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How To Predict Future By Palmistry

You can predict future of person by read his/her palm lines - Palmistry

The word palmistry means the art or science of reading one’s nature and fate from the Lines and lineaments of the Hand. Lately, it has been made to combine chirognomy and chiromancy into one homogeneous science. ‘The Lines on the Hand are directly connected with the brain  and the flow of blood in the nerves, as the fluid in the body penetrates the Fingers and, leaving its marks on the signs on hand palm, runs up to the brain. Thus, the Lines are connected with the thoughts, ideas, vibrations of the brain and external influences transmitted through the nerves to the cerebral fibers.

How To Predict Future By Palmistry

In addition to the various independent Lines on the Hand, there are sixteen types of signs most of which are frequently found on Mounts and at other places on the Hand. Such signs are known as Spots or Dots, Stars, Crosses, Islands, Squares, Triangles, Tridents, Grilles, Angles, Circles; in addition, the signs of Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun, Mercury, Mars, the Moon and Venus are also found, but the last nine signs are rarely found and hence have been excluded from the scope of this discussion.

Spots or dots are the temporary arrest of the qualities of any Lines on which they may be found. These signs appear not only at birth but even afterwards during the course of life. It is generally a small, deep indentation in the skin, whose colour is generally found to be red, bluish black or white. The shape is usually round, elongated or irregular.
On Mounts
(i) Jupiter A ruined position, loss of fortune or reputation. (ii) Saturn Certain evil possibilities. (iii) Sun Danger of losing reputation and social standing. (iv) Mercury (a) Failure in business enterprises. (b) A large black spot like a lentilThe movements of a subject’s body are interfered with through illness or accident. (v) MarsA wound in a fight. (vi) Moon A disease of the nervous system from hysteria to raving madness. (vii) Venus (a) A serious disease connected with a love affair. (b) A black spot venereal disease.
On Lines
1 . Life Line : (i) Dots on the Line, for every dot a minor casualty. (ii) A number of dots: Unsatisfactory state of health. (iii) A bluish spot: Typhoid, malaria, etc. (iv) A red dot: A feverish disposition. (v) A black spot: A grave disease or serious illness. (vi) A deep black dot: A dangerous wound. (vii) A spot on Line: Dry skin. A prominent or much rayed Mount of Moon denotes grave nervous trouble. (viii) A very deep black dot at the termination of a broken Line: Sudden death often by assassination (if on both Hands).
2. Head Line: (i) White dots when confirmed by ominous signs on the Head Line denote a Head or eye injury. (ii) A white spot on Line : it indicates discovery or invention. (iii) A white spot or Line under the Mount of Saturn : Success in one’s career. (iv) A white spot or Line under the Mount of the Sun : Literary success. (v) A white spot or Line under the Mount of Mars: Success in literary or scientific undertaking. (vi) A dark spot on the Line with narrow and highly coloured Lines of Life and Liver denotes a tendency to fever. (vii) Pale and white Line of Head with black spots and Life Line f orked at the start indicates very serious brain disease. (viii) A dark spot an the Line generally indicates, with the Mount of Saturn most prominent, toothache; with the Mount of Venus most prominent, deafness; with the Mount of the Sun most prominent, a disease of the eyes, especially with a star at the root of the third Finger. (ix) A bluish spot on the Head Line: When the Line, forms part of a Triangle and the Mount of Mars is prominent, it shows criminal tendencies. (x) The Head Line wavy or discoloured with a bluish spot on a wavy Liver Line shows health trouble due to malarial infection.
3. Heart Line: (i) Dots on Line: Love sorrows, palpitation of heart. (ii) A white dot : Success in love affairs. (iii) A dot under the Mount of Jupiter : A loving disposition. (iv) A deep dot on the Line under the Mount of the Sun : Love sorrows or trouble caused by some celebrated person which is harmful. (v) A deep dot on the Line under the Mount of Mercury : Love sorrows. (vi) A deep dot on the Line with a poor wavy Liver Line : Heart palpitation due to poor digestion. (vii) A long red scar (lengthwise) on the Line Danger of apoplexy. (viii) Black or bluish dots an the Line : Great malarial fever.
4. Sun Line : A deep or black spot at the termination of the Sun and Heart Lines : Imminent danger of blindness.
5. Great Triangle  (i) A red spot within the Triangle: Indicates pregnancy for females. (ii) A white spot: Anaemia or a tendency to fainting fits. (iii) A black spot: Riches.
Note: Where no mention of spots at some places has been made, it has less significance.
The star is a sign of great importance and is quite auspicious except when on the Mounts of Saturn and the Moon. The effects of stars at various places are detailed hereunder. The addition of a single branch or ray to a cross transforms it into a star, although stars of six rays in shape are not in frequent.
On the Mounts
1. Jupiter: (i) On the apex of the Mount confers power  plus position, great honour, gratified ambitions, ultimate success and triumph (ii) On the Mount but with strong Fate, Head and Sun Lines will lead to highest position. No other mark equals this. (iii) When off the Mount and lowest at its base, cutting the base of the first Finger or resting on the side towards the back of the Hand, it denotes contacts with distinguished people but unless the rest of the Hand is good, it does not promise distinction or power to the subject.
2. Saturn: (i) On the apex, a sign of terrible fatality, dreaded distinction; also denotes end of terrible, disastrous life. Plaything or child of fate, a king without a crown. (ii) When off the Mount either at the side or cutting into the
Finger, means contact with persons of distinction through some terrible fate. (iii) A star on double or treble girdle of Venus implies terrible venereal disease or even death.
3. Sun: (i) When the star is found on the apex of the Mount, it denotes brilliancy of position and glory but associated with public life without happiness and wealth. (ii) When on the side of the Mount, indicates contact with rich and healthy people but without gain, (iii) A star with a good Line of the Sun : Great fame due to genius or hard work, often wealth. (iv) A star without a good Line of the Sun: Fame after many risks taken and not generally a desirable character; wealth comes too late to ensure happiness. (v) A star with a fine Line of the Sun and several parallel Lines on the Mount means great wealth and generally fame or at least a high social standing. These Lines are called lines of reputation. (vi) Connected or formed by the Lines of the Sun and the Mount of the Sun when not too high denote great fame but through talent and work.
4. Mercury: (i) When on the apex of the Mount denotes normal success in commerce, business, science, etc. (ii) When by the side of the Mount denotes association with distinguished people in life.
5. Mars : (A) Upper (i) On the apex denotes patience, resignation and fortitude; the greatest honour will be gained. (ii) With normal Mount, there is danger of assassination. (iii) With an exaggerated Mount, points to homicide committed through jealousy or grave danger. (B) Lower (i) On the apex implies great distinction; celebrity will be attained from marital life, bringing renown to the rest of the subject’s career.
6. Moon: (i) On the apex denotes drowning or death by gas, inordinate use of drugs, etc. (ii) On the lower part implies dropsy, water disease on body and the Lines of Heart and Life are chained and yellow. (iii) On the Line of Voyage shows danger of shipwreck. (iv) A star with a drooping Head Line on a very prominent Mount and a bad Mount of Saturn points to suicide by drowning (if found on both Hands and with  other indications). (v) A star connected by a Line of Influence with the Mount of Venus or the Line of Life indicates hysteria or insanity, often of an erotic character. (vi) When the Line of Head ends in a star on the Mount, it means the imaginative faculties will be ruined, resulting  in insanity.
7. Venus (i) When the star is in the centre of the apex, it shows successful and favourable relations in affections and passion. Extraorclinar success in all love affairs. No jealous,,,. (ii) When on the side, success in the arena of love, contacts with distinguished persons. (iii) When near the second phalange of the Thumb: Marriage or liaison that will be the subject’s whole life. (iv) On the centre also, denotes death of a relative or close friend. (v) At the base of the Mount, misfortune due to the  opposite sex. (vi) At the Lase of the Mount towards the Rascette with a sloping Line of Head: Disease, (vii) On the Mount touching the Line of Life: Trouble for a loved one or family member.
On Lines
1  Life Line : (i) The presence of a star on the Life Line shows a fatal accident at the age denoted on the Line. (ii) Three close stars on the Line show that the subject is much loved by the opposite sex but it ends in disaster. 1
2. Liver Line: (i) A star close to the Liver Line but inside the triangle points to blindness.
(ii) A star on the Liver Line means childlessness, sterility, and troubles connected with child bearing (for women only). (iii) On the junction of the Head and Liver Lines could mean danger in
child bearing or sterility.
3. Line of Head: (i) A star on the Line implies a wound on the Head. If it is on both Hands, there may be a fatal wound. (ii) A star at the end of a sloping Line on the Mount of the Moon points to death by drowning or often suicide by drowning in a sudden fit of insanity. (iii) Sloping almost or close to the Rascette and terminating in a star may mean a brilliant fortune. (iv) A star on the Line rising from the lower part of the Mount of Venus or from the Line of Life and terminating on the Mount of the Moon and a dark spot on the Head Line all point towards delirium tremens or drunkenness at its worst; also dangerous kidney trouble. (v) A black spot an the Head Line connected by a Line of Influence with
a star on the Mount of Venus points to cruel  sorrow (sometimes insanity) due to the death of a loved one. (vi) A star on the short Line at the Mount of Jupiter terminating at the Head Line denotes fatal pride, especially if it is connected with the Line of fate. (vii) A branch of the Line from the Head Line ascending to the root of the f irst Finger and ending in a star is an indication of successful ambitions.
5. Line of Heart: A star at the end of a branch of the Line going down into the Mount of the Moon shows hereditary madness of the erotic form.
6. Line of Intuition : Riches after great trouble and enjoyment of exaggerated influence of love of the opposite sex.
7. Line of Fate: (i) A star or s tars on the Line point to danger or disaster on the dates marked.
(ii) At the  starting point of the Line means toes of fortune or great trouble to parents in childhood. (iii) A star an the termination of the Line an the Mount of Saturn points to misfortune. (iv) A star on the termination of the Fate and Life Lines (separately) implies paralysis. (v) A star on the start of the Line and another at the Mount of Venus may mean that one of the parents should have died by that time. (vi) A, star at the termination of the Line and another  at the termination of the Life Line imply paralysis generally followed by paresis  (vii) A star at the  termination of the Line and another at the Mount of the Moon show a tendency to suicide.
8. Line of the Sun: (i) At the termination under the Mount of the Sun can imply success due to  the assistance and goodwill of others. (ii) On the Line within the Quadrangle points to catasirophe. great calamity or distress.
9. Girdle of Venus: A star on a single, double  ble or treble girdle denotes general venereal disease leading to death.
10. Quadrangle: (i) In the Quadrangle under the Mount of Saturn shows a brilliant career. (ii) Under the Mount of the Sun points to great fame, in art and literature.  (iii) Under the Mount of Mercury means great reputation as a scientist, businessman or engraver.
11. Triangle: (i) A star in the centre means riches and success in general after a great struggle. (ii) When on both Hands, in the centre of the Triangle implies violent death. (iii) Near the Liver Line and inside the Triangle means blindness. (iv) A badly formed solitary star points to troubles in love, resulting f rom an act of violence. (v) In the Triangle, at the end of the Line from the Mount of  Venus: Great sorrow.
(vi) Stars on both sides of the Line as in (v) above: Sorrow due to the death of a relation  or close f riend.
Thumb and Fingers
Thumb: (i) A star on the first phalange with an exaggerate Mount of Venus or a much Lined
Mount means immorality. (ii) two stars near the nails: Captiousness of a fault finding nature or a critical attitude.
Fingers : (A) First Finger First  Phalange  : M ost  f ortunate event in life. Second Phalange: (i) A star with a straight downward Line from the first phalange  Chastity. (ii) A star with curved Lines: immorality. Third Phalange: Immodesty. (B) Second Finger First Phalange : Most extraordin a ry f or good or evil. (i) If on both Hands : Danger of assassination. (ii) A Istar with a triangle on the Mount of Saturn : Depravity. (iii) Two stars on the first and second phalanges : Death on the scaffold. Second Phalange. (i) Catastrophe. (ii) Good Hand
Possible murder victim. Third Phalange : Eloquence, wit. (C) Third Finger First Phalange: Genius, if not insane. Second Phalange: Good talent. Third Phalange: Extravagant love of praise. (D) Fourth Finger First Phalange: Success as speaker but not financially Second Phalange : Notoriety obtained from worst features of the Mount of Mercury. Third Phalange Eloquence, wit.
A cross either of the Latin form or the Greek St. Andrew’s) shape is not a favourable sign except on the Mount of Jupiter. It indicates  troubles, disappointments, danger and sometimes a  change in position or life but one %brought about by trouble, as detailed below.
On Mounts
1. Jupiter: (i) When on the apex of the Mount, denotes that great affection will come to life, specially when the Line of Fate rises from the Mount of the Moon. (ii) When the cross is on it he side of the Mount and close to the commencement of the Line of Life, such affection will exert influence in the early part of life, (iii) When on the summit of the Mount, ambitions will be f fully  Satisfied and there will be a sudden rise in middle life and, when drawn at the base, late in life, respectively.
2. Saturn: (i) When touching the Line of Fata on the Mount: Danger of violent death by accident. (ii) When in the centre of the Mount, it increases evils, the fatalistic tendencies of life and childlessness.
3. Sun: terrible  sign of disappointments in the pursuit of fame, art or riches. Artistic blunders may mar success. III balanced intellectuals.
4. Mercury: Dishonest nature, inclined to, duplicity in a bad Hand, but in a good Hand denotes diplomacy in business and sociak circles, pleasant to all, talent for mimicry.
5. Moon: (i) Under the Head Line, means fatel influence of imagination, a deceiving nature. (ii) When on the apex of the Mount, means intestinal trouble. (iii) On the Mount denotes disappointments on journey. (iv) At the bottom indicates gout or rheumatism, bladder, kidney, or womb trouble.
6. Venus: (1) When the Mount is heavily, marked with Lines, the cross denotes some, great trial or fatal influence of affection. (ii) When small or close to the Life Line, indicates troubles and quarrels with near relations and loved ones. (iii) When quite large shows only love. (iv) With a similar cross on the Mount of Jupiter as well as on the Mount of Venus, implies a happy love affair.
7. Upper Mars: (i) With an exaggerate Mount denotes violence and even death from quarrels. (ii) With a fully developed Mount points to danger of bodily harm.
8. Lower Mars  Dangerous opposition by enemies.
On Lines
1 Head Line: (i) Touching and above Head Line Some accident to the Head. (ii) Under the Mount of Jupiter, accident, a dogmatic and tyrannical nature. (iii) Under the Mount of Saturn, injuries to Head from accident of a treacherous nature. (iv) Under the Mount of the Sun, accident to Head from a sudden fall. (v) Under the Mount of Mercury, injury to Head due to accident by hazardous business ventures and scientific experiments. (vi) Cross on the Head Line at the intersection of the Fate and Heart Lines, pecuniary trouble due to love affairs. (vii) Line of Head separated from Life Line but connected with a cross denotes serious domestic trouble or family law suit ruining his position.
2. Life Line : (i) A cross on the Mount of Venus touching the Line of Life, troubles from some members of the family or some intimate friend. (ii) A cross at the starting of the Line, accident in early life. (iii) Two crosses at the beginning of the Line in a woman show seriousness and immorality. (iv) A series of crosses on one Hand only means amiability and talent. (v) A series of crosses on both Hands means versatifity, never of much real use to the subject and poor in old age. (vi) Across towards the end of the Line, unmerited reverses in old age and illhealth. (vii) Across cut by a downward branch means infirmity f rom which there is no recovery
3. Fate Line : (i) A cross at the break of Line : A most critical change in the subject’s existence. (ii) Without break of the Line: A serious or disastrous change, particularly if found in the centre of the Line. (iii) A cross between Fate and Life Lines but near the Fate Line shows an event affecting the subject’s comfort.
4. Sun Line: (i) Touching the Line towards the Mount of Mercury : Poor business capacity or success in artistic effort. (ii) Touching the Line towards the Mount of Saturn : Pious disposition, subject to other indications. (iii) One or two crosses touching the Line, if the Mounts of Saturn and the Moon are bad and the Head Line slopes deeply on the Mount, it denotes danger of insanity of a religious kind.
5. Heart Line : (i) Joined to the Lines of Life and Head at the start and a cross in the middle of Head Line: Sudden death. (ii) Over the Line of Heart: Death of some loved one.
6. Line of Liver: Crosses near the Line of Liver and not on it denote a serious change in the subject’s life
7. Quadrangle: The most important position of a cross in a Quadrangle should be studied carefully, taking into account the correct position of the cross with respect to Lines, Mounts, etc. (i) Across in a Quadrangle touching the Heart Line shows the influence of the opposite sex. (ii) If it does not touch either the Head or Heart Line, it implies f avourable circumstances. (iii) Touching the Line of Head denotes that the subject will influence other persons in matters of love and friendship.
The influence will be good, if the dross does not extend to the Line either of Fate or of the Sun. (iv) Andrew’s Cross: (a) Under the  Mount of Saturn not touching any Line and clear Line of Intuition denotes an aptitude for occult science. (b) Under the Mount of Saturn touching the Line of Fate poi nts to fortunate life on account of religion. (c) A poorly formed cross under the Mount of Saturn, if found an both Hands, means fortunate signs. (d) Across in a Quadrangle under the Mount of Jupiter points to extravagant ambitions. (e) A cross under the Mount of the Sun shows excess of vanity and avarice. (f) A cross in a Quadrangle under the Mount of Mercury shows deceiving and thieving sex. (g) A cross in a Quadrangle under the Upper Mount of Mars points to a fearfully violent temper. (h) A cross in a Quadrangle under the Lower Mount of Mars shows cowardice.
8. Triangle : (i) The centre of the Triangle implies trouble from others brough, about by the subject due to his quarrelsome nature. (ii) If in the Triangle of both Hands and with other markings, patronises murder. (iii) If there are many crosses in the Triangle, it means continued bad luck. (iv) If at the upper angle of the Triangle points to a criminal nature, law suits, scandal, serious change in life, etc. (v) If at the upper angle and the cross touches no line, it means a lost suit. (vi) In the  centre of the Triangle under the Mount of Saturn with long Fingers and first knot strongly marked denotes scepticism. (vii) An irregular cross in the centre of the Triangle with cross Lines on Saturn means a series of serious misfortunes.
This is a most dreaded and unfortunate sign. It relates only to the Line of the portion of the Hand on which it is found. It is interesting to note that frequently it relates to hereditary evils. The presence of an island on any Mount weakens its qualities. It is found also many times on the Mount of Venus and on the Marriage Line.
On Mounts
1. Jupiter : Ambitions and career ruined by the mad actions of relatives or close friends. Generally, weakens pride and ambition.
2. Saturn : Brings misfortune to the subject,
3. Sun: Weakens talent for art.
4. Mercury: Makes a person too changeable to succeed, particularly in anything in regard ter, business and service.
5. Mars: Implies a weak spirit and cowardice.
6. Venus.: (i) Cross wise island means advantageous marriage chance missed. (ii) Found in any other position points to a person easily led and influenced by the sport of fancy and passion. (iii) A Line on the Mount of Venus running into the island denotes disgrace and trouble from indulgence in passion. (iv) An island on the Line from the Mount of Venus cutting the Line of Union indicates divorce pronounced against the subject, who has some guilty love affairs.
7. Moon: Weakens the power of imagination. On Lines
1. (i) At the beginning of the Line means hereditary illness. (ii) On the Line, grave illness, brain trouble or smallpox. (iii) On the Line and wavy Liver Line; biliousness or indigestion. (iv) On the Line with a star on the Head Line, serious illness. (v) On the Line and a star on the Mount of Saturn means lower limbs are likely to be affected. (vi) An island on the Line and a star at the junction of the Head and Liver Lines denote sterility and difficulty in child bearing (in case ,of women).
2. Line of Mars: An island at the start shows a tendency to somnambulism.
3. Line of Head: (i) At the start means inherited brain trouble of the respiratory organ. (ii) On the Line means chronic neuralgia. (iii) An island on Line under the Mount of Sat urn implies head  injury through accident or serious deafness. (iv) Throughout the islands on the Line points to brain trouble resulting from overwork. (v) Large island at the termination may mean severe in testinal trouble.
4. Line of Heart: (i) When the Line is marked heavily with islands. it indicates a heart disease. (ii) An island on the Mount of Venus to the Heart Line implies guilty love affairs f raught with most serious consequences. (iii) A Line to the Line of  Heart terminating in a fork with an island on the ‘Line of Fate shows guilty intrigue resulting in scandal and divorce. (iv) Islands on the Line mean one  guilty intrigue f or every Line. (v) An island on  the Line under the Mount of Saturn indicates a love af fair which interferes very seriously with  the subject’s prospects. (vi) An Island on the Heart and Fate Lines implies guilty love that will stop at nothing. (vii) An island an the Line under  the Mount of the Sun may bring on serious eye  trouble, Weakness of heart, etc.
5. Line of Fate : (i) On the Line denotes loss,  trapping of subject in scandal and being  cheated. In the case of a women, illicit relations with a man. (ii) At close of Line, terrible sign of loss 43nd misfortune in old age. (iii) Two islands giving the figure of 8 at the starting point of Line may mean the gift of second sight or somnambulism. (iv) An island on the Line with a star ,on the Mount of Jupiter points to a guilty love affair in a much higher position then the subject. (v) An island on a Line with a star on the Mount of the Sun means the paramour will be an artist or literary man. (vi) An island on the Line with a star on the Mount of Mercury means the paramour will either be a businessman, medicalman or scientist. (vii) An island across the Line between the Mount of Venus and the Line of Heart and the island ending in a fork denotes divorce due to the subject having gone astray with other women.
6. Line of the Sun: (i) An island at the starting point of the Line denotes success ‘helped by guilty love. (ii) On the Line denotes loss of position due to some scandal.
7. Line of Health: (i) On the Line means a serious illness. (ii) When on the upper portion of the Line, it denotes delicacy of throat and chest or throat and bronchial troubles. (iii) At a lower portion of the Mount of the Moon means bladder and kidney troubles.
8. Marriage Line and Other Places: A Line forming an island on the Mount of Venus and crossing the Marriage Line denotes misfortune and disgrace to the marriage. (ii) If the above Line stops at the Heart Line, it means disgrace and trouble from loved ones. (iii) When the above Line cuts across the Health Line, it means disgrace due to mental power and ability. (iv) When the Line bars the Fate Line, it denotes a bad influence upon the position, finance and general fate of the subject.
The square is an interesting sign and is usually called the mark of preservation’. Basically, it shows escape from danger at that particular moment when it appears. When the square is found on the Mounts, it denotes protection from any excess arising through the qualities of the Mount.
On Mounts
1  Jupiter: Sober sense guiding one’s ambitions. Preservation from social failures, capacity to command. Protection against intoxication of success and ambitions.
2. Saturn: (i) On the apex of the Mount
Protects subject from fatality that shadows his life. (ii) A square on the Mount and a star within a squqre mean escape from assassination. (iii) A square with red dots on the corner implies preservation of life from fire. (iv) Under the Mount close to the Fate Line means lucky escape from accident.
3. Sun : Business ability protecting the artist from being exploited. Also protection against intoxication due to good financial success and desire for fame,
4. Mercury: Protection from heavy financial loss and from a restless and mercurial temperament.
5. Mars: A violent temper held in check ‘by reason. If the Mount is below normal, then it implies protection against bodily harm.
6. Moon: Protection against bad markings on the Mount such as power of imagination, travel, disappointments, bladder and kidney troubles, water disease and dropsy.
7. Venus: When on the lower part of the Mount and close to the Life Line but not touch
Ing it, protects from imprisonment or cloistered life. (ii) When in the centre, of the Mount, the subject will fall into all kinds of danger through passions but will manage to escape. (iii) When on the Mount inside the Life Line, indicates  preservation from trouble brought on by passions but the subject will manage to escape.
On Lines
1 Life Line : (i) When it passes through a square, it denotes protection from death even if this Line be broken at that point. (ii) If the Line is overlapping, it denotes recovery from severe i I Iness. (i i i) A square on or near the Line denotes a sign of preservation from grave illness or trouble or rapid recuperation. (iv) St. Andrew’s Cross within a square on a Line means great danger will be visited, but its consequences will not be harmful. (v) Life Line broken in a square means recovery from a great illness. (vi) When a square is outside the Line and touches it from the plain of Mars, it denotes imprisonment or seclusion from the world.
2. Head Line: (i) Running through a square means the intelligence of the subject will save him from the worst consequences of a grave accident or misfortune. (ii) When running above the Line of Head under the Mount of Saturn, it denotes preservation from some danger to the head. (iii) If the Head Line has this mark, enclosing any portion of it, it denotes that the danger to brain would be averted.
3. Heart Line: A square on or close to the Line indicates. some preservation from physical harm or sorrow caused by disappointment in love. (ii) When the Line runs through a square, it denotes some heart trouble brought on by affection. (iii) When in the above case, the square is under the Mount of Saturn, it denotes some fatality to a person of the subject’s affection.
4. Fate Line: (i) If the presence of a square around breaks into the Line of Fate, it saves him from financial loss or disaster or loss of position and failure. (ii) When a square is found close to the Line and under the Mount of Saturn, it indicates a lucky escape from some accident. (iii) When a square in the above case touches the Line, it denotes preservation from accident. (iv) When the Line runs through a square, it means that one of the greatest financial disasters will be averted. (v) If the square touches the Line within the great Triangle towards the Mount of Venus, it denotes danger from accident in home life. (vi) If the square touches the Line but on the side towards the Mount of the Moon, it denotes danger of accident during travel. (vii) A square on the Mount of Saturn and a Line running through it up to the third phalange of the second Finger means protection against a disastrous possibility.
5. Sun Line: If found on the Line, it implies preservation or rescue from attack against the subject’s reputation and against money losses.
Quadrangle: (i) A square in a quadrangle normally shaped shows an extremely quick temper but a kind heart. (ii) If it touches the main Line, protection against imperfection of that Line is indicated.
In Triangle: A square not touching the main Line gives a warning of a most serious danger.
The Triangle is a curious sign and is often found clear and distinct on the different parts of the Hand. It should be noted that a Triangle formed by chance by the crossing of the Lines should not be interpreted as a Triangle. A separately formed Triangle without any Line for a side is the proper sign.
On Mounts
1. Jupiter: Suggests diplomatic cleverness, a subtle disposition.
2.  Saturn : Points to interest in occular science.
3. Sun: Shows science assisting art to success.
4. Mercury: Indicates a politician’s shrewdness.
5. Mars: Implies excellence in military type tactics.
6.  Venus: Points to calculated love.
7.  Moon : Shows wisdom.
On Lines
1. Life Line: (i) Naar the termination of the Life Line shows loquacity and falsehood. But with good Lines of the Head and Heart shows tact and eloquence. (ii) Near the termination and a short and pale Line of Heart : harmful. End of Life Line if short, but Head and Heart Lines long not harmful.
2. Head Line : (i) A Triangle on the Ling under the Mount of Mercury shows success in scientific researches.
3. Rascette: A Triangle with a cross inside denotes a large fortune by inheritance.
4. Quadrangle : Shows aptitude for study of deepest science.
5. Triangle: A Triangle between Lines of Life and Fate means military renown
The trident commonly known as trishul is rarely found on Mounts, while on the Lines it is considered a fortunate sign. (i) When it is found on the Mount of Jupiter, it foretells success in ambitions, pursuits and attainment of aspirations, Conveyances, property, etc. (ii) When it is on the Mount of the Sun, it indicates power through the Sun and fame in public life or literature. (iii) When the trident is formed by the Line of Fate passing through the point of bifurcation of the Line of the Heart, one fork of which runs to the Mount of Jupiter and the other fork runs between the first and the second Fingers, it denotes great good fortune. Such p rson is highly sexed and has personal magnetism shown by the forked Heart Line. But his love is idealistic and an element of romance is connected with it.
The three human emotions of sex, love and romance, when under a vigorous and marked personality denoted by the Line of Fate passing through the point of the fork to the Mount of Saturn, raise a person to great heights of achievement. In the character of such persons, elements of constructive and creative imagination are found. There is balance and poise in their nature, and the result is that such persons are geniuses in the field of activity denoted by the Hands.
A grille is a combination of Lines in a crisscross manner, often found on Mounts, Thumbs and Fingers. This sign is of a very uncommon occurrence. Grilles destroy the efficiency of the Mounts and are the equivalents of exaggerate Mounts or, in other words, the grille’s qualities are turned into defects and even vices. Desbarrolles says that grilles chain down the virtues of the Mounts and allow the evil instincts to take and maintain the upper hand.
On Mounts
1. Jupiter: Domineering spirit, exaggerated vanity, loose morals, egotism.
2. Saturn: Lack of luck in life, especially in old) age. Often imprisonment, misfortune.
3. Sun: An almost insane vanity, folly, desire for fame.
4. Mercury: Prognostic of violent death during, or on account of some  swindling enterprise on. the part of the subject, an unprincipled man.
5. Mars: Haemorrhage, great danger of violent d eath. With an exaggerate Mount, denotes. a decided murderous instinct.
6. Moon: (i) Many confused and crossed Lines with a sloping, starred or chained Line of Head denote a tendency to insanity. (ii) Many confused and crossed Lines with a chained or islanded Line of Heart mean inconsistency in love affairs, often downright immorality. (iii) A series of crossed or confused Lines at the upper part of the Mountmean chronic diarrhoea. If very heavy, denote intestinal trouble of gravest nature. (iv) Many confused and cross Lines at the bottom of the Mount denote bladder trouble or disease of kidney. (v) A smalt grille shows melancholia, nervous trouble, troubles of womb (vi) A grille with a star on, the Mount of Saturn means danger of partial apoplexy or paralysis. (vii) A grille with a fine Line of the Sun denotes poetical imagination, often found on literary women’s Hands.
7. Venus: (i) A bunch of Lines much crossed
A passionate disposition. (ii) A grille on a bad hard palm shows lasciviousness and unhealthy curiosity. (iii) The Mount grilled all over: Caprice in passion.
On Thumb
A grille near the nail (with other confirmatory signs) means a husband or wife in so danger of death by the said wife or husband.
On Fingers
First Finger: (I) On the first phalange means prison, convent life, the characteristic of persecuting fanatics. (ii) On the second phalange indicates perfidious instincts, notoriety. (iii) On the third phalange means a thoroughly corrupt nature, often prison.
Second Finger: (I) Second phalange forebodes ill luck. (ii) phalange : Insanity peculiar to misers.
Third Finger: (I) First phalange: Insanity of the worst type. (ii) Second phalange: Most envious disposition. (iii) Third phalange : Poverty, envy, deserved humiliation of all kinds.
Fourth Finger : (i) First phalange : Stuttering black magic, thieving instincts, all the worst  features of the Mount of Mercury. (ii) Second phalange: Prison, also silliness in the conduct of one’s affairs. (iii) Third phalange : Implies stupidity, thievery.

How To Check Blood Pressure Through Hand Lines Palmistry


a) Confused lines are seen on a developed Mount of Saturn.

b) A cross line on the Mount of Mars cuts across the Life line.

c) A series of small islands at the end of the Heart line (low blood pressure).

d) If there is one large island at the end of the same line (heart line) it is the sign of high blood pressure.

e) White spots on the nails with elongated island at the end of heart line. 

Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure - Feel Better Fast

How To Control Your Low Blood Pressure

Most people are afraid of having high blood pressure as it can lead to more serious heart problems. However, having low blood pressure is not good for your body either. You might experience dizziness, weakness and increased fatigue. It is also possible for prolonged hypotension to have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system and on other organs in the body. Thankfully, you can increase your blood pressure to the optimal level naturally using different home remedies and techniques.

Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure - Feel Better Fast

Sodium and potassium aid for the regulation of blood pressure naturally. It is true that people with hypertension are advised to lower their consumption of sodium to the very minimum. However, its slightly higher concentration can help sufferers from low blood pressure to feel better. You do not have to increase your consumption of salt, but you might want to take a salty cracker when you feel that your blood pressure is falling. Increasing the level of potassium in your body is also easy and totally safe. You can readily have more soy, tofu, apricots and figs that are all rich in this mineral.

Dark chocolate can also increase your blood pressure to the optimal level naturally. The coca powder has an excellent energizing effect on the body. It stimulates brain activity which is also beneficial for the reduction of fatigue. In addition, its antioxidants aid the functioning of all organs in the body, including the heart. Dark chocolate contains very small amounts of sugar that can only be beneficial for your improvement.

Red wine is another effective home remedy for low blood pressure. It should be consumed responsibly to produce the best results. Adults should have no more than half a glass to a glass every evening. When you feel that your blood pressure is falling, just two or three sips should do the trick. It is worth highlighting that the full range of benefits from red wine can be derived only if it is used as a remedy for medicinal purposes. You might want to have it in combination with dark chocolate for best results.   

There are plenty of techniques that you can try to raise your blood pressure naturally. Alternating hot and cold showers work effectively. Regular exercising, preferably on a daily basis, will also help you with low blood pressure. Getting a slightly longer night sleep between 9 to 10 hours can also help you feel better. These are not direct remedies that you can use, but these techniques will definitely help you. 

Nitin Kumar Palmist

Palmistry Children Lines - Signs Of Infertility & Impotency

Palm Reading Children Gender 

When a baby is born, it will already have some lines on its tiny hands, including those that reveal the children it may have when it grows up. It is sometimes possible to predict with remarkable accuracy whether or not you will have children, how many you will have and even their sex from the lines on the palm.

Palm Reading Children Pregnancy 

There are certain lines on the hand that are concerned with children. It is important to bear in mind, however, that what is revealed may not always correspond with actual offspring. Α соuple may share a love of their pets, for example. When two people are deeply involved with each other emotionally, they may have ideas that they both care about passionately. The fruits of their combined interests can manifest on the hands as Lines of Children.

Children lines:  Lines of children are thin, vertical lines found immediately above the line of affection.

As many people use contraception to plan their families these days, the lines depicting children can be possibilities that have not been taken up. When you are looking at hands in this regard, be careful not to raise hopes that may be Explain that potential children are shown on the palm and that to have them or not is mostly cl matter of choice.

Although these lines can be found on the hands of both Sexes, they are more usual on women's hands. However, when they do appear on a man's hands, it means that he is, or will be, very fond of his children.

The Lines of Children are finely marked, upright lines (see below left), usually found immediately above a Line of Affection. They can be very fine, so it is often a good idea to press this area of the skin gently between your fingertips to see which of these small lines stands out most clearly. It can also be useful to use a magnifying glass. The Lines of Children are read from the outer edge of the palm inwards. The one nearest to the outer edge will be the first-born.

How Many Children Will I Have Prediction

The Lines of Children are finely marked, upright lines (see below left), usually found immediately above a Line of Affection. They can be very fine, so it is often a good idea to press this area of the skin gently between your fingertips to see which of these small lines stands out most clearly. It can also be useful to use a magnifying glass. The Lines of Children are read from the outer edge of the palm inwards. The one nearest to the outer edge will be the first-born.

When there are many fine lines on the area of the palm associated with children, it can have two possible meanings. A person destined to be child who loves and with children птау feel so close to them that they will show on the hand. Beloved children of relatives can also be marked on the hand. A love of children is also revealed when the Finger of the Sun () is quite long in relation to the other fingers. Many tiny lines can also indicate great fertility. In the past, when a lack of birth control meant that it was not unusual to have a very large family, each tiny line would probably have represented a child.

An adopted child can also register on the palm as a child of one's own. As adopted children are always wanted by the adoptive parents, the line representing the child can be very close to the Line of Heart.

Line of Son in Hand & Palmistry Son Daughter Lines 

Boys are indicated by long, broad and deep lines; shorter, fine and narrow lines show girls. The illustration (left) shows three children: two boys and a girl.

When one of the Lines of Children is straight, it tells of a child who will be strong and healthy; if it is very faint, wavy or crooked, then the child may have a rather delicate constitution. A small island at the beginning of the line can mean that the baby may not be robust at birth, but will set stronger as the line becomes clear of the island.

If one of the Lines of Children touches the Line of Heart (see top left), it means that the owner of the palm may love the child more than the husband or wife. When there are two or more Lines of Children, It touching the Line of Heart can also indicate that the parent loves this child more than the others. This is particularly likely if the other Lines of Children start above the Line of Heart.

A Line of Children touches the Line of Heart shows the owner may love the child more the the spouse.

If the line travels up the Finger of Mercury and is cut deeply into the palm (see middle left), it can mean that the child will go forth into the world and achieve much. If the line veers towards the Finger of the Sun (), it is possible that the child will be well-known.

Children line travels up the finger of Mercury showing that the child will go far in life.

Palm Reading Children Lines Twins 

Twins are indicated by two little lines rising from one point (see bottom In left). Identical twins would show as two such lines that are exactly the same. Twins of both sexes will show in one line being darker than the other. In twins of the same sex, one is often stronger; this is revealed when one line is cut less deeply into the palm.

Twins are shown in two lines of children that rise from the same point.

On the hands of parents with grow-up children, a Line of Children can "grow' another line close to it, which represents the partner of the child. As the relationship strengthens, so will the line, especially if the parent is fond of the daughter-in or son-in-law. It is We 11 possible to see grandchildren on the hand. These manifest as tiny lines close to the Line of Children.

Lines of Children that stand independently from the Lines of Heart and Affection are a good sign. Such a line suggests that the child's development will not be hindered by harmful parental influences. If there is to be a problem conceiving a child, it can correspond with a triangular arch shape rising from the first rascette or bracelet on the wrist; or there may be a total lack of Lines of Children altogether.

Nitin Kumar Palmist

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