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Happy Marriage ! How To Get Married With Right Person

How To Meet & Marry The Right Person

You need to check few points about the person before going to start relationship with him/her-

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  • Are You Ready for Marriage?
  • The Right Person What Kind of Person Are You?
  • Setting Your Objectives Expectations Important Traits to Look for in a Spouse The Right Person Is Not a Fixer Upper Settling?
  • Getting Back out There Marriage-the Stuff You Don't Sce Where to Look?
  • Online Romance? 
  • What About a Prenuptial Agreement? 
  • How Will I Know If a Person Is the Right One? 
  • Will I Have to Do Anything to Be More Compatible?
  • Will Marriage Disrupt My Life?
  • Backgrounds?
  • Do Opposites Attract?
  • Children?
  • But What If He/She. Already Has Kids?
  • Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing the Right Person 
  • The Past
  • Potential In-Laws? 
  • Gentlemen, a Few Facts About Your Friends 
  • Ladies, About Your Friends... Are My Party Days Over? 
  • Marrying for Money? 
  • Desperation and Poor Decisions 
  • Debt Living Together? 
  • But What If We Argue? 
  • What If the Right Person's Significantly Younger'Older Than Me? 
  • When to Pop the Question? 
  • Find that person through matrimony
  • Check marriage license and records  
  • Don't Doubt Yourself 
  • Divorce In Conclusion

Name Change After Marriage

You've played the field, you've dated, you've hooked up and you've been there and done that. However, as time passes, you're finding that the single life just isn't what it used to be. You want more out of life. You think that it's time for you to have a serious relationship. One that's for keeps. That's right. You've figured out now is the time to start looking for that special someone to settle down with.

Yes, you're ready to take the plunge. You're ready to find the right person to marry.

Well, it sounds tough, but that's exactly what I'm going to help you do and I'm going to avoid all the mind games and self-defeating mumbo-jumbo that other books regarding this subject give you. I'm not going to give you six keys of Compatibility or a quiz that only tells you what you already know or don't want to believe. I'm also not going to give you a list of questions to ask your prospective spouse to determine how committed they are to the relationship. Other people have done this to death and I don't want to duplicate what you've probably already read somewhere else. This book is not about gimmicks. It is a simple guide with simple advice to help you meet and marry the right person. It's geared for both men and women who are searching for a person with whom to spend their life. It's about compatibility and the things you should be thinking about when you're starting to get serious about someone or are wanting to find someone with whom to get serious.

I've written this book from the standpoint that you are already serious about finding someone special. I'm not trying to convince you of the joys of marriage or the sorrows of being alone. I just want to teach you some skills in finding keeping choosing the right person and also how to avoid some of the pitfalls associated with marriage. Whether or not you're actually in a relationship is irrelevant for the purpose of this book. What I'm trying to help you do is to get your mind straight about getting serious and to find the right person to be with. Maybe you're already dating the right person or maybe you've yet to meet him her. Regardless, I want to help you know whether or not you're with the right one.

Before we go any further, let me also state that I'm assuming that you know how to talk to people and ask them on dates. This book is not about this subject. It is about finding and choosing a wife or a husband. If you're looking for tips on how to talk to and pick up women or what constitutes a good date, this is the wrong book for you. However, if you're looking to settle down with the right person, keep reading. Now, let's get started.

You can read this book online at google books.


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