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Lucky And Good Fortunate Signs In Palmistry

Luck and Good Fortune as Revealed by Scientific Hand Analysis

This is a materialistic world. Most clients are interested to know about their financial position, when they will join the Millionaire's Club, and their chances of sudden wealth. They are concerned about having a healthy bank balance. Being rich is good fortune and luck to them. I have seen the hands of extremely rich clients from various parts of the world. To my surprise, however, I have found that most of these people are pretty unhappy. In their pursuit of Mammon they have sacrificed the interests of the family. A large number have also paid the penalty for an excessive drive for money by suffering from ruined health.

Hand analysts believe that health is wealth. Having a very strong bank balance is only one aspect of good fortune. Our concept of good fortune and luck is comprehensive. To have true blessedness, the subject should be financially sound, have excellent health, a happy married life, as well as peace of mind. He must basically be a happy, well-adjusted personality.

But in this elementary work on hand analysis, let us limit the scope of the discussion to signs of wealth in the hand. After having examined the hands of hundreds of really wealthy clients, certain laws of wealth in this science can be worked out accurately.

First of all, let us study the position of the Line of Mentality. This line, in normal circumstances, divides the palmar area into two zones. When we talk of the palmar area, we do not include the fingers. The palm is that area between the wrist and the base of the fingers. This is the area divided into two halves by the Line of Mentality. There is the upper active Zone, and the lower passive zone. The upper zone, being nearer the fingers, refers more to concern for the future and planning for a rainy day. In general, the upper zone refers to the nobler aspirations. The lower zone contains the pleasure-loving planets and mounts, the Mounts of Moon and Venus. List us assume that the lower zone is prominent in the palm. In this case, the subject will not be thrifty, and will tend to spend excessively. So even if this subject earns a lot of money, his savings will tend to be meagre. The reverse will be the case should the upper zone be prominent. Of course, other factors of the hand have to be taken into consideration.

Then there is another important factor of assessment as regards acquisition of wealth. In this case, we consider the back of the hand. We must measure the length of the fingers, as well as the length of the palm. The important finger length to consider is that of the middle or Saturn finger. We measure this finger from the base to its tip. In an earlier chapter, we have learnt that the fingers refer more to the spiritual or mental side of the individual. The palm area of the back of the hand symbolizes the materialistic aspect of the subject's life. Let us now assume that the back of the palm is longer than that of the fingers. Then we can easily deduce that this subject will have a materialistic mentality. He will be more interested in money-making than in intellectual and spiritual attainments. On the other hand, the subject whose fingers are longer than the length of the back of the palm will not be so interested in material wealth.

We must analyse both these points carefully before we can assess the attitude of the subject towards material gains.

The hands of very wealthy subjects have certain common characteristics. The planet Mercury stands for money, trade and commerce in hand analysis. This planet has its seat on the Mount of Mercury and the little finger. Generally, a wealthy man will have a long little (Mercury) finger which will touch the top crease of the ring (Sun) finger. This means that the subject will be worldlywise, shrewd, and have the ability to rake in money. The little finger is connected with communication and public relations. Most wealthy people are good salesmen and know how to project a good image of themselves and the businesses they are involved in. Hence a long, prominent Mercury finger reflects all the necessary qualities so helpful in amassing money.

The four mounts at the base of the fingers should bè well-developed. This is most important indeed. The four mounts are the Mounts of Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, and Mercury. I have, so far, never seen a really wealthy man with flat or depressed mounts. When the four upper mounts are well-developed and favourable, it means that the horoscope is fundamentally solid, and the subject has the capacity to amaSS wealth. The money-making potential is there. However, if these four upper mounts are weak, flat, or depressed, the honest hand analyst can tell his client - "Better luck next time, or in the next birth!"

The Line of Health (Mercury) should either be absent or straight, long, and well-marked. The Lines of Fate and Mentality should be favourable and strong. The Indian school of hand analysis calls the Line of Mentality Dhan Rekha. Dhan means wealth, while Rekha means a line. So the Indians consider it to be also the Line of Wealth. There is a lot of solid common sense in this viewpoint. Success in business and money matters depends largely on a healthy, positive attitude, plus lots of Self-confidence. These essential qualities are reflected by a prominent, deep, long, well-marked Line of Mentality. With other favourable supporting features on the hand, a good Line of Mentality will help substantially in accumulating wealth.

The possession of a good, strong Sun Line is most important in this aspect. The Sun Line is the barometer of wealth. The subject without a good Sun Line will not have Luck in worldly matters, while the presence of a favourable Sun Line means that success will smile upon the subject. His efforts will be crowned with success from the time the Sun Line makes its appearance in the hand. In my experience, all my extraordinarily rich clients have had good Sun Lines in their hands.

It is also favourable when the Sun Line rises from the Fate Line, and joins up with a Line of Sun on the Mount of Sun (Apollo). The age has to be worked out on the Fate Line itself. From that time, the subject will attain wealth, and probably social prominence as well. All international celebrities have favourable Sun Lines. Without a good Sun Line, the talents of the subject will not be recognized by society.

The palm should be broad. Also, the fingers should be evenly set on the palm. This means that there will be no major defects in the strength of the four upper mounts. After all, the fingers partake of the qualities of the mounts at their base.

A trident formation of the Heart Line on the Mount of Jupiter is an indication of wealth or fame. This is a sign very often seen on the hands of rich people. I have confirmed this indication hundreds of times. A star on the mount of Jupiter is also a most desirable sign to have. It is a mark of wealth. The subject may have a sudden rise in wealth as a result of this sign. We must note that Jupiter is a planet of expansion. A star on the Mount of Jupiter shows that the subject will think of expanding his business, and be outstandingly successful.

According to the Indian school of hand analysis, certain signs are indicative of wealth or great riches. The signs of the Conch, Temple, Crocodile and Fish are symbolic of great wealth. A few years ago, an extremely rich UK client from London, consulted online me. He was in business, and had a well-marked temple on the Mount of Jupiter. He was a multi-millionaire.

A star on the second phalange of the thumb is also a sign of wealth. Similar is the case if there is a beautiful mark of a wheat-line or Yava (Yaba, as it is called by some Indian hand analysts).

The double Lines of Mentality is a rare mark. It is indicative of material wealth, if the other features of the hand support this exceptional sign. It indicates that the subject will be rich in middle age.

Vertical lines are always favourable in this science. The more long, strong, ascending lines, the better. It is most favourable for material wealth if there are three to four strong, long, vertical lines rising from the wrist or the base of the palm. With such vertical lines, it is sure that the career and material wealth of the subject will be well above average.

Mercury is the planet symbolizing trade and business, so it is only logical that a strong, well-developed Mount of Mercury will suggest profit through gain in business or the private sector.

Ascending lines from the Vitality Line are lines of ambition, signifying success. The bigger, longer, and clearer these lines, the more marked the success.

Observe the Fate Line or the Line of Saturn. Determine the period when this line is deep, well-cut and bright in appearance. At that time, the material prospects of the subject will be enhanced. This will last for the duration of the brightness and clarity of the line.

A triangle on the Fate Line can mean financial gain. This success may or may not be expected.

Together with all these favorable features, I have noticed that the palms of extremely rich subjects are thick and slightly soft as well. The thickness of a palm has got nothing to do with the height or body weight of the subject. The thickness is entirely controlled by the strength of the planets in the palms or the horoscope. I have seen thin subjects with thick palms. I have also seen very muscular, robust clients with thin palms.

There is a certain line on the hands known as the Line of Wealth. This line rises from the Mount of Jupiter and runs across to and up the Mount of Saturn. It should not be confused with Solomon's Ring. Solomon's Ring is strongly curved and does not really enter deep into the Mount of Saturn.

The Line of Wealth, as its name denotes, refers to the wealth earned by the subject. It can also show a gain of property from the father. Should this line be long, clear, well cut and flawless, the subject will attain sudden wealth. It is even more favourable for wealth if the Sign of the Fish is found on the top and lower areas of the palm.

The sign of a cross on the ring or Sun finger means that the subject will amass wealth in diverse ways with the aid of friends. Generally, a cross is unfavourable in the palm proper, but it can be a favourable sign on certain fingers. So let us not be misled into thinking that a cross is always un favourable in the hands.

A cross on the middle or Saturn finger is another beneficial sign. The subject may acquire sudden wealth, or hidden property - that is, property the existence of which the subject was not aware. Why hidden property? The nature of the planet Saturn gives a clue. Saturn represents things coming from the bowels of the earth, so this is how a cross on the Saturn finger can signify hidden property.

Should the Fate Line itself go up to the Mount of Mercury, and it is long and favorable, the subject can become a successful businessman.

Let us now examine signs of wealth shown in other ways. A line running either from the Mount of Lower Mars (under the Jupiter Mount) or Mount of Venus towards the Mount of Jupiter is a good sign for money success. The subject will advance in his career and/or business affairs. It is ideal if this line goes right up to the Mount of Jupiter. Should such a line end in a star on the Mount of Jupiter, it is a sign of sudden wealth and some extraordinary achievement in money-making. It is rare to find such a sign. I have seen it only a few times, once on the hands of one of the richest industrialists in India who has a vast industrial empire in India.

Let us conclude this chapter by analysing some of the features showing poverty. The palm will have many signs of islands, especially on the Lines of Fate, Sun and Health. The Fate Line will be poorly formed or totally absent. But the most important feature will refer to the mounts of the hand. The development of the four Upper Mounts will be very poor. These mounts will be flat or depressed. The little finger, or finger of Mercury, will be short and perhaps badly shaped as well. Further, the fingers will not be evenly set on the palm. In particular, the finger of Mercury (little finger) will be low-set on the hand. It may very well be lower set that the other fingers of the hand. There will be gaps or wide spaces between the fingers when these are stretched and held together. Metaphorically, money will escape through the subject's fingers! The shape of the hand may be awkward. It may be that of the elementary type of hand. The Rascettes or Bracelets will be badly islanded or chained. There are other signs of poverty, but these will suffice for our purpose in the study of this elementary work.

Do not be disheartened if the hands do not show extraordinary wealth. After all, some of my most unhappy clients have been extremely rich and have told me openly and ruefully that money cannot buy happiness.

The Fate Line Ending In A Trident In Palmistry

The Fate Line ending in a trident is certainly a most favorable indication. If the trident is very well-formed and clear, it is a sure indication of some very outstanding success or wealth at the age that it appears.

Normally, you will find the trident formed on the Mount of Saturn itself, and occasionally between the first and second fingers or second and third fingers. I have always found it to mean a most favorable period in the subject's life, generally associated with wealth, land, and success in pursuits connected with the land, particularly if the trident is found on the Mount of Saturn. In India we have moneylenders, mostly Indians (Chettiars), and these people have a reputation for being rich. A few years ago I found a well-formed trident on the hands of an Indian moneylender, between the first and second fingers of his hand. He confessed to me that he was already a millionaire at the time of consultation. Also, he was over the age of fifty at the time he sought my professional advice.

All upward branches of the Fate Line are favorable. They show increased gains, promotion, or academic success, depending upon what the subject is doing. The longer, clearer and deeper these upward branches, the better for the subject. These branches should preferably be flawless.

Weak Fate Line In Palmistry

Weak Fate Line
Please do not jump to the conclusion that if the Fate Line is weak, the subject will have a poor career or financial weakness at the particular age concerned.

Should the mounts of the hand be well-developed and other features such as the Sun Line be favorable, the subject can still be rich and have a bright career. In such a case, a weak Fate Line at that particular age will represent some psychological frustration in the job, troubles in domestic life, or worries over health, etc. Something will definitely be wrong somewhere, but it would be a serious mistake to jump to the conclusion that the subject has hit rock bottom in career and bank balance just because the Fate Line is weak or missing at a particular point.

Missing Fate Line On Hands In Palmistry

Absence of the Fate Line

Sometimes you will find that the Fate Line is missing on the hands. This certainly does not mean that the subject will not be a success in life several wealthy people do not have Fate Lines on their hands. I have found that on the hands of wealthy people without Fate Lines the mounts of the hand were well-developed, the palm was broad, the hand showed a materialistic outlook, the thumb was strong, the fingers were evenly set on the palm, and there were favorable signs such as the fish, temple, and trident on the hand.

This explained why these subjects were wealthy and successful, in spite of the missing Fate Line. To the expert hand analyst the lack of a Fate Line holds no mystery and he does not think it necessary to write a novel or detective story called The Case of the Missing Fate Line in the best tradition of Erle Stanley Gardner. The lack of a Fate Line is only adverse for material success if there are no compensating features on the hand.

The missing Fate Line means that the subject rises by sheer hard work and determination. Such men do not believe in luck or chance but in grabbing every opportunity that comes their way to achieve success in life. However, a missing Fate Line does show some major defect in the psychology of the subject it tends to suggest a certain lack of direction in life. Should a multi-millionaire be without a Fate Line, it would mean that he does not know what to do with his wealth. In that sense, the missing Fate Line is a psychological handicap to the subject.

Fork At The Beginning Of Fate Line In Palmistry

Forked Fate Line

Sometimes the Fate Line or the Line of Saturn will begin with a fork. In such a case, one fork may start from the Mount of Venus.

Fork At The Beginning Of Fate Line

This could mean that the subject was adopted by a relation some time after birth, but occasionally such a fork can also represent an unhappy marriage for the parents of the subject. This sometimes results in litigation over the custody of the child. I have confirmed a many cases of this in my professional experience.

Long And Broad Fate Line In Palmistry

Meaning Of Long Fate Line

It is a grievous error on the part of amateurs to think that a Long Fate Line promises a bright career and untold wealth for the lucky subject. A lot of subjects have been disillusioned by such well-meaning but ignorant amateurs. You will find, much to your surprise, that even beggars and bankrupts have long Fate Lines.
Long Fate Line

I have examined the palms of several beggars one of the main roads of India, and I have also examined the palms of beggars sitting in Market and found many among them with long Fate Lines. So, although the Fate Line can be long, in such cases there have to be reasons why such subjects are beggars. Invariably it will be noticed on the palms of these subjects that the mounts, especially the upper mounts of Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, and Mercury, will be flat or depressed; the palm will be dry, and unattractive to look at, the fingers will be poorly shaped, awkward looking, and not evenly set on the palm either.

Meaning Of Broad Fate Line

A broad Fate Line is unfavorable as the Current travels through a shallow channel. Hence the energy flowing through the Fate Line will be diffused and not concentrated. I have observed in the hands of beggars that even though the Fate Line may be long, it is invariably thick and broad.

Board Fate Line

So far, I have not even once come across a beggar with developed mounts, especially the upper ones, in the palms. Should a beggar have well-developed mounts, a long Fate Line, fingers evenly set on the palm and well-shaped as well, you can rest assured that this so-called "beggar' has a healthy bank balance, with money stashed away, perhaps in India.


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