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Honesty In Palmistry

Honesty In Palmistry

Sign Of Honesty

1. Long and unbroken Head Line.
2. Thumb is straight and developed.
3. Fate line starts from Mount of Neptune (Ketu) not from Mount of Moon.
4. Head line touches to the Life Line slightly.

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The Ring of Saturn & Mystic Cross - Palmistry

Ring Of Saturn

A ring-like formation below the finger of Saturn is called the ring of Saturn. It is not normally found on palms and it is good that it is so. Its presence is not a good sign and is indicative of hindrances and obstacles in one's life.

Mystic Cross

The Mystic Cross The cross seen between the lines of head and heart is known as the Mystic Cross and indicates spiritual inclination or aptitude towards the Supernatural or the occult.

Mystic cross palm meaning is also known as x on palm meaning or  palm reading psychic cross.  Keyword:  Saturn planet information, cross on jupiter mount

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Born After Father's Death - Posthumous Child Palmistry





Left  Hand

Right Hand


Left Hand

Right Hand

I would like to mention here that we cannot predict accurately death from Palm Lines and it is also not ethical to do so. However, we can guess and alert the subject accordingly.

The above images are of three different persons who were born after their father’s death.

Now these images are not clear but if you look very carefully then you will find their Life Line from starting is either forked or is having island on it and also their Fate Line starts from Mount of Ketu/Mount of Moon and also their fate line is either forked or having island on starting.

If fate line starts from Mount of Ketu/Moon then it generally indicates troublesome childhood.

If Fate Line is either forked or having island on it at starting and also there is an island or fork on the Life Line at starting then we can guess that the subject could have lost one of his parents or some mystery involved with his birth or got adopted at birth.

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Nitin Kumar

Sign Of Palmists and Astrologers’ Hand Palmistry

These signs are mostly found on Palmists, Tantriks, Vaids, Sprititual Leaders, Healers and Astrologers’ hands or those people who are interested in these subjects.

  • Yav (Island on thumb) (1)
  • Long Mars Line (2)
  • Jupiter Ring (3)
  • Mystic cross (7).
  • Triangle on Mount of Saturn (6)
  • Secondary Fate Line (8) raised from Life Line with Main Fate Line (5) from Mount of Moon.
  • Intuition Line (4) 
  • Triangle created by Health Line , Head Line and Life Line (9)

The Line Of Intuition Palmistry

Intuition Line - Indian Palmistry

Line Of Intuition On Palm

The line of intuition rises on the mount of Luna near the percussion, proceeds up wards with a slight curve like dip inside the palm and ends on or near the mount of mercury. It is sometimes found marked only on the mount of moon with the same type of formation. The line of Intuition is a kind of mercury line impregnated by imagination and mind's eye of the mount of Luna, and shrewdness and clairvoyance of the mount of mercury.

The subject with the line of intuition perceives impression which he can not account for and and forms opinions. There is marked sensitiveness and presentiments for perceiving the hidden psyche of the people with in on's vicinity. the subject can sense from his so called sixth sense whether the person present before him is showing his real character of is hiding his dishonesty and crookedness. The line of Intuition is usually found in the hands of spirit mediums, who read minds of their attendants accurately through their sixth sense or intuition. This faculty gets more pronounced if the fingers be long with pointed or conic tips the mount of Luna be predominant, the tip of the thumb be pointed the head line be sloping the line of intuition be well marked. this subject would be called a psychic. He interprets the signs and omens accurately, has visions dreams and precise perception of the impending dangers or auspicious happening and is the one who is supposed to cast his mark in occult studies.

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Money Line In Female Hand

Check Money Line And Signs On Your Hand

1.  If your sun line is very good and your fate line is also very good then there are strong chances that you will get very good name and fame in your society and also known as rich person.  If there is an influence line (from mount of moon) joined your good fate line then it indicates good financial success after marriage or financial status change after marriage (marriage in rich family or with rich person).  

2. If your sun line originates from fateline then it indicates lots of money.  Subject is wealthy and famous person.

3. If there is a trident on sun line then it indicates satisfactory life, good success in business and successful career.

4.  Cross at the bottom of hand (above bracelet lines) denotes inheritance of money.

5.  If all major lines are good and there is no worry and obstacles lines present on hand then subject is wealthy.

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Palmistry Marriage Lines Female Hand

Check Your Marriage Lines (Bad Marriage Or Good Marriage)

Palmistry marriage/relationship lines on hand:- Small horizontal lines underneath little finger known as marriage line.

Check Your Marriage Lines (Bad Marriage Or Good Marriage)

1.  If your marriage line is long and straight then it indicates good marriage.
2.  If your marriage line is short then it indicates bad marriage.
3.  If your marriage line is bent downward then it indicates bad marriage due to quarrelsome partner.
4.  If your marriage line cuts by vertical line then it indicates bad marriage.
5.  If there is any island on your marriage line then it indicates secret behind marriage.
6.  If there is a fork on marriage line then it indicates divorce or separation.
7.  If your marriage line is cut by worry line then it indicates divorce.
8.  If your marriage line cross your heart line then it indicates divorce or loss of husband.
9.  If marriage line move upward then it indicates late marriage or unmarried throughout life.
10. If marriage line cuts sun line then it indicates loss of reputation and money because of marriage or life partner.

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Illicit Relationship Palmistry

There are few indications on Palm :-

If Mount of Venus is overdeveloped and net (criss-cross mark) on it and also Heart Line is chained in both hands then there are always chances of extramarital affair.

If two fate line starts from Mount Of Moon and run parallel to each other, it indicates that a person will follow two careers simultaneously or illicit relationship (unhappy married life, not interest in wife/husband, affair/relationship outside of marriage).

If relationship line (marriage line) is forked then there are always chances of difference of opinion or separation and also indicates illicit relationship.

If there is a small vertical bar line on quadrangle (above head line) parallel to the main fate line then always chances of new relationship or second relationship or second income source.

If there is a Bindu (mole/black spot) is present on Mount of Venus then there are always chances of hidden relationship and diseases of reproductive organs.

If branch of marriage line runs parallel to heart line and meet with Girdle of Venus or cuts Sun Line then there are always chances of divorce, illicit relationship, defamation through opp. sex.

If another line runs almost parallel to the marriage line in both hands there are always chances of an extra-marital affair. 

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