news soon from her side.

7).  Dream of sister dying - Inauspicious dream. Fight between you and her.

8).  Dream of sister getting beat - Chances of sister accident or operation soon.

Solutions- Donate few dollars as per your wish on your sister's birthday and pray for her good health and for her good career.

Dreaming About Cousin

meaning of cousin dream at night

1). Dream of seeing cousin brother in dream - Unexpected profit. There are chances of profit through help of stranger or unknown person.

2). Seeing cousin sister in dream - Auspicious sign. Benefit in business. Your deal will be finalized or project will complete soon. 

3). Romantic dreams about your cousin means - Cousin will get married soon.  You are close with your cousin and thinks a lot about him. 

4). Dreaming of a dead cousin means - Cousin will be hospitalized.  

5). Dreaming of dating your cousin means - You are in love with someone stranger soon.

6). What does it mean when you dream about your cousin kissing you - Chances of sexual harassment by family member. 

7). Dream about cousin being pregnant - Happiness. Increase in your family.

8). To see dream about cousin sister wedding -  You will get married soon.

9). To see death of cousin in your bedroom - Inauspicious dream. Someone leave you soon.

Solutions- Recite 7 times name of cousin on cloves and throw them on crossroads.

Dreaming About Car
meaning of car accident in dream
1).  Buy new car dream meaning - Long journey soon. It means you are planning to going for long trip for business purpose and there are good chances that you will get success in your business trip.

2).  What does it mean to see white car dream meaning - You will meet important person or famous person soon. Support from rich person or from high post person.

3).  Dreaming about red car dream meaning - Married late or not in relationship for many years. You are not attractive and opposite sex is not showing interest in you.

4).  Dream of black car in dream meaning - Defamation and losses. Breakup in education or you are not able to complete your higher education.

5).  Dremnt blue car dream meaning - Enemies will attack on you. Negative energy in your office and home so you need to do meditation and remedy for it.  Try to get free horoscope reading by good astrologer. 

6).  Dreaming for car buy dream meaning bible - You will get help from others.

7).  Dream analysis for driving a car dream meaning - Family problems. You are trying to get rid of your all problems but not able to get solution or right way and because of this you feel restlessness or unhealthy.

8).  Dream interpretation of dream about driving a car out of control - Court case or police case. All problems comes with together family problem job problem money problem or health problem.  You are helpless and hopeless not able to get any idea what to do and what not to do.

Solutions- Hang catholic golden cross sign in your car. You are suffering from car driving or not able to pass your driving test then try this simple spell- You need to place four lemons on each tire of your car before going for driving test/exam.  You will get success in your driving exam. 

Dreaming About Kiss

dream mans about kissing boyfriend

1). To dreaming of kissing someone on the lips - Happy married life.

2). Dreaming about being kissed in a dream - You will get success in your career.

3). What does it mean when you dream about kissing someone and it feels real -

4). What does it mean when you dream about kissing your crush - You will get benefit in all aspects of life.

5). What does it mean when you dream about kissing someone you like - You will get profit by opposite sex.

6). Dreaming of kissing someone you don't know - You will in love soon with stranger.

7). Dreaming of kissing your ex - Your ex will return soon in your life.

8). Dreaming about kissing someone else other than your boyfriend - Breakup soon.  Your boyfriend having another girl in his life.

9). My boyfriend kiss on my vagina and suddenly after kissing my vagina he become ghost -  Whole family is suffering from black magic.

10). What is the meaning of kiss in a dream -  You are undergoing family tension.

Solutions-   On Thursday or Friday night between 11 to 12 cut a few hair from your husbands head and put them at a place where he cannot see them.  By doing this he will start agreeing to what you say.  After a few days keep these hair under your foot and thrash them and then throw them out.  This will be more effective if done during your menstrual cycle.

Dreaming About Daughter-in-law

dream interpretation of daughter in law in dream

1). Dream of daughter in law having a baby - Pleasant dream.  Happiness.

2). Deaming of daughter in law bathing - Good dream.  Good news will come soon.

3). To see son in law dream meaning - Long journey for business purpose.

4). To see in laws dream meaning - Fight between husband and wife.

5). What does it mean when you dream about your mother in law - Happiness and increase in family.

6). Dream about ex in laws means - Ex will return in your life soon.

7). Dreams about sister in law -  Health problems to sister in law.

8). To dream of sister in law undressing - Visit sister in law home soon.

9). Dreaming of daughter-in-law fight with me in dream means - Ill health of daughter in law.

10). Dream of daughter in law changing her dress - Happiness and increase in family.

Solutions- Give gift to your daughter-in-law every year. If your daughter in law is not in your control and she is very abusive to you then try this simple remedy/spell to control her - On a Saturday night take seven cloves and then blow on them by taking your daughter-in-law’s name 21 times.  On Sunday morning burn these and throw the ash on road.  Do this for seven Saturdays continuously

Dreaming About Sick

dream meaning of sick

1). Seeing someone ill in your dream bible - You are undergoing from bad phase of your life and not able to see any hope.

2). Dream meaning sick person in bed - Indication of chronic illness. 

3). Dreaming about someone else being sick - Chances of migration or move to another country.

4). Dream about being sick and dying - Happiness in family life.

5). Dream about someone being sick - Fight with servant and gatekeeper.

6). What does it mean to see illness dream meaning - Guest visit at your home.

7). Dream of terminal illness means - Money gain soon.

8). Dreams about being sick with cancer means - Unlucky dream. Hospitalization.

9). I see in my dream that I am writing a sick leave application - You will go for picnic soon.

10).  Seeing in dream my baby sick and hospitalized - Chances of theft or robbery in your house.

11). Dreaming that whole family sick means - Dangerous.  Chances of loss in parental business. 

Solutions-  Donate food to unhealthy children or poor children every month or weekly.

Dreaming About Switch

meaning of fire on swtich in deram

1). Dream interpretation turning off lights - You could get fired from your job. It means you are not able to satisfied or convince your higher authorities or not able to achieve your goal. 

2). Dreaming of turning on lights - There are chances that you will get new job soon or good news. It means you are able to achieve your goals and progress.

3). Light switch dream meaning - Support from family and friends. You are with family and good relationship with family members and they are supportive.

4). Dream that the light switch doesn t work - You are feeling that you are not able to get rid of your problems and found yourself in deep trouble.

5). Can't turn on lights in dream - You are not satisfied with your recent job.

6). Dream interpretation lights wont turn on - You want to change your profession or want to change your location.

7). Dreaming light switches don t work - Unsatisfied career or not happy with your life.

Solutions-  In your home you need to pain your main switch with green color.

Dreaming About Fingernail

finger nail cut off dream meaning

1). Dreams about fingernails falling off - Inauspicious dream indicates health issues. Your health not allowed you to perform good in your business and job that is the reason your boss and officers are not happy with you. 

2). Dream about acrylic nails falling off - Deception from boyfriend.  There is a problem in your love life and relationship life you are not able to satisfied your partner or make him happy. 

3). Dream interpretation nail polish - Married soon with guy that you are in love. You are your boyfriend or girlfriend married soon and enjoy or married life.

4). Dream of cutting nails too short - Relief from ongoing chronic disease. Hospitalization of any family member who is ill from long period of time or yourself is not feeling good.  You are planning to change your location.

5). Cutting nails in dream islam - Sudden gain of wealth from business.

6). Dream of cutting toenails means - Court case, illness, losses. 

7). Broken nail meaning in dream meaning - Fights, demotion and health issues.  This is very inauspicious dream because it indicates only losses and sorrow in heart.  Family troubles, debt and lots of bad things.

8). Dream interpretation nails in hands - If see only nails then it considered good dream indicates chances of money gain.  Also there are chances that your ex will join or meet you soon.

9). Dreaming of big nails means - There are chances that you will conceive soon or money gain soon. Happy married life with kids.

Solutions-  You need to cut your all 20 nails of fingers and legs on Tuesday and either buried them in ground or burn. 

Dreaming About Cash
dream of cash in meaning

1). Cash in dream meaning - Financial issues.  You may pay more than usual for rent, loan, services, etc.

2). Dreams about receiving money - Chances that you friend will ask you for money.

3). Dream about finding money on the ground - Chances that you will invest money in any business.

4). Dreaming of someone giving you money - Chances that your friend ask you for some money but he will return your money soon.

5). Seeing money in dream islamic meaning - Financial growth.

6). Dream about counting money - Expenditure and spent a lot money in shopping.

7). Dream of stealing money means - Chances of police will take action against you. 

8). Dream about money notes means - Financial instability and no growth in business. 

Solutions-  You need to make a money charm from banknote and keep in your purse always.  You need to write your full name with your mother full name on banknote and then give it a pyramid shape (you can watch video on you tube about how to make banknote pyramid) and keep it in your purse.  Do not open it in front of anyone. 

Dreaming About Fruit

meaning of fruit dream

1). Mango fruit dream meaning - Auspicious and lucky dream.  You will blessed by son soon.

2). Guava fruit dream meaning - Good health.  Recovery fast from your bad health.  Indication of good health life and medicine will work for you now.

3). Dreaming of fruits during pregnancy - No consequences in pregnancy.  Safe pregnancy.

4). Seeing fruits in dream islam - Allah will protect you. You will soon blessed by son or conceive soon. Your dream will come true. 

5). Biblical meaning of fruit in dreams - Jesus will protect you. You are able to achieve your goals and happiness and success beyond imagination.

6). Dream meaning orange fruit - Health issues and bad child of children.

7). Dreaming of fruits and vegetables means - Success and fulfill of all wishes.

8). Spiritual meaning of fruits in a dream - Growth of family and love and happiness comes in family. 

Solutions-  You need to always wash your vegetables by saltwater because this will reduce negative energy and bacteria in it. Saltwater plays a very important role in occult world.  Salt power removes all types of negativity and negative energy from you and home. 

Dreaming About Bed

Dream meaning of bed sex in dream

1). Dream interpretation bed sheets - Happiness in family.  You will respect from your friends and siblings.

2). Dream of someone sleeping in your bed - You are feeling alone from inside and wanted to get married.

3). Dream interpretation bed covers means - You are thinking for shopping or just visited mall prior to your dream. 

4). Dream meaning bed outside of home - Insult in front of public on road.

5). Dream about someone lying next to you means - Alone.  Separated from 
husband or wife. 

6). Dreaming someone is in your bedroom - You are suffering from severe 
depression and schizophrenia. 

7). Dreaming of someone sleeping beside you - Like or love someone but not able to tell him/her that you are in love with him/her.

8). Dream interpretation white sheets - Peace in married life or divorce finalize.

Solutions-  Never fix your mirror in front of your bed. Mirror in front of bed increase negative energy in room and create fights between couples and money losses.

Dreaming About Kitchen

meaning of kitchen burn in dream

1). Dream about kitchen symbolism means - Profit in business and increase in wealth. Supportive family.  

2). Dreaming of a messy kitchen - Loss in business and money loss. Your plans are big and you want to do big in your life but you are confused and not able to focus on one field because you are trying to get success in so many fields at one time.

3). Dream of kitchen sink means - Money loss due to health problems. Family regular health problems. Spent lot of money in illness of members of family. 

4). Dream interpretation kitchen cabinets - Money savings, good savings. You are smart and know how to save money for future.

5). Dreaming of kitchen cabinets means - Savings and financial gains. Security. Life is good in old age.  No financial or money problem in old age.  

6). Dream interpretation stove means - Frustration and fights with neighbors.  Neighbors are not good and because of this you are planning to change your 

7). What does it means cabinet dream - Good bank balance. You know how to earn and how to save money and how to invest and deal to get profit.

8). Seeing utensils in dream - Fulfill of your all dreams. No problem throughout life, only success and you will climb ladder of success from your young age.

Solutions-  If you are not happy with your family life then donate rice and gram flour to poor family on Thursday. If there is misunderstanding between you and others then write the name of person on white paper with red pen and hang it on south wall of your room.

Dreaming About Rape

meaning of usa rape girl dream

1). Being sexually attacked in a dream means - You are trapped in scandal and not able to get out of it. Your working place is not safe for you so you need to change it.

2). Dream of being sexually harassed means -  Your colleges are try to harm you. You are working at place which is not safe for you and because of this you feels always insecure and wants to change your job or location.

3). Dream of child being molested means - Childhood bad memories. There are strong chances that you were raped or molested by your family members or relatives or by neighbor in teenage. 

4). Dream of being raped by ex boyfriend - You are interested in doing sex with your ex boyfriend.  You are not satisfied with your current relationship with your boyfriend and wants to break relationship with him.

5). Dream of being touched sexually means -  You are ready for your first 
intercourse counter. It means you and your hubby is satisfied with married life.

6). Dream of being raped by father means -  You are not happy with your father and bad relationship with father. You feel insecurity at home and wants to leave your home.

7). Dreams about being molested by crowd means - You are suffering from crowd phobia. Few past incidents in your mind still crawling and you are very distress about this.

8). Dreams about being molested by family member - Insecurity and wants to change your home. Lots of family problems and fights between you and others.

Solutions-  You need to cut 15 inches yarn from yarn bundle and and hold it from both hand then stretch it from both sides. Concentrate on your major problems of life and starts tying knots on yarn, then tie this yarn charm on the main gait of your house.  You will soon get rid of your all problems.  

Dreaming About Hotel

meaning of hotel dream

1). Dream of being lost in a hotel - You are in new place or soon going to new place. Long journey for picnic, etc with family.

2). Recurring dreams about hotels - You are planning to change your business.

3). Dream interpretation hotel lobby - Debt, loan, mortgagee, money loss. You are undergoing money problem and nobody is helping you.

4). Dream interpretation can't find hotel room - Wander in new city. You are facing difficult time and not able to focus on your business or job.

5). Luxury hotel dream meaning - Business loss and diseases. You are money minded and thinking about short cuts or how to make money in short period of time but you will trap in scandal or police case due to illegal activities.

6). Dream meaning motel means - Promotion and increment. Your project will complete soon with any trouble. 

7). Dreams about hotels and elevators - Support from boss and friends. Definitely you will get support from staff or from others.

8). Dream moods hotel - Happiness.

Solutions-  Mix garlic power with salt and sprinkle it in the corners of your house daily or weekly.  This will protects you from negative energies.

Dreaming About Stabbing

meaning of someone stabbing in dream

1). Dream of being stabbed in the stomach - Your enemies stronger than you and try to conspiracy against you. 

2). Dream of stabbing someone to death - You will find yourself in trouble soon.

3). Dream of being stabbed but not dying - God will save you from upcoming trouble due to your past good deeds. You will come out from your problem soon.

4). Dream of being stabbed in the neck - You are fearing about something or not able to get rid of your problems.

5). Dream of stabbing someone in the stomach - Inauspicious and health problems. Take care of your health and go for regular checkup.

6). Dreams of stabbing someone in self defense - Protection from danger.

7). Dream meaning knife attack means - Friend try to deceive you.  If you are able to save yourself in the dream then it indicates you will get rid of your problem soon. 

8). Dream of being stabbed in the side - Self deception or wrong decision.

Solutions- Take two candles (one is red and one is white) and also take a piece of white paper then write the name of your enemy on middle of paper in big letters then tear it in half and burn both pieces (one with red candle and one with white candle).  Your enemy will destroy or surrender in front of you. 

Meaning Of Most Popular Dreams

interpretations of common dreams

1). What does it mean it you dream about poop - There are chances of inheritance of property soon.

2). What does it mean if you dream about laterine - Benefit in business and second income will start soon.

3). A dream involving a whelchair what does it mean - Chances of accident or leg and arm injury.

4). Meaning of dream abt vampire - You are suffering from black magic or evil eye.

5). Biblical dream of gold coins - There are chances that you will buy new gold ornament soon.

6). Giving massage dream meaning - You are undergoing treatment of muscle pain or body pain but you will get relief from it now.

7). Biblical meaning of cockroaches in dreams - Illness and diseases in your house, all members of house are suffering from same disease.

8). Dream of someone throwing stones at me - Enemies are try to harm you but you will get solution soon. 

9). Dream interpretation (when someone is giving a white cloth) - Peace in your mind, good life.

10). Dreaming of cruise ships meaning - Increase of wealth and good progress in business.

11). A woman dreamed seeing a guy that wore ske blue shirt - Misfortune and 
enemies threatens you and warned you try to kill you.

12). Seeing white underwear( panties) in my dream meaning - Peace with neighbor, happiness in life.  

13). Meaning if someone is painting in the dream - You will undertake position of someone

14). Christian dream interpretation of giving birth to new born - Happiness and you will go to new residence to live.

15). D spiritual meaning of soap n cream - Someone try to harm you most probably your known person.

16). Dreaming of tomatoes what does it mean - You need to give more attention 
in your business otherwise there are chances of loss in it.

17). Search the meaning of dreaming wearing a wedding dress - If you are unmarried then there are chances that you will get married soon or if you are married then there are chances that you are in new relationship soon (extramarital affair). 

18). What does it mean to see tissue paper dream meaning - Soon you are able to resolve your big problem.

19). What does it mean if you dream that someone is raping you - There are strong chances that your best friend will cheat you.

20). Meaning of a woman having a male organ in dream - Indication of separation with partner, breakup.

21). What is the significance of a grand mother's ghost dream - You are unsafe at home or at your current place hostel, hotel, etc. 

22). If A Nurse Cut Your Fingernails In The Dream What Does It Mean - You will not finish your works with your cleverness. Hospitalization.  You are in hospital but you will get recovery fast and release soon from hospital.   

23). What does it mean if you dream of a man raping a baby - Something bad happened with you in the past or in your childhood.  This indicates your childhood bad memory. 

24). Dream having sex with my boyfriend meaning - Broke up or boyfriend will cheat you soon.  He is having another girl in his life.

25). Biblical spiritual meaning seeing yourself naked in dream - Money gain and you are preparing to show your talent in public.

26). Rough intimate abusive forced big cock anal fuck in dream means - It means you are addicted to porn and watch porn on daily routine and you are single who is looking for sex partner.  

27). To see and carry maize in the basket in dream - Similar to corn dreams.  You are food lover and loves maize. 

28). What does it mean to see your phone in the dream - You are thinking to change your phone or recently visit any mobile or phone shop to buy or for repair your mobile. If you want to know your future by palm reading then visit at

29). Biblical dream meaning of a fresh corpse - It means you had just visited to any hospital or at funeral of any relative or friend.

30). Dream meaning of wearing a red dress - It means you love red color and you are thinking to buy new dress soon.

31). Types of dreams and their interpretation spiritualy -  You are not able to get success after a lots of hard work.

32). What does it mean to dream of a white. cat - You will get happy married life and family loves you.

33). Basket of fish and flies dream meaning - You will see results from your hard work.  Your reputation and money both will increase.

34). Dreaming someone else is being electrocuted - You will start new business soon.

35). Meaning of a burning candles in a dream - Your relationship will better from your officers and parents.

36). Dream meaning about a small cat according to the bible - You will see settlement in your problems and good news from job and service.

37). Biblical interpretation of having a wedding gown you don't like - It means you are not happy with your married life or with your current partner.  You are thinking for breakup or for divorce.

38). What does it mean to dream about someone being pregnant - Means you are ready for conceive or if not married then you are ready to get married soon. 

39). Meaning dreaming about baby which is too heavhy for you to carry - Your son or daughter is not in your control and they are stubborn.

40). Dreaming of someone touching your breast means - You are thinking about sex and penis and love foreplay than sex.  Other meaning is you will soon get new boyfriend.

41). Dreaming of being rob while sleep, means what? - Your enemy will create problem in your life and they will get success in it.

42). What does it mean if you dream about money - It means you are currently struggling in your job or business or looking for take loan or in huge debt.

43). Whats the meaning of sseing a girl with white dress in ur dream - Your angel has a message for you.  Guardian angel is trying to protect you.

44). When u dream and you counting alot of money what does it mean - You are money-minded or cashier in bank.  There are chances of false blame on you so take care.  You need to go for tarot reading and pick a card for free tarot reading.

45). Dream meaning seeing a dead relative shaving your hair - Your relatives are jealous with you and try to create dispute and problems in your family.

46.) Dream analysis painting nails means - See red paint on nails means you are not satisfied with your life.

47). What does it mean for a pregnant woman to see her mother in law in the dream - Chances of deliver baby before 2 or 1 month of due date (EDD).

48). What does it mean to dream about your father being died - Ill health of father.  He needs to visit doctor soon for checkup.

49). What does it mean to dream of sex with stranger without condom - Unprotected sex dream is always good and gives you security and strength. Good for married life. 

50). Roasting of corn in dream meaning - Severe health problems and chances of admit in hospital.

51). Seeing someone exchange clothes in dream - Breakup soon with your boyfriend.

52). To dream of dreadlocks: meaning - Inauspicious and bad dream.  You will not get success in your upcoming journey or tour. 

53). What does it mean to dream of fighting with people I dont know - You will face defamation in front of crowd. If you want to know your future by palm reading then visit at

54). Dreaming of the word cancer what does it mean - Your business will increase and your reputation will also increase.

55). What does it mean to see baby bird in dream - Your enemies will get success in harm you and your reputation.

56). What does it mean when someone dreams of you pregnant - Happiness.  You will get married soon or pregnant soon. Your family problems will resolve soon.

57). I have a reoccurring dream about iguanas, what does it mean? - You will get interest in spiritualism and religion based activities. 

58). Dream meaning of eating chapati from the bible - You will spent a lot of money in shopping or buying things for luxury.

59). What is the christian meaning of my hair being braided - Unsuccessful career or loss of job due to health issues.

60). when you dream about taking new coffins - Promotion in job and service. 
 Good relationship with your parents.  You will get victory over your enemies. 

61). What Does Touching An Old Women Pussy Means In A Dream - You are sexually arouse and porn addicted or you are in touch with any old woman or you are currently living with an old woman which indicates stress in your mind and not able to get what you want or not perform well in your life.

62). What does buying peeled yam mean in a dream - There are chances that you will invest your money in speculative business like share market, stock market, lottery, etc. 

63). I see some one commit suicide in dream - Your time is not good currently and there are strong chances of financial losses.

64). Dream of driving a car with lots of people - Your relations with siblings and family members will not remains good.

65). Meaning of buying blue dress and wear it in dream - You need to control your anger otherwise this will result in divorce or separation.

66). What does it mean when you dream about winning money - It means you will get relief in your family matters.

67). Meaning dream that someone put their dirty nails in your spiral - There are chances of huge expenditure on health issues.

68). what is the meaning of a dream sleeping with a chinese girl - You are not feeling good in between strangers.

69). Having sex with a black guy dream meaning - If you are married then it is indication of happy sex life with your hubby but if your are unmarried then it is sign of sexual harassment. If you want to know your future by palm reading then visit at

70). Dream of being chased and bitten by a dog - Enemies are strong than you 
and try to destroy you reputation.

71). Dream meaning of friend getting register marriage - You are pessimistic person and feeling that your girlfriend is agree for marry with you.

72). Saw myself writing a maths test in dream and ejaculated in the dream means - It seems you are undergoing treatment of ED and not performing well on sex but this is good news for you that you will get rid of your problem soon.

73). What does it mean to dream that you wash you self - It means you are working for so many ours without taking rest and now its time for go for rest or you will get permission for holidays.

74). Dream meaning of eating joloff rice and chekine - Rice dreams means fulfill of wishes and family happiness.

75). Biblical meaning of seeing noah's ark in dream - Inauspicious dream and 
bad luck.  You will find yourself in trouble soon.

76). When one dreams he is drunk whst does it mean - You are in depression or stuck in family problem or not able to get success in your goal. 

77). Christian interpretation dreaming of different women with boyfriend - You are planning to get divorce or filed divorce soon.  Your boyfriend is not like you or cheating with you.

78). Mean of a dream seeing your self wearing a wedding dress - You will get married soon or if already married then it means family happiness.  Love between couples.

79). What does a squid symbolize in dream - Self-deception. You need to take your decision wisely and consult with others before going to take any bold decision.

to be continued.....




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