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Dreams Meaning And Their Good And Bad Effects - Dream Interpretations

Dreams Meaning And Their Good And Bad Effects - Dream Interpretations

Why do dreams come?  Is there any dream dictionary?

Dreams come to every person and most of us are curious about dream interpretation, dream meanings but the question is whether they are true or not? Yes! dreams also come true.  Not all dreams are true, but the dreams seen right before waking up in the morning only come true.  Being true does not mean that it will happen exactly in reality with you.  In your dream if you see yourself in any other city, eg. you are living in Stockholm, Sweden and in your dream in the morning you see you are in the city of Edmonton, Canada then it may be that you have to go to another city within a few days.

No solid evidence based answer to this question has been found till date.  It is often believed that sleep can be a reason for getting dreams.  Science believes that sleep is related to those changes in our brain, which helps in relaxing muscles as well as increasing learning and memory.  In this state of sleep, neurons (brain cells) become active again.  Scientists have divided sleep into two parts.  The first part is the REM, i.e., Rapid Eye Movement (in which most of the dreams come).  In this the body is loosened but the eyes revolve rapidly and the brain is more dynamic than the waking state.  The period of this REM is 10 to 20 minutes and every person takes 4-6 times the REM sleep during one night.  This condition comes approximately 1-1/2 hours i.e., 90 minutes after sleeping.  If calculated on this basis then the last period of night is the time of the REM (if the person normally sleeps at 10 o'clock in the night), the probability of arrival of dreams increases.

Meaning of Midnight Summer Dream

If you see a dream in the first phase of the night, you are likely to get auspicious or inauspicious result of that dream within one year.

In the second phase of the night if you see a dream then within eight months you can get good or bad results of it.

If you see a dream in the third phase of the night, then in three months you will get the good or bad results of it.

The time of getting results of the dream seen in the fourth phase of the night one month.  And the dream which is seen in the early morning before waking, you get its result soon.

Result of dream seen after beginning of the day are found within half-a-month. There are many kinds of dreams in life, and dreams are seen on different topics.

It is impossible to cover all those topics, but most efforts are being made to give the results of the dream on most topics.  It is tried to tell them in alphabetic order.

Dreams are very attractive and mysterious to humans.  Whereas bad nightmares scare them the happy, pleasant and good dreams make them very happy.

In the web of dreams seen in the sleepy state at night, the whole day the person experiences a strange happiness.  A strange energy keeps flowing inside him.  Human nature is such that they want to know the results of bad dreams and are also curious to know the results of good dreams too.

Dreaming is an essential requirement of human life.  Lack of dreams might mean that the person can a deficiency of protein or may be having some Personality Disorder.

Some most common dreams

What is the meaning of your dream in English?

Snake dream is the most common in human beings.  In USA, UK almost every person sees snake in dream once in life time.

----- Snake- Seeing a frenzied snake in dream in the USA tradition means the horoscope is getting woken up and moving snakes are seen due to struggle between internal motivation and external alert approach.

----- Bird-bird is a symbol of freedom from spirit and sexual desires.  
The condition of the soul is estimated from the position the bird is seen in the dream.

----- Flying - this is indicating self-confidence, freedom and beatification.  Modern
Ideology sees it as a symbol of extraordinary ability.

Now I will post meanings of all dreams alphabetically A-Z

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