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How To Check Astrologers Prediction Accuracy

Astrology is Business or Science
Most astrologers working today would not be 'predicting' - but rather 'forecasting', in much the same way a meteorologist or economist forecasts.
Astrology is Business or Science

That is, they look at a range of indicators, past history and so on ... and make a reasonable forecast about the probability of certain conditions being met in the future.
Putting this into an astrological context, one example is that around the age of 29, when Saturn returns to the position it was at the time of our birth, there's a strong probability that particular kinds of events will unfold, more than mere 'chance.' Yes, that's anecdotal evidence, and it would be great to find a way to empirically evaluate this.
Plenty of scientists, including meteorologists, make forecasts that don't quite work out how we expected. And their discipline is not dismissed or mocked as a result, even though uncertainty is acceptable and part of their practice.
It seems that some skeptics would like astrology to 'predict' an event, down to the day. And if astrologers can't do this - well, it's 'game over' as far as astrology is concerned. The baby is thrown out with the bath water.
I don't know of any current astrologer who works at 'predicting' along these lines. They forecast. So there is a mismatch between a skeptical view of astrology, and what it actually is, and how it's actually practiced today.
Yes. Astrology is a perfect science and it can predict the future. It can predict all future good or bad occasions, their intensity and period also...sometimes there is problem with astrologer or because of his fault people say astrology is just for entertainment...it's painful.

But you always make a difference by your never say die attitute. More or less. Its like umbrella in rain...
It is impossible to say whether an astrologer will predict your future accurately.  It depends on many factors:
  1. The experience and skill of the astrologer,
  2. The accuracy of the birth date, time and place given to the astrologer,
  3. The techniques that are used by the astrologer, and
  4. The clarity of the question being asked.

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Learn Astrology By Software

Learn Vedic Astrology Software

There are so many android and window astrology softwares available in the market and i have tried some of them but really liked  leostar and parashar light but for professional astrologers I like Future Point's Leo star which is a package of many astrological fields like astrology, matching, varshphal, muhurat , panchang , lalkitab , numerology, kp sysem, horary and panchang. So many famous astrologers in India using it and really like it because of accurate calculations and easy to use facility .  

astrology software

Jagannath Hora lite on vedic astrology is free software which you can download from internet.

Astrology Apps on Google Playstore

You can search on play store for free apps : Astrology app, numerology app, totke app, mantra app etc for android & ios mobile/tablet.

Accuracy Of Astrology Software

Astrology software has nothing to do with prediction . No matter how advanced the modern software and the hardware , it is not possible for it to predict accurately . The combinations and choices available are immensely large almost infinite and are having the background of changing space and time . The very fact that any celestial combination is not repeated in 27000 years , is able to put to rest this question .
Today it has become possible for a computer to compete with chess players . But in chess the available combinations are , though very large , are limited and the farther you can think , the better you are . Furthermore , the rules of the game remain the same . In case of life , which astrology deals with , rules themselves change , bringing in new paradigm .
Astrology softwares are very useful in the arithmetic part to aid an astrologer but not so much useful in the predictions part .
Just by the way , today was reported the first casualty of automatic car. The computer failed to detect the difference in the side of a container truck and the skyline due to high amount of ambient light being present .

There has been a difference in the opinion of the computers and expert astrologers while dealing with the matter of Kundali or the concepts of astrological sciences. The qualities required to understand the scriptures can be earned by a human being only, not a computer. A computer cannot put faith in the Supreme Lord and the Spiritual Master which is required for getting revelations from the scriptures and hence, getting the required result from the analysis of the shastras.
Even though the softwares are able to predict correctly about the charts and Kundali, still because they are mechanical and need to be programmed properly, they are still unable to nicely predict the future.
And even if they are programmed by an expert, there are chances of errors as it will still remain a machine. In machines, there is always a scope of improvement since they don’t speak from experience and realisations. They merely speak from what is programmed.
That’s why, it is always prescribed to choose a human astrologer rather than a machine.

Actually computer software lessens calculations otherwise prediction are to be done by humans so called EXPERTS. It is up to him how he or she interprets kundli. No doubt new latest version are more informative and has good detailing which can make more easy for expert.
Computers also provide you predictions but they are general or common but every kundli is individual and has to be predicted individually.
Software or programs are just for calculations and not for prediction.

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