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Extinct Folk Communicate By Dreams - Right Or False

Dead People Send Messages Us Through Our Dreams - True Or Wrong

Dead Relative-Friend-Brother-Sister-Mother-Father-Person-People Communicate Or Send Messages In Our Dreams 

Dead Relative-Friend-Brother-Sister-Mother-Father-Person-People Communicate Or Send Messages In Our Dreams

Dream or dream ... is a word with which many things are connected. It is a world that we live in sleep, but we feel and remember it many times after waking. It is always complaining of the people that they sometimes come to such dreams that at that time they speak each scene correctly, but after waking, nothing is remembered in the context of that particular dream.

Each scene of this dream revolves around his mind like a blurred shadow. But many times we remember every single thing we dream about. Who came in the dream, who did it, what did we talk to them, and how to change the dream from one scene to another ... we all remember.

Some dreams are very special, which show us good things related to our real life, so we can remember them. But some are very creepy that force us to wake up from fear. Scientists believe that when we insist on our brain throughout the day, watching TV very much and experiencing things which affect our brain, then many things also come up in our dreams.

The scientists named it 'Chemical Imbalance'. But what if our own self comes into our dreams and gives some message? Especially those people who are not with us in the real life ... i.e. those who have died but still talk to us in our dream.

It has been said in various scriptures and beliefs that coming to dream of dead is not a story but a fact. Self science has also accepted this argument of people. But who went away from this world, why does he come to dream?

According to the belief of Hindu religion, which has come into this life, it is definitely a day or so to die. No one remains immortal, every time a person is determined by the time of his departure, the path of his departure is different.

But why do the visiting ones return and that too in our dreams? Normally people believe that when one of us goes away from us, i.e. that he dies, we are very much relieved of it. With this unhappy mind, we keep thinking about how long after his death.

This is probably the reason why they appear in the dream. But it can be very serious, but it is not a common thing to be dreamed of more than once or repeatedly.According to Hindu scriptures, such people might want something or want to talk to you.

It is believed that some people who are victims of death for no reason, whose sudden death takes their desires with them. Such people probably choose their own way to fulfill their desires.

On the basis of some beliefs, it is said that coming of a dead person in the dream can also be an inauspicious sign. Because after the death the person is no longer ours, that is, all his relationship relationships were broken when he left this people.

The soul makes its position in one body from one body to the other with the will of God. As long as he was in a particular body, he was your spouse, but after leaving that body there is no relationship with you. This was explained by Shri Krishna to Arjuna in the Mahabharata era.

According to a legend, when Arjun's son Abhimanyu died during Chakravyuhah, Arjun was moaning loudly to see his dead body. They said to Shri Krishna, "Madhav! Let me meet my son once, I want to hug her.

Listen to Arjun's prayer, Shri Krishna says, "O Parth, the person who received death does not return, yet you are dear to me, so I will definitely help you." By saying this, Sri Krishna took Arjuna's gandhi and said sit on this arrow Which will take you straight to heaven.

There you meet your son and come back to this arrow. Saying this, Shri Krishna started the arrow, when Arjun reached heaven, he saw Abhimanyu Raj sitting on the throne. On seeing him, he ran and called the 'son's son'. But as soon as he wanted to embrace Abhimanyu, Abhimanyu did not allow it.

He came in anger and said, "Son? Who son Excuse me but I do not know you. I was neither a son nor I am, I am an independent soul who has come into the paradise of the people according to karma in death. "

Arjuna returned and mourned the feet of Krishna and extended all the conversations in heaven. Sri Krishna smiled and said, "Partha ... I had already said to you that after death none of the soul is of anybody. Now she is free, she only connects with someone when she reincarnes and enters into a body. "

Now Arjun understood all the details of Krishna, so he freed his temptation from Abhimanyu. It is believed on the basis of this legend that if any of your loved ones comes to any of you even after death, of course it is the soul or the spirit that comes in the dream ... then take this matter seriously.

Having them in your dream again and again shows that they want something from you. They may also harm you. So if you too often see dead loved ones in your dreams then it is very important for you to know how to get rid of these dreams.

According to the scriptures, there is only one way to stop the activity of the deceased loved ones coming again and again. You know why they come. If you solve that reason then they will not come back to your dream.

For the peace of souls in the scriptures, different types of religion and charity have been described. If a person is seen as a dead person or a person in a dream, then he should recite Ramayana or Shrimad Bhagwat in the name of that dead person, as well as poor children should make sweets.

In addition to all these, the name of the deceased should be done with the law. The scriptures believe that the more you donate to the name of that dead person, the more it will be fruitful. But it is also important to know what is to be donated.

It is said that if a dead person comes into your dream and becomes very angry, then it means that he wants something from you. He has a wish that could not be fulfilled before he died. If he speaks that desire directly, then he must complete it by his name.

If there is absolutely no desire to know, then sweet donation should be given in their name. But if they come to your dream and speak directly for some work, then that work should be completed as soon as possible.

But on the contrary if the person who comes in the dream is happy, then it means that his soul is very satisfied. But you should continue to donate from time to time on their names.

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