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Right Palm Itching Means Money | Superstition

right and left palm itching means usa

There’s an old superstition that when your palms itch it means you will receive unexpected money or sudden loss of money.

Ancient Myth or Belief: An itching left palm means unwanted expenditure and loss, while an itching right palm is indication of money, you will receive money. So now there is a tip for you to stop the left palm itching, the superstition and old people says to rub the palm on a piece of wood.

Also some believe that if your right palm itches then you will meet someone new.

There may be something to this old theory, since itching palms often show new internal energy moving through the hands. The left hand is the passive or receptive, and the right is the active. When the left palm itches, look for new energy or services coming into your life – Of course this will probably cost you some money. The right palm itching means energy or services going out – Work you might get paid for.

Touching or rubbing wood is a very old method for transferring or releasing unwanted energy buildup (thus expressions like “touch wood”), so if your left palm itches, try rubbing it on the corner of a table – If you don’t get a splinter, perhaps you’ll save some money!

Eye Symbol On Mounts & Lines Palmistry

You are looking for meaning of eye symbol on hand.  There is no sign of eye on hand.  But there is an eye shape sign which is known as Island and Yav sign.

Island is always considered as an inauspicious sign and Yav sign is considered as an Auspicious sign.

You can go here and read about "Yav Sign" and "Island Sign" in more details.

Meaning Of Island On Mount & Lines Palmistry

1. Island on Life Line:  Illness, hereditary and chronic disease.
2. Island on Head Line: Mental disease, head injury, and mental weakness.
3. Island on Fate Line:  Money loss and family and career problems.
4. Island on Heart Line: Emotional trauma and heart disease.
5. Island on Sun Line:  Loss of reputation, eye disease and financial loss. (Nitin Kumar Palmist)
6. Island on health Line: Serious injury, major health problem and loss in business.
7. Island on base of thumb: Prosperity, good education and blessed by son.
8. Island on first phalanx of thumb: Happiness and Prosperity.
9. Island on Mount of Jupiter: Lack of willpower and defamation.
10. Island on Mount of Saturn: Bad luck.
11. Island on Mount of Sun: Loss in business or career and break in education.
12. Island on Mount of Mercury: Instability in business.
13. Island on Mount of Mars:  Coward, and suicidal tendency.
14. Island on Mount of Moon: Lack of imagination.

15. Island on Mount of Venus: Sex addicted and unsuccessful love.
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5 Signs Indicating Bad Health On Hand Palmistry

5 Signs about bad health On Hand 

1). Chained Life Line
2). Island on Life Line
3). Wavy Health Line ( Hepatica Line)
4). Downward Lines from end of Lifeline
5). Too many lines on Hand

Detailed description about signs of bad health on hand

1). Chained Life Line - Chained lifeline indicates bad health just after birth or general weakness (leg, calf pain, back pain and anemia, etc). Feels less energetic, always feel tired. Weak immunity and ill-health.  If chained life line is tie with head line (underneath mount of Saturn) then it indicates subject is suffering from depression, ADHD, shy, phobia, introvert and sexual dreamer.  Due to over-sensuality subject is suffering from venereal diseases.  Subject is addicted to masturbation and due to excessive masturbation subject is suffering from general weakness, back pain and other issues. See image below-
sign of mastrubation
Lifeline tie with headline
2). Island on Life Line - Island on lifeline is very inauspicious sign.  It indicates severe health problems.  Mostly island on lifeline denotes health problems related to stomach and indigestion issues.  Sometimes island on lifeline denotes family problem and problem in married life.  Island on lifeline also denotes accident (you need to confirm with both hands). See below image-      
island on life line
Island On Life Line
3). Wavy Health Line ( Hepatica Line) - As you know health line is also known as business line, mercury line, liver line and hepatica line which denotes health and career related issues.  If health line is wavy then there are strong chances of regular illness which means subject is suffering from prolong illness.  If there is no health issue then there are chances of loss in business or business is not running well or subject is not able to perform good in his/her business due to his/her prolong illness.  See below image-

Wavy Health Line 
4). Downward Lines from end of Lifeline - As you know upwards lines are good and downward lines are always bad.  So downward lines at the end of lifeline denotes bad health in old age.  See below image-

Downward Line At The End Of Lifeline

5). Too many lines on Hand - Too many lines on palm, more lines on palm, lines intersects each other, many crisscrosses and zigzag lines indicates more worries and more tension. Subject could be suffering from nervousness, indigestion and hypertension.  See below image-

Many lines on hand

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5 Important Lines In Hand Palmistry

Top 5 Most Important Lines On Hand Palm Reading

1) Life Line. 2) Heart Line. 3). Head Line. 4). Fate Line. 5). Sun Line
This post almost covers everything about palmistry so share it with your friends in social media.

There are so many lines on hand but 5 lines are very important in palmistry.  

1). Life Line.

2). Heart Line.
3. Head Line.
4). Fate Line.
5) Sun Line.

Detail description about all 5 important lines on hand-

1).  Life line is main line on hand.  Life line denotes about subject health and family. You will find long life line, short life line, curved life line, small life line, chained life line, straight life line, and breaks on life line, etc on hand.  

General prediction of Life Line in Palm-

  1. Long life line- Good health.
  2. Chained life line- Indicating bad health.
  3. Break in life line- Indicating on and off health problems.
  4. Straight life line- Struggle throughout life.
  5. Curved life line-  Good health and success (only if life line is good).
  6. Small or Short life line - Health and family issues (mostly in middle age/from 40s).
  7. Island at staring of life line- Health issues after birth and family loss.
  8. Island at middle of life line- Family loss, problem in married life and stomach upset/disease.
  9. Island at the end of life line- Health issues in old age, diabetes, piles, fistula, stomach disease.
  10. Influence lines from inside of life line- Interference in personal life from others (mostly family members).
  11. Upward lines from life line- Promotion, and success.
  12. Downward lines from life line- Losses and health problems.
  13. Cross on life line- Health and family problem and accident.
  14. Wavy life line- Weak immunization and general weakness. 
  15. Small fork at the end of life line- Health issues in old age.
  16. Big fork at the end of life line- Desire to leave homeland, long travel, abroad travel.
  17. Round life line- Good vitality and good fertility.
  18. Small Mount Venus due to life line- Weak health.
  19. Big Mount of Venus unusually due to life line- Venereal disease and over-sensuality.
  20. Life line starts from Jupiter Mount- Good teacher and ambitious.
  21. Life line starts from Lower Mount of Mars- Struggle and obstacles in life.
  22. Lifeline tie with headline- Cautious person but weak decision power.
  23. Gap between lifeline and headline- Independent thinking and impatient.
  24. Heart line touch life line- Unlucky, suicidal tendency.
  25. Life line ends on Mount of Moon- Sea travel, gynec and urinary diseases and nature lover.  
  26. Life line suddenly move towards Mount Moon- Epilepsy and brain disorder.
  27. Life line cross bracelet lines- Long life.
  28. Fish touch at the end of lifeline- Good social life, spiritual person.
  29. Triangle at the end of life line- Problems in old age.
  30. Many crosses at the end of lifeline- Health and financial problems in old age.  

2).  Heart line is second main line on hand.  Heart line denotes about subject love and emotions. You will find long heart line, short heart line, curved heart line, small heart line, chained heart line, straight heart line, and breaks on heart line, etc on hand. 

General prediction of Heart Line in Palm-

  1. Long heart line- Emotional and helping nature.
  2. Chained heart line- Jealousy nature, sensual, and indigestion.
  3. Break in heart line- Unsuccessful affair or deception in love.
  4. Straight heart line- Honest and religious person.
  5. Curved heart line-  Unsuccessful affair (if ends between middle and index finger).
  6. Small or Short heart line - Sensual and introvert.
  7. Island at staring of heart line- Stammering issues.
  8. Island at middle of heart line- Family problems and unsuccessful affair.
  9. Island at the end of heart line- Lungs related issues, asthma.
  10. Upward lines from heart line- Fickle by nature.
  11. Downward lines from heart line- Many love & affairs at same time
  12. Cross on heart line- Inner sorrow/depression due to love and affair.
  13. Wavy heart line- Dishonest person.
  14. Heart line starts from base of index finger- Deception in love.
  15. Heart line starts from inside index finger- Looser, failure and unsuccessful person.
  16. Fork on heart line- Deception in marriage or love.
  17. Triple fork on heart line- Property dispute in family.
  18. Long heart line across the palm- Jealously and sensuality.
  19. Heart line ends on headline- Serious sorrow due to love/affair/marriage.
  20. Heart line cross head line- Anger issues and stickler.
  21. Heart line ends on Mount of Saturn- Sexual dreamer.
  22. Branch less heart line- Childlessness.
  23. Downward curve on heart line- Heart controls mind.
  24. Heart line cut by bar lines- Heart disease.
  25. Double heart line- Over emotional and trust easily on others.
  26. Square on heart line - Protection from any danger.
  27. Circle on heart line - Eye disease.
  28. Black mole or dot on heart line- Inner sorrow and heart disease.
  29. Star on heart line- Eye and heart disease.
  30. Branch of heart line cut fate line- Emotional setback and family loss. 

3).  Head line is third main line on hand.  Head line denotes about subject intelligence and nature. You will find long head line, short head line, curved head line, small head line, chained head line, straight head line, and breaks on head line, etc on hand. 

General prediction of Head Line in Palm-

  1. Long head line- Intelligent and fast learner.
  2. Chained head line- Slow minded and suffering from headaches.
  3. Break in head line- Chances of head injury.
  4. Straight head line- Practical thinking and down to earth.
  5. Curved head line- Imaginative and creative thinking.
  6. Small or Short head line - Thinks very slow or understand very late, slow mind.
  7. Island at staring of head line- Eye, ear and lungs related issues.
  8. Island at middle of head line- Ear, backache and arthritis.
  9. Island at the end of head line- Eye problems.
  10. Upward lines from head line- Success in career.
  11. Downward lines from head line- Headaches and spinal problems.
  12. Cross on headline- Head injury and headaches.
  13. Wavy head line- Instability in thoughts and fickleness.
  14. Thick head line- Mentally strong person.
  15. Thin head line- Mentally weak person.
  16. Fork on head line- Writer, poet and creative thinking.
  17. Triple fork on head line- Talented, success in more than one field. 
  18. Headline starts from Jupiter Mount- Ambitious, careless and impatient.
  19. Headline starts from Mount of Saturn- Late maturity.
  20. Headline starts from Lower Mars- Restlessness.
  21. Headline parallel to life line- Suicidal tendency.
  22. Headline curved towards Heart line- Mind controls heart.
  23. Branch from headline towards Jupiter Mount- Fulfill of all wishes.
  24. Branch from headline towards Mount of Moon- Imaginative and creative.
  25. Downward lines from headline- Low confidence.
  26. Upward lines from headline- Good confidence.
  27. Triangle on headline- Success in science and medical field.
  28. Broken headline- Accident and head injury, and eye injury.
  29. Circle on headline - Blindness.
  30. Double headline- Extraordinary, unmarried. 

4).  Fate line is fourth main line on hand.  Fate line denotes about subject good and bad time. You will find long fate line, short fate line, small fate line, chained fate line, straight fate line, and breaks on fate line, etc on hand. 

General prediction of Fate Line in Palm-

1. Long fate line- Good successful career throughout life.
2. Chained fate line- Regular obstacles in career and success after hardwork.
3. Break in fate line- Change of location or any type of loss.
4. Straight fate line- Good successful career and businessman.
5. Curved fate line- Good successful career and social worker
6. Small or Short fate line - Obstacles in career due to family problems.
7. Island at staring of fate line- Secret behind birth, born in ordinary family.
8. Island at middle of fate line- Financial and family loss.
9. Island at the end of fate line- Health and family problem in old age.
10. Upward lines from fate line- Good success and promotion.
11. Downward lines from fate line- Demotion and financial losses.
12. Cross on Fate line- Financial loss or health problem.
13. Wavy fate line- Instability in career.
14. Thick fate line- Obstacles in career.
15. Thin fate line- Good successful career.
16. Fork at starting on fate line- Born in ordinary family and adopted.
17. Triple fork at the starting of fate line- Troublesome childhood.
18. Breaks in fate line- Unsuccessful career.
19. Fate line stop at head line- Problem due to wrong decision.
20. Fate line cross by bar lines- Unlucky person.
21. Ladder type fate line- Regular money losses.
22. Tree type fate line - Success and name and fame.
23. Double fate line- Extramarital affair and success in two fields.
24. Trident on fate line- Rich and wealthy.
25. Fate line cuts by horizontal lines- Struggle a lot and success after hard work.
26. Star in the middle of fate line- Loss of money.
27. Trident on fate line- Good successful life.
28. Influence line from Mount of Moon touching fate line - Love marriage.
29. Branch of fate line goes towards Jupiter Mount- Extraordinary success.
30. Fate line ends on Sun Mount- Success in politics, films, public sector, etc.

5).  Sun line is fifth main line on hand.  Sun line denotes about subject good luck and bad luck and name and fame. You will find long sun line, short sun line, small sun line, breaks on sun line, etc on hand. 

General prediction of Sun line in Palm-

1. Long sun line- Good name and fame.
2. Sun line from Mount of Moon- Success in art, films, signing, designing, etc.
3. Break in sun line- Loss of reputation and money.
4. Straight sun line- Good success.
5. Wavy sun line- Instability and doubt in success.
6. Small or Short sun line - Late success.
7. Island on sun line- Loss of reputation and demotion.
8. Cross on left side of sun line- Loss in business.
9. Grille on sun line- Poverty. Nitin Kumar Palmist
10. Upward lines from sun line- Good success.
11. Downward lines from sun line- Downfall.
12. Star on sun line- Financial gain but in old age.
13. Downward fork on sun line- Less success.
14. Upward fork on sun line- Success in two fields at same time.
15. Upward triple fork on sun line- Good success in business. Rich.
16. Cross on right side of sun line- Spiritual healer/astrologer.
17. Triangle on sun line - Happiness throughout life.
18. Square on sun line- Protection from enemies.
19. Double cross on Sun line- Religious fervor.
20. Cross at the top of Sun line - Loss of reputation due to wrong decision.
21. Black dot, mole, or spot on sun line- Eye disease, loss of reputation.
22. Island at the end of sun line - Financial problems in old age.
23. Sun line crossed by marriage line - Demotion, loss of reputation due to marriage/partner. Nitin Kumar Palmist
24. Sun line cuts by bar lines - Problem create by enemies in success.
25. Sun line ends on third phalange of ring finger - Too much hunger for success and fame.
26. Chained sun line- Unlucky person and unsuccessful career.
27. Double sun line - Success in two fields.
28. Branch of sun line join fate line- Auspicious sign. Name and fame.
29. Trident on Sun line - Rich and wealthy.
30. Downward branches from sun line- Unsuccessful career and sadness.

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3 Marriage Lines On Left Hand And 2 Marriage Lines On Right Hand Palmistry

Three Marriage Lines On Left Hand And Two Marriage Lines On Right Hand

Marriage lines on Hand
3 Marriage Lines On Hand

In this condition you need to consider a strong and long line as marriage line and consider another lines (above and below marriage line) as affection lines.

Affection lines indicates short term relationship in teenage or in middle age.

Read Full Detailed Article On Marriage Line With Images - Marriage Lines On Hand With Images

Nitin Kumar Palmist

Learn Importance Of Mars Line With Pictures In Palmistry

Description of Mars Line

Lines Of Mars (A1)

Mars Line (Mars Line) starts from mount of lower mars. (A1)

Mars line runs parallel to Life Line.(A1)

Mars Line is supportive line of Life Line. It gives strength to Life Line.(A1)

If Life Line is not strong but Mars Line is strong in a person’s hand then it reduces the weakness of Life Line and the person has good health.(A1)


If Mars Line is not attached to Life Line and it is starting separately then such person is stubborn, careless, short tempered, always ready to fight. (A2)


If Mars Line has two three breaks then person always suffer from stomach diseases, head diseases if his life line is also weak. (A3)


If life line has breaks but behind it Mars Line is good then that person will get ill in that period but he will not suffer much and will get healthy again due to good mars line.


If Life Line and Mars Line both are very good then the person has good energy and vitality and such people always like to keep working. (A5)


If Mars Line is running with Life Line from start to end then this means that the person will have vitality throughout his/her life. (same as A6)


If Mars Line is with Life Line in only some parts then vitality will be good only in those periods.


More than one Mars Line means person is having effect of more than one people in his life. (A8)


If any line coming out from Mars Line and joining the head line or fate line (A9-A) then it is good but if it cuts the head line or fate line (A9-B) then it has bad result.


If Mars Line bends towards Mount of Venus in the end then it means person has to go away from his place of birth or he dies away from place of birth and these people achieve good success. (A10)


If there is fork at end of Mars Line then person is short tempered, can kill anybody. (A11)

If it is parallel and not bends then person is patriotic. (see A5)


If any branch of Mars Line goes to mount of moon then person gets into some bad habit, addiction, alcohol, drugs, etc. If at that time there is island or black spot on Head Line then it means bad effect on his brain and even death due to it. (A12)


If branch of Mars Line joins sun line (A13-A) then person gets success in adventurous fields, works requiring bravery but if it cuts the sun line  (A13-B)  then the person could also have to face defamation in those works. So in general we can say if any branch of Mars Line meets any line then it brings energy and strength to that line in that period in which it is meeting that line but if cuts any line then it gives negative results.If there is any bad sign on Mars Line like island, black dot, etc. then it makes the Mars line totally ineffective and the person lives a sad life without vitality and sometimes he can commit suicide also.

Branch of Mars line joining with Head Line gives energy to mind and if cuts the head line then it is bad. (see A9)

Mars line should be identified carefully as people tend to consider Venus Line to be Mars Line a lot of times which are running parallel to Mars Line which people think is double Mars Line.

Venus Line indicates inclination towards opposite sex. Details will be given when Venus Line is discussed in detail. So the readers must be careful when identifying Mars Line.

The line coming from mount of Venus or parallel to the Mars Line is not second mars line.

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Aghori Sadhu - Agori Baba - Aghori Baba - Tantrik Baba Palm Images Palmistry

aghori, naga sadu, khumb naga sahdu, khumb naga sadhu, kumbh naga sadhu

aghori, naga sadu, khumb naga sahdu, khumb naga sadhu, kumbh naga sadhu

aghori sahdu,sex trantra, naga sadu, khumb naga sahdu, khumb naga sadhu, kumbh naga sadhu

aghori baba

Dream Interpretation Fire In Your House

Dream Interpretation Fire In Your House

What does it mean when a house burns down in a dream?

When a house is burning down in a dream, it usually means that a person is undergoing or needs to undergo a major transformation in their life.Alternatively, a house burning down in a dream can be a symbol of passion and love within a person's life because they are so overwhelmed with the love.

Fires in dreams are nearly always symbolic of strong emotions or passions in a person's life, whether they are good or bad. Fire can also be a symbol that there is anger or destruction in a person's life. When someone has a dream that is about fire and they are not fearful of the fire, it is indicative of the fire that is burning within them. It usually means they are feeling very intense sensations about a situation or are extremely passionate about things that are going on in their life. If the person is afraid of the fire in the dream, they are usually feeling like they are out of control in their life. They may be in need of a transformation or may need to have a better understanding of things that are going on in their life. A fire in a dream is usually not a bad omen, but is one that signals a person should be doing something else in their life.

Easy Palmistry

1. Spendthrift, spender  Supple Thumb.

2. Stubborn, obstinate  - Big gap between Head and Life line.

3. Money-minded  - Middle finger equal to Ring finger and Short Heart Line. (Nitin Kumar Palmist)

4. Social Worker  - Medical Stigmata and Long heart line.

5. Teacher - Long head line and square on Jupiter Mount.

6. Independent thinking - Big gap between Head line and Life line. (

7. Timid, coward - Flat Mount of Mars, Head line and Life line joined till Mount of Rahu.

8. Weak decision power - Head line and Life line joined till Mount of Rahu, first phalange of thumb shorter than second phalange.

9. Egoistic and ambitious - Long index finger and prominent Jupiter Mount. (Nitin Kumar Palmist)

10. Good health - Long Life line with good supportive line ( good mars line).

11. Bad health - Island , Tassel, cuts on Life line.

12. Spiritualism - Cross on right side of sun line.

13. Unhappy Marriage - Marriage line split or broken, fork on marriage line.

14. Weak eyesight - Island on Heart line under Mount of Sun, broken sun line or island on sun line.  (Nitin Kumar Palmist)

15. Defamation - Island on sun line, broken sun line.

16. Loss in share market or lottery - Rahu Line ( Slanted Line from inside of life line goes towards Mount of mercury ).

17. Migration - Long Travel Line and branch towards Mount of Moon from Lifeline or Fate Line.

18. Island at the end of fate line - Health and financial problems in old age.

19. Island at the end of Lifeline - Health problems in old age.

to be continued......

Bible Dream Meaning Of The Dream Having Sex With Stranger

Have you ever had dreams of having sexual intercourse with someone you dont

To dream of sleeping in a stranger’s bed may be symbolizing regret or concern about your choice of sexual partners; or it may be that an unfamiliar aspect of your sexuality is emerging – you do not know yourself well as a sexual being.

Have you ever had dreams of having sexual intercourse with someone you dont even know or cant see their face? Well you dont have to be ashamed. This has happened to me before and i was wondering what was happening to me since i wasnt even thinking sexual thoughts before i went to bed. Thew devil is so cunning he even attacks us in our dreams and we take it for nothing saying they are only dreams. But remember even though we sleep our spirit never goes to sleep and the devil and all his demonic forces are spirit so whether we sleep or not he will attack us. I like i said i was one of those people who that was happening to. One night the church I now attends was having a prayer meeting and the pastor stopped in th emiddle of praying and said, " someone in here is having sex in their dreams, this is a working from the devil. that same night i got delivered, and it never happened again. I hen went on the internet and researched i and there it was the sexual demons who attacks you or have sex with you while you sleep... 

The following excerpts are from a ministry in a booklet titled "Sex with demons - Nightmares, Incubus and Succubus"

Sexual experiences with demonic spirits are very real even in this day and age. I have personally taken both men and women through DELIVERANCE, that have experienced this and some became bound by the spirits of Incubus and Succubus. I have personally taken both men and women through DELIVERANCE, where the witch or warlock has actually, through the use of astral travel, seduced them, having sexual relations with them as they slept, with them thinking it was only a dream. This having been done through the utilization of "Familiar" spirits.

In every DELIVERANCE situation of this nature the one thing that has been required is total and complete honesty from the person seeking the DELIVERANCE. I have taken some individuals through DELIVERANCE and the Holy Ghost has caused those spirits to manifest (reveal themselves). Some individuals have enjoyed the sexual experience with those demons, thus DELIVERANCE was not effective.

In some instances, I have found that those spirits have entered in through self satisfaction and fantasy lust. If the individuals renounce the fantasy lust and stopped self satsfaction:, they were DELIVERED. I have taken several individuals through DELIVERANCE from those demons and I've found that people have been violated (raped) by spirits, not actually wanting to believe it or not understanding what happened to them until DELIVERANCE revealed it. But they know that they had experienced something painful and undesirable.

I have taken individuals through DELIVERANCE, that have felt the bed moving, felt their bodies responding uncontrollably, yet their rational, logical mind could not comprehend it. So they wrote it off as a dream. These demonic spirits that function in this sexually perverse way must be renounced and cast OUT, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Essentially, the incubus is a lewd demon which seeks sexual intercourse with women. It is also termed follet (French), alp (German), duende (Spanish) and folletto (Italian). The corresponding demon who appears to men is the succubus. When associated with one particular witch or sorcerer, both incubus and succubus are known as magistellus, or "familiar". Inasmuch as the nightmare dream is sexual in latent content, incubus is often used interchangeably with The Mare Demon; in fact, the Latin word for nightmare is incubo (to lie upon). The incubus can assume either a male or a female shape. Sometimes he appears as a full-grown man. Sometimes as a satyr or in the form of a demon, and if it is a woman who has been received as a witch, the incubus generally assumes the form of an animal. 

Succubus is a demon in female form, specialized in seducing men. Although feminine in meaning, in form this medieval Latis word, succubus, is masculine (because demons were supposedly sexless) the feminine form succuba (strumpet) is occasionally found.

If you have, or are having dreams or nightmares of a sexual nature that you know are as real as life, dreams where you cannot exactly distinguish the real from the unreal, please seek DELIVERANCE. Don't allow satan and his demonic hosts to degrade your body which is the Temple of God.

A Dream Of A Person Not Facing You And Dyes Their Hair Red

A Dream Of A Person Not Facing You And Dyes Their Hair Red


To dream of hair represents the type of thoughts that you're having. Your mindset. The color and style of the hair represents the manner in which you are thinking.

If you dreamed of dying your hair, you are allowing vanity to overcome your common sense.

Try to use better judgement.

If you dyed your hair black, the dream predicts a passing sadness concerning your own decision to make a break in a personal relationship which has become upsetting.

To dream of bleaching your hair, suggests that you would be wise to be somewhat less flirtatious.

Swapan Aur Unke Achchhe Aur Bure Prabhaav ( सपनो का फलादेश )

Sapane yaa svapn aate kyon hai?

Is prashn kaa koii ṭhos praamaaṇaik uttar aaj tak khojaa naheen jaa sakaa hai. Praayah yah maanaa jaataa hai ki svapn yaa sapane aane kaa ek kaaraṇa ÷neend' bhee ho sakataa hai. 

Vigyaan maanataa hai ki neend kaa hamaare mastiṣk men hone vaale un parivartanon se snbndh hotaa hai, jo seekhane aur yaadadaasht baḍhaane ke saath-saath maans peshiyon ko bhee aaraam pahunchaane men sahaayak hote hain. Is neend kee hee avasthaa men nyoorŏn (mastiṣk kee koshikaa_en) punah sakriy ho jaatee hain. Vaigyaanikon ne neend ko do bhaagon men baanṭaa hai pahalaa bhaag aar ii em arthaat‌ raipiḍa aaii muvamenṭ hai. (jisamen adhikatar sapane aate hain) isamen shareer shithil parntu aankhen tejee se ghoomatee rahatee hain aur mastiṣk jaagrat avasthaa se bhee jyaadaa gatisheel hotaa hai. Is aar ii em kee avadhi 10  se 20 minaṭ kee hotee hai tathaa pratyek vyakti ek raat men chaar se chhah baar aar ii em neend letaa hai. Yah sthiti neend aane ke lagabhag 1. 30ghnṭe arthaat 90 minaṭ baad aatee hai. Is aadhaar par gaṇaanaa karen to raatri kaa antim prahar aar ii em kaa hee samay hotaa hai (yadi vyakti samaanyatah 10 baje raat sotaa hai to ) jisase sapanon ke aane kee snbhaavanaa baḍh jaatee hai.

Aap agar raat ke pratham pahar men koii svapn dekhate haito us svapn kaa shubh yaa ashubh
fal aapako saal bhar men milane kee snbhaavanaa rahatee hai.

Raat kedoosare pahar men aap koii svapn dekhate hai. Usakaa shubh yaa ashubh fal milane kaa samay aaṭh maheene kaa hotaa hai. 

Raat ke teesare pahar men aap koii svapn dekhate hai to teen maheene men usakaashubh ashubh fal
milataa hai.

Raat ke chauthe pahar ke svapn ke fal praapti kaa samay ek maah hotaa hai. Aur jo svapn
subah bhor kaal men dekhe jaate hai usakaa fal sheeghr hee aapako milajaataa hai. 

Din nikalane ke baad dekhe jaane vaale svapnon kaa fal aadhe maah ke bheetar hee milajaate
hai. Jeevanamen bahut prakaar ke svapn dikhaa_ii dete hai aur vibhinn viṣayon par svapn
drishyamaan hote hai,

un sabhee chayan karanaa asnbhav hai fir bhee adhikatar svapn kaa fal bataane kaa prayaasakiyaa jaa
rahaa hai jo ki shabdon ke kramavaar se likhane kaa prayaas kar rahaa hoon..... 

Svapn manuṣy ke lie bade hee aakarṣakalubhaavane aur rahasyamay hote hai. ḍaaraavane aur
bure svapn jahaan use bhayabheet karate hai. Vaheendilachasp, manohaaree aur achchhe svapn use
aatmavibhor karadete hai. 

Raatree men supt avasthaamen dekhe ga_e svapnon ke svapn jaal men ghiraa vah saaraa
din ek ajeeb see khushee kaa_anubhav karataa hai. Ek ajeeb see oorjaa usake bheetar pravaahit hotee
rahatee hai. Manuṣy svabhaavahee aisaa hai, jo bure svapn ke fal ko bhee jaananaa chaahataahai. Aur
achchhe svapn ke fal ko bhee jaanane ke lie utsuk rahataa hai. 

Sapane dekhanaa maanav jeevan kee ek aavashyak aavashyakataa hai. Sapane dekhane men kamee hone kaa matalab hai aap men proṭeen kee kamee hai yaa fir aap parsanŏliṭee ḍaisa_ŏrḍaar ke shikaar

Saanp- bhaarateey parnparaa men madamast saanp ko dekhane kaa arth hai, kunḍaalee kaa
jaagrit honaa tathaa aantarik preraṇaa evn baaharee sajag driṣṭikoṇa ke beech sngharṣ ke rahate
sapanon men hilate sarp dikhaa_ii dete hain.

Pakṣee- pakṣee aatmaa yaa vaasanaa_on se mukti kaa prateek hotaa hai. Svapn men
pakṣee kis avasthaa men dikhataa hai usee se aatmaa kee sthiti kaa anumaan lagaayaa jaataa

Udanaa- yah aatmavishvaas yaa svatntrataa evn mokṣ kaa darshan hai. Aadhunik
vichaaradhaaraa ise asaadhaaraṇa kṣamataa ke prateek ke roop men dekhatee hai.

Ghode- ghode kaa dikhanaa svasth hone kaa soochak hai. Yah parokṣ darshan kee kṣamataa
sujhaataa hai. Kuchh log isakaa snbndh prajanan se jodate hain.

Kuchh svapn aur unakaa prabhaav-----

Yadi svapn men vyakti khud ko parvat par chaḍhataa paa_e, to use ek din safalataa
nishchit milatee hai.

Ulloo dikhaa_ii de, to yah rog athavaa shok kaa soochak maanaa jaataa hai. Yadi koii buraa svapn dikhaa_ii de, to neend khulate hee gaayatree mntr paḍhakar paanee pee
lenaa chaahie. Usee samay hanumaan chaaleesaa kaa paaṭh avashy karanaa chaahie aur fir naheen sonaa chaahie.      

Kabootar dikhaa_ii de to yah shubh samaachaar kaa soochak hai.
Vyakti khud ko roṭee banaataa dekhe, to yah rog kaa soochak hai.
Bhnḍaaraa karaate dekhane par vyakti kaa jeevan dhanadhaany se poorṇa rahegaa.
Din men dikhe svapn niṣfal hote hain.

Sapanon men manuṣy kee ruchi hameshaa se hee hai. Hamaare vedon-puraaṇaon men bhee
sapanon ke baare men jikr kiyaa gayaa hai. Yadi koii buraa svapn dikhaa_ii de, to neend
khulate hee gaayatree mntr paḍhakar paanee pee lenaa chaahie. Usee samay hanumaan chaaleesaa kaa paaṭh
avashy karanaa chaahie aur fir naheen sonaa chaahie.

Svapan fal


akharoṭ dekhanaa – bharapur bhojan mile tathaa dhan vriddhi ho
anaaj dekhanaa -chintaa mile
anaar khaanaa (meeṭhaa ) – dhan mile
ajanabee milanaa – aniṣṭ kee poorv soochanaa
ajavain khaanaa – svasthy laabh
adhyaapak dekhanaa – safalataa mile
andheraa dekhanaa – vipatti aaye
andhaa dekhanaa – kaary men rookaavaṭ aaye
apsaraa dekhanaa – dhan aur maan sammaan kee praapti
arthee dekhanaa – dhan laabh ho
amarud khaanaa – dhan mile
anaanaas khaanaa – pahale pareshaanee fir raahat mile
adarak khaanaa – maan sammaan baḍhe
anaar ke patte khaanaa – shaadee sheeghr ho
amalataas ke fool – peeliyaa yaa koḍhx kaa rog honaa
arahar dekhanaa – shubh
arahar khaanaa – peṭ men dard
arabee dekhanaa – sar dard yaa peṭ dard
alamaaree bnd dekhanaa – dhan praapti ho
alamaaree khulee dekhanaa – dhan haani ho
angoor khaanaa – svasthy laabh
ang rakṣak dekhanaa – choṭ lagane kaa khataraa
apane ko aakaash men udte dekhanaa – safalataa praapt ho
apane par doosarau kaa hamalaa dekhanaa – lambee umr
ang kaṭe dekhanaa – svaasthy laabh
ang daan karanaa – ujjaval bhaviṣy , puraskaar
angulee kaaṭanaa – parivaar men kalesh
angooṭhaa choosanaa – paaravaarik sampati men vivaad
antesti dekhanaa – parivaar men maangalik kaary
asthi dekhanaa – snkaṭ ṭalanaa
anjan dekhanaa – netr rog
apane aap ko akelaa dekhanaa – lambee yaatraa
akhabaar paḍhxnaa, khareedanaa – vaad vivaad
achaar khaanaa , banaanaa – sir dard, peṭ dard
aṭhaas karanaa – dukhad samaachaar mile
adhyakṣ bananaa – maan haani
adhyan karanaa -asafalataa mile
apaharaṇa dekhanaa – lambee umr
abhimaan karanaa – apamaanit honaa
adhrchandr dekhanaa – aurat se sahayog mile
amaavasyaa honaa – duahkh snkaṭ se chhuṭakaaraa
agarabattee dekhanaa – dhaarmik anuṣṭhaan ho
agarabattee jalatee dekhanaa – durghaṭanaa ho
agarabattee arpit karanaa – shubh
apaṭhaneey akṣar paḍhanaa – dukhad samaachaar mile
angeeṭhee jalatee dekhanaa – ashubh
angeeṭhee bujhee dekhanaa – shubh
ajeeb vastu dekhanaa – priyajan ke aane kee soochanaa
ajagar dekhanaa – shubh
astr dekhanaa – snkaṭ se rakṣaa
angaaron par chalanaa – shaareerik kaṣṭ
ank dekhanaa sam – ashubh
ank dekhanaa viṣam – shubh
astr se svayn ko kaṭaa dekhanaa – sheeghr kaṣṭ mile
apane daant girate dekhanaa – bndhoo baandhav ko kaṣṭ ho
aansoo dekhanaa – parivaar men mngal kaary ho
aavaaj sunanaa – achhaa samay aane vaalaa hai
aandhee dekhanaa – snkaṭ se chhuṭakaaraa
aandhee men giranaa – safalataa milegee 


aainaa dekhanaa – ichchhaa pooraṇa ho , achhaa dost mile
aainaa men apanaa muhn dekhanaa – naukaree men pareshaanee , patnee men pareshaanee
aasamaan dekhanaa – oochaa pad praapt ho
aasamaan men svayn ko dekhanaa – achchhee yaatraa kaa snket
aasamaan men svayn ko girate dekhanaa – vyaapaar men haani
aag dekhanaa – galat tareeke se dhan kee praapti ho
aag jalaa kar bhojan banaanaa – dhan laabh , naukaree men tarakkee
aag se kapaḍaa jalanaa – anek dukh mile , aankhon kaa rog
aajaad hote dekhanaa – anek chintaa_o se mukti
aaloo dekhanaa – bharapoor bhojan mile
aanvalaa dekhanaa – manokaamanaa poorṇa n honaa
aanvalaa khaate dekhanaa – manokaamanaa poorṇa honaa
aaroo dekhanaa – prasanataa kee praapti
aak dekhanaa – shaaraarik kaṣṭ
aam khaate dekhanaa – dhan aur sntaan kaa sukh
aalingan dekhanaa puruṣ kaa aurat se – kaam sukh kee praapti
aalingan dekhanaa aurat kaa puruṣ se – pati se bevafaa_ii kee soochanaa
aalingan dekhanaa puruṣ kaa puruṣ se- shatrutaa baḍhxnaa
aalingan dekhanaa aurat kaa aurat se – dhan praapti kaa snket
aatmahatyaa karanaa yaa dekhanaa – lambee aayu
aavaaraagardee karanaa – dhan laabh ho naukaree mile
aanchal dekhanaa – pratiyogitaa men vijay
aanchal se aansoo pochhanaa – achhaa samay aane vaalaa hai
aanchal men munh chhipaanaa – maan samaan kee praapti
aaraa chalataa huaa dekhanaa – snkaṭ sheeghr samaapt hoge
aaraa rookaa huaa dekhanaa- na_e snkaṭ aane kaa snket
aavedan karanaa yaa likhanaa – lambee yaatraa ho
aashram dekhanaa – vyaapaar men ghaaṭaa
aaṭṭaa dekhanaa – kaary pooraa ho
aaisakreem khaanaa – sukh shaanti mile 


imalee khaate dekhanaa – aurat ke lie shubh ,puruṣ ke lie ashubh
iḍaalee saambhar khaate dekhanaa – sabhee se sahayog mile
iṣṭ dev kee moorti choree honaa – mrityutuly kaṣṭ aaye
ishtahaar paḍhanaa – dhokhaa mile, choree ho
itr lagaanaa – achhe fal kee praapti, maan sammaan baḍhegaa
imaarat dekhanaa – maan sammaan baḍhe, dhan laabh ho
iinṭ dekhanaa – kaṣṭ milegaa
injan chalataa dekhanaa – yaatraa ho , shatru se saavadhaan
indradhanuṣ dekhanaa – snkaṭ baḍhe , dhan haani ho
ikkaa dekhanaa hukam kaa – duahkh v niraashaa mile
ikkaa dekhanaa iinṭ kaa -kaṣṭakaarak stithi
ikkaa dekhanaa paan kaa -paaravaarik klesh
ikkaa dekhanaa chidee kaa – grih klesh ,atithi aane kee soochanaa 


ujaad dekhanaa – door sthaan kee yaatraa ho
ustaraa prayog karanaa – yaatraa men dhan laabh ho
upavan dekhanaa – beemaaree kee poorv soochanaa
udaghaaṭan dekhanaa – ashubh snket
udaas dekhanaa – shubh samaachaar mile
udhaar lenaa yaa denaa – dhan laabh kaa snket
svayn ko udte dekhanaa – gnbheer durghaṭanaa kee poorv soochanaa
uchhalate dekhanaa -dukhad samaachaar milane kaa snket
ulloo dekhanaa -dukhon kaa snket
ubaasee lenaa – duahkh mile
ulṭe kapaḍae pahananaa – apamaan ho
ujaalaa dekhanaa – bhaviṣy men safalataa kaa snket
ujale kapaḍae dekhanaa -ijjat baḍhe , vivaah ho
uṭhanaa aur giranaa – sngharṣ baḍhegaa
ulajhe baal yaa dhaage dekhanaa – pareshaaniyaa baḍhegee
ustaraa dekhanaa – dhan haani , choree kaa bhay 


oonghanaa – dhan haani , choree kaa bhay
oonchaa_ii par apane ko dekhanaa – apamaanit honaa
oon dekhanaa – dhan laabh ho
oonche pahaad dekhanaa – kaafee mehanat ke baad kaary siddh honaa
oonche vrikṣ dekhanaa – manokaamanaa pooree hone men samay laganaa 


auṣadhee dekhanaa – galat sngati dekhanaa 


ainak lagate dekhanaa – vidyaa mile, khaushee ijjat mile 


kabr khodanaa – dhan paa_e , makaan banaaye
katl karanaa svayn kaa – achchhaa sapanaa hai , bure kaam se bache
kad apanaa chhoṭaa dekhanaa – apamaan sahanaa , pareshaanee uṭhaanaa
kad apanaa badaa dekhanaa – bhaaree snkaṭ aanaa
kasam khaate dekhanaa – sntaan kaa duahkh bhoganaa
kalam dekhanaa – vidyaa dhan kee praapti
karjaa denaa – khushahaalee aaye
karjaa lenaa – vyaapaar men haani
kalaa kritiyaa dekhanaa – maan samaan baḍhe
kapoor dekhanaa – vyaapaar men laabh
kabaaḍaee dekhanaa – achchhe dinon kee shurooaat
kabootar dekhanaa – premikaa se milanaa
kabootaron kaa jhunḍa – shubh samaachaar mile
kamal kaa fool – gyaan kee praapti
kapaas dekhanaa – sukh samridhi ho
kngan dekhanaa – apamaan ho
kadoo dekhanaa – peṭ dard
kanyaa dekhanaa – dhan vriddhi ho
kafan dekhanaa – lambee umr
kalee dekhanaa – svaasthy kharaab ho
kachhuaa dekhanaa – shubh samaachaar mile
kalash dekhanaa – safalataa
kambal dekhanaa – beemaaree aaye
kapaḍaa dhonaa – pahale rookaavaṭ , fir laabh
kaṭaa sir dekhanaa – sharmindagee uṭhaanee padegee
kabristaan dekhanaa – niraashaa ho
knghee dekhanaa – choṭ laganaa , daant yaa kaan men dard
kasarat – beemaaree aane kee soochanaa
kaalee aankhe dekhanaa – vyaapaar men laabh
kaalaa rng dekhanaa – shubh fal
kaajoo khaanaa – nayaa vyaapaar shuroo ho
kaan dekhanaa – shubh samaachaar
kaan saaf karanaa – achchhee baato kaa gyaan
kaa_unṭar dekhanaa – lene dene men laabh ho
kaarakhaanaa dekhanaa – durghaṭanaa men fasane kee soochanaa
kaalee billee dekhanaa – laabh ho
kunḍaal pahane dekhanaa – snkaṭ ho
kubaḍaa dekhanaa – kaary men vighn
kumakum dekhanaa – kaary men safalataa
kulhaaḍaee dekhanaa – parishram adhik, laabh kam
kuttaa bhonkanaa – logo dvaaraa majaak udnaa
kuttaa jhapaṭe – shatru kee haar
kursee khaalee dekhanaa – naukaree mile
koode kaa ḍher dekhanaa – kaṭhinaa_ii ke baad dhan mile
kilaa dekhanaa – khaushee praapt ho
keel dekhanaa / ṭhokanaa – parivaar men baṭavaaraa ho
kesh snvaaranaa – teerth yaatraa
kelaa khaanaa / dekhanaa – khaushee ho
kek dekhanaa – achchhee vastu mile
kaimaraa dekhanaa – apane bhed chhipaa kar rakhe
koḍhxee dekhanaa – dhan kaa laabh
koharaa – snkaṭ samaapt ho
koṭhee dekhanaa – duahkh mile
koyal dekhanaa / sunanaa – shubh samaachaar
koyaa dekhanaa – shubh snket
kisee oonche sthaan se koodanaa – asafalataa
nar knkaal dekhanaa – umr baḍhane kaa snket
jap karanaa – vijay
kad lambaa dekhanaa – mrityutuly kaṣṭ ho
kad ghaṭanaa – apamaan ho
kaṭoraa dekhanaa – banate kaam bigaḍhxnaa
kanastar khaalee dekhanaa – shubh
kanastar bharaa dekhanaa – ashubh
kamnḍaal dekhanaa – parivaar ke kisee sadasy se viyog
karavaa chauth – aurat dekhe to aajeevan sadhavaa, puruṣ dekhe to dhan dhaany snpooraṇa
kaagaj koraa – shubh
kaagaj likhaa dekhanaa – ashubh
safed kurataa dekhanaa – shubh
any rng kaa kurataa dekhanaa – ashubh
kursee par svayn ko baiṭhe dekhanaa – nayaa pad, padonatee
kursee par any ko baiṭhe dekhanaa – apamaan
kabr khodanaa – makaan kaa nirmaaṇa karanaa
kapoor dekhanaa – vyaapaar naukaree men laabh
kabootar dekhanaa – premikaa se milan
kapaḍaa bechate dekhanaa – vyaapaar men laabh
kapaḍae par khoon ke daag – vyarth badanaamee
kachhuaa dekhanaa – dhan aashaa se adhik milanaa
kamal kakaḍaee dekhanaa – saatvik bhojan men aannd, khaushee mile
kapaas dekhanaa – sukh, samridhi ghar aaye
karee khaanaa – vidhavaa se vivaah, vidhur se vivaah
kripaaṇa – dharam kaary poorṇa hone kee soochanaa
kaan dekhanaa – shubh samaachaar
kaan kaṭ jaanaa – apanon se viyog
kaalaa kuttaa dekhanaa – kaary me safalataa
kaa_unṭar dekhanaa – len den men laabh
kaalee billee dekhanaa – shubh samaachaar
peelee billee dekhanaa – ashubh samaachaar
kaanaa vyakti dekhanaa – anakool samay naheen
keeḍaa dekhanaa – shakti kaa prateek
kumhaar dekhanaa – shubh samaachaar
ketalee dekhanaa – daanpaty jeevan men shaanti ho
kelaa dekhanaa yaa khaanaa – shubh samaachaar
kainchee – akaaraṇa kisee se vaad- vivaad honaa
koṭhee dekhanaa – duahkh mile
koyalaa dekhanaa – prem ke jaal men fns kar duahkh paa_e
kuraan- sukh shaanti kee bhaavanaa baḍhe 


kharonch laganaa -shareer svasth ho
khaṭamal dekhanaa – jeevan men sngharṣ
khaṭamal maaranaa – kaṭhinaa_ii se chhuṭakaaraa
kharaboojaa dekhanaa -safalataa mile
khat paḍhxnaa – shubh samaachaar
kharagosh dekhanaa – aurat se bevafaa_ii
khalihaan dekhanaa – sammaan baḍae
khaṭaa_ii khaanaa – dhan haani ho
khaalee khaaṭ dekhanaa -beemaar padne kee soochanaa
khaalee bartan dekhanaa – kaam men haani
khilakhilaanaa – dukhad samaachaar milane kaa snket
khillee uḍaanaa -logo se niraashaa mile
khilaunaa dekhanaa – aankhon ko sukh mile
khujalee honaa – rog se chhuṭakaaraa paane kaa snket
khaushee dekhanaa – pareshaanee baḍhe
khushaboo lagaanaa – sammaan baḍhe
khoon kharaabaa -saubhaagy vriddhi
khoon dekhanaa – dhan mile
khoon kee varṣaa dekhanaa – desh men akaal pade
khoon men loṭanaa – dhan-sampati praapt hone kaa snket
khel kood men bhaag lenaa – bhaagyaunaatti honaa
khet dekhanaa -yaatraa ho , vidyaa v dhan kee vriddhi
khet kaaṭate dekhanaa – patnee se man muṭaav honaa
khopaḍaee dekhanaa – baudhik kaaryo men safalataa 


gadhaa dekhanaa -pyaar mile
gadhaa ladaa huaa dekhanaa – vyaapaar men laabh ho
gadhe kee cheekh sunanaa – dukh ho
gadhe kee savaaree karanaa – shubh samaachaar mile
gaay dekhanaa – dhan laabh ho
gaay yaa bail peele rng kee dekhanaa – mahaamaaree aane ke lakṣaṇa
garam paanee dekhanaa – bukhaar yaa any beemaaree aaye
gnjaa sir dekhanaa – pareekṣaa men paas ho, sammaan bade
galee dekhanaa – sunasaan galee dekhane se laabh , bheed vaalee galee dekhane se mrityu kaa samaachaar
gavaahee denaa -aparaadh men fnsanaa
gamalaa dekhanaa – khaalee dekhane par jhnjhaṭ , fool khile dekhane par shubh
galeechaa dekhanaa yaa us par baiṭhanaa – shok men shaamil honaa
gvaalaa /gvaalin dekhanaa – shubh fal
gaajar dekhanaa – fasal achchhee ho
gaadee dekhanaa – yaatraa saarthak ho
galiyaa dete dekhanaa – badanaamee ho
gaayatree paaṭh karanaa – durlabh svapn maan sammaan bade
gilaas dekhanaa – ghareloo kharcho men kamee hogee
ginatee karanaa – kaam men haani
giragiṭ dekhanaa – jhagaḍae men fasane kaa snket
gilaharee dekhanaa – bahut shubh
geedaḍhx dekhanaa – shatru se bhay mile
geelee vastu dekhanaa – lambee beemaaree aane ke snket
geetaa dekhanaa – durlabh samay
gulaab dekhanaa – sammaan men vriddhi
guḍh khaanaa – safalataa mile
guḍaiyaa dekhanaa – jaldee vivaah kaa snket
guṭhalee khaanaa yaa fenkanaa – kaafee dhan aane kee soochanaa
genhoo dekhanaa – kaafee mehanat kar ke kamaa_ii honaa
gend dekhanaa – pareshaanee honaa
gende kaa fool dekhanaa – maanasik ashaanti
geruaa vastr dekhanaa – samay shubh hai
geetaa – kaṣṭ door ho
granth saahib – dhaarmik kaaryo men roochi ho 


ghaḍaee dekhanaa – yaatraa par jaanaa
ghaḍaee gum ho jaanaa – yaatraa kaa kaaryakarm sthagit honaa
ghar dekhanaa (sajaa huaa ) – snpatti men haani
ghar dekhanaa (khnḍaahar ) – snpatti men laabh
ghar men kisee aur kaa pravesh dekhanaa – shatru par vijay
ghar men aag dekhanaa – sarakaar se laabh ho
ghar sone kaa dekhanaa – ghar men aag lagane kaa snket
ghar lohe kaa dekhanaa – maan sammaan baḍhegaa
ghaḍaa bharaa dekhanaa – dhan laabh ho
ghnṭe kee aavaaza sunanaa – choree hone kaa snket
ghnṭaaghar dekhanaa – ashubh samaachaar
ghaaṭ dekhanaa – teerth yaatraa par jaane kaa snket
ghaayal dekhanaa – snkaṭ se chhuṭakaaraa
ghaas dekhanaa – laabh hogaa
ghee dekhanaa – dhan daulat baḍhe
ghuṭane ṭekanaa – vaad vivaad men safalataa mile
ghungharoo kee aavaaj sunanaa – maan sammaan baḍhegaa
ghoonghaṭ dekhanaa – nayaa vyaapaar shuroo ho
ghodaa sajaa huaa dekhanaa – kaary men haani
ghodaa kaalaa dekhanaa -maan sammaan baḍhegaa
ghodaa yaa haathee par chadnaa – unnatti ho 


chalataa pahiyaa dekhanaa – kaarobaar men unnatti ho
chappal pahananaa – yaatraa par jaanaa
chakkee dekhanaa – maan sammaan baḍhegaa
chamaḍaa dekhanaa – duahkh ho
chabootaraa dekhanaa -maan sammaan baḍhegaa
chaṭṭaan dekhanaa (kaalee ) – shubh
chaṭṭaan dekhanaa (safed ) – ashubh
chapat maaranaa – dhan haani ho
chapat khaanaa – shubh fal kee praapti
charabee dekhanaa – aag lagane kaa snket
chalanaa jameen par -nayaa rojagaar mile
chalanaa paanee par – kaarobaar men haani
chalanaa aasamaan par – beemaaree aane kaa snket
chandr grahaṇa dekhanaa – sabhee kaary bigaḍae
chamagaadar udtaa dekhanaa – lambee yaatraa ho
chamagaadar laṭakaa dekhanaa – ashubh snket
chammach dekhanaa – najadeekee vyakti dhokhaa de
chappal dekhanaa – yaatraa par jaanaa
chaṭanee khaanaa – dukho men vriddhi
charakhaa chalaanaa – masheenaree kharaab ho
chashmaa khonaa – choree ke snket
chaandee ke bartan men doodh peenaa – snmpatti men vriddhi ho
chaarapaa_ii dekhanaa – haani ho
chaadar shareer par lapeṭanaa -grih klesh baḍhe
chaadar mailee dekhanaa – dhan laabh ho
chaadar sameṭ kar rakhanaa – choree hone kaa snket
chnchal aankhe dekhanaa – beemaaree aane kee soochanaa
chaandee kaa saamaan dekhanaa – grih klesh baḍhe
chokaleṭ khaanaa -achchhaa samay aane vaalaa hai
chaay dekhanaa – dhan vriddhi ho
chaaval dekhanaa – kaṭhinaa_ii se dhan mile
chaakoo dekhanaa – ant men vijay
chitr dekhanaa – puraane mitr se milan ho
chiḍaiyaa dekhanaa – mehamaan aane kaa snket
cheenṭee dekhanaa – dhan laabh ho
cheenṭiyaa bahut adhik dekhanaa – pareshaanee aaye
cheel dekhanaa – badanaamee ho
cheenṭee maaranaa – tunrat safalataa mile
chumban lenaa – aarthik samridhi ho
chumban denaa – mitrataa baḍhe
chuṭakee kaaṭanaa – parivaar men kalesh
chungee denaa – chalate kaam men rookaavaṭ
chungee lenaa – aarthik laabh
chuḍaail dekhanaa -dhan haani ho
choohaa dekhanaa -aurat se dhokhaa
choohaa fnsaa dekhanaa – shareer ko kaṣṭ
choohaa choohe daanee se nikalate dekhanaa – kaṣṭ se mukti
choohaa maraa dekhanaa – dhan laabh
choohaa maaranaa – dhan haani
chooḍaiyaa todnaa – pati deerghaayu ho (aurat ke lie )


safed chooḍaiyaa dekhanaa – dhan laabh ho


choolhaa dekhanaa – uttam bhojan praapt ho
chooran khaanaa – beemaaree men laabh
chechak nikalanaa – dhan kee praapti
chor pakadnaa – dhan aane kee soochanaa
choṭee par svayn ko dekhanaa – haani ho
choraahaa dekhanaa – yaatraa men safalataa
chaukeedaar dekhanaa – achaanak dhan aaye
chauth kaa chaand dekhanaa – bahut ashubh


chhat dekhanaa -makaan bane
chhadee dekhanaa – sntaan se laabh ho
chhataree lagaakar chalanaa – museebaton se chhuṭakaaraa milanaa
chhatr dekhanaa – raaj darabaar men sammaan mile
chhalanee dekhanaa – vyaapaar men haani
chhallaa pahananaa – shikṣaa men vriddhi
chhalaang lagaanaa – asafalataa haath lage
chham chham kee aavaaza aaye – mehamaan aaye
chhaaj dekhanaa – sammaan baḍhe
chhaachh peenaa -dhan laabh ho
chhaapaakhaanaa dekhanaa – dhan laabh
chhaatro kaa samooh dekhanaa – shikṣaa men laabh
chhipakalee dekhanaa – dushman se kaṣṭ
chheenk aanaa – ashubh lakṣaṇa
chhuaaraa khaanaa – dhan laabh ho
chhuraa dekhanaa – dushman se bhay ho
chhoṭe bachche dekhanaa – ichchhaa pooraṇa ho


jamaghaṭ dekhanaa – kaary kee prashnṣaa milegee
jayakaar sunanaa- snkaṭ men padnaa
jalanaa – maan sammaan kee praapti
jyotiṣ dekhanaa – sntaan ko kaṣṭ
jaṭaadhaaree saadhu dekhanaa – shubh lakṣaṇa
jahaaj dekhanaa – durghaṭanaa men fnsane kaa soochak
khaalee jnjeer dekhanaa – iljaam lagegaa
svayn ko jnjeer men jakaḍae dekhanaa – samasyaa_o se chhuṭakaaraa
jal dekhanaa – snkaṭ aaegaa
jade dekhanaa -shubh svapn
jvaalaamukhee dekhanaa – sthaan parivartan kee poorv soochanaa
jameen khodanaa – kaṭhinaa_ii se laabh ho
jngal dekhanaa – kaṣṭ door ho
jalebee khaanaa – sukh suvidhaay baḍhe
jalataa ghar dekhanaa -beemaaree pareshaanee baḍhe
jalataa murdaa dekhanaa – shubh samaachaar
jaadoo dekhanaa yaa karanaa -dhan haani
jaal dekhanaa (makaḍaee kaa ) – shubh lakṣaṇa
jaal dekhanaa ( machalee kaa ) -snkaṭ kaa snket
jaamun khaanaa yaa dekhanaa – yaatraa par jaanaa pade
jaloos dekhanaa -naukaree men unatti ho
jooe dekhanaa yaa maaranaa – maanasik chintaa
joote se peeṭanaa – maan sammaan baḍhe
joote se svayn peeṭanaa – maan sammaan milegaa
jeb khaalee dekhanaa -ashubh hai
jeb bharee dekhanaa -kharch adhik hone kaa soochak
jel dekhanaa – jag hnsee ho
jel se chhooṭanaa – kaary men safalataa
jokar dekhanaa – samay barbaad ho


jhagaḍaa dekhanaa -shubh samaachaar
jharanaa dekhanaa (ṭhnḍae paanee kaa ) – shubh hai
jharanaa dekhanaa (garm paanee kaa ) – beemaaree aaye
jhnḍaa dekhanaa safed yaa mndir kaa -shubh samaachaar
jhnḍaa dekhanaa haraa – yaatraa men kaṣṭ
jhnḍaa dekhanaa peelaa – beemaaree aaye
jhaaḍaoo lagaanaa – ghar men choree ho
jhunajhunaa dekhanaa – parivaar men khaushee ho


ṭnkee khaalee dekhanaa – shubh lakṣaṇa
ṭnkee bharee dekhanaa – ashubh ghaṭanaa kaa snket
ṭaa_ii safed dekhanaa – ashubh
ṭaa_ii rngeen dekhanaa – shubh
ṭelefon karanaa – mitro kee snkhyaa men vriddhi
ṭokaree khaalee dekhanaa – shubh lakṣaṇa
ṭokaree bharee dekhanaa – ashubh ghaṭanaa kaa snket
ṭopee utaaranaa – maan sammaan baḍhe
ṭopee sir par rakhanaa – apamaan ho


ṭhaṇaḍa men ṭhiṭhuranaa – sukh mile


ḍanḍaa dekhanaa – dushman se saavadhaan rahe
ḍaafalee bajaanaa – ghar men utsav kee soochanaa
ḍaak khaanaa dekhanaa – buraa samaachaar mile
ḍaakiyaa dekhanaa – shubh soochanaa mile
ḍaŏkṭar dekhanaa – niraashaa mile
ḍaakoo dekhanaa – dhan vriddhi ho


tarabooj dekhanaa – dhan laabh
taraajoo dekhanaa – kaary niṣpakṣ poorṇa ho
tabalaa bajaanaa – jeevan sukhapoorvak gujare
takiyaa dekhanaa – maan sammaan baḍhe
talavaar dekhanaa – shatru par vijay
tapasvee dekhanaa -man shaant ho
talaa pakavaan khaanaa – shubh samaachaar mile
talaak denaa – dhan vriddhi ho
tamaachaa maaranaa -shatru par vijay
taraajoo men tulanaa – bhaynkar beemaaree ho
tavaa khaalee dekhanaa – ashubh lakṣaṇa
tave par roṭee sekanaa – snpatti baḍhe
tahakhaanaa dekhanaa yaa usame pravesh karanaa – teerth yaatraa par jaane kaa snket
taambaa dekhanaa – sarakaar se laabh mile
taalaab men tairanaa – svasthy laabh
taalaa dekhanaa -chalate kaam men rookaavaṭ
taalee dekhanaa – bigaḍae kaam banege
taangaa dekhanaa – sukh mile, savaaree kaa laabh ho
taabeej baandhanaa – kaam men haani ho
taabeeza dekhanaa – shubh samay kaa aagaman
taash dekhanaa – mitr athavaa paḍaosee se laḍaa_ii ho
taaraa dekhanaa – ashubh
titalee dekhanaa – vivaah ho yaa premikaa mile
titalee ud kar door jaanaa – daanpaty jeevan men klesh ho
til dekhanaa – kaarobaar men laabh
tiraahaa dekhanaa – laḍaa_ii jhagaḍaa ho
trishool dekhanaa – achchhaa maarg darshan mile
trimoorti dekhanaa – sarakaaree naukaree mile
titalee pakadnaa – na_ii sntaan ho
tijoree bnd karanaa – dhan vriddhi ho
tijoree ṭooṭatee dekhanaa – kaarobaar men baḍhotaree
tilak karanaa – vyaapaar baḍhe
toofaan dekhanaa yaa usame fnsanaa – snkaṭ se chhuṭakaaraa mile
tel yaa telee dekhanaa – samasyaa baḍhe
tolanaa – mahngaa_ii baḍhe
top dekhanaa -shatru par vijay
totaa dekhanaa – khaushee mile
tond baḍhxee dekhanaa – peṭ men pareshaanee ho
toliyaa dekhanaa – svasthy laabh ho


thappar khaanaa – kaary men safalataa
thappar maaranaa – jhagaḍae men fnsanaa
thak jaanaa – kaary men safalataa mile
thar thar knpanaa -maan sammaan baḍhe
thaalee bharee dekhanaa – ashubh
thaalee khaalee dekhanaa – safalataa mile
thookanaa – maan sammaan baḍhe
thailee bharee dekhanaa – jameen jaayadaad men vriddhi
thailee khaalee dekhanaa – jameen jaayadaad men jhagaḍaa ho


daravaajaa bnd dekhanaa – chintaa baḍhe
dahee dekhanaa -dhan laabh ho
daliyaa khaanaa yaa dekhanaa – svasthy kuchh samay ke lie kharaab ho
daraar dekhanaa – ghar men fooṭ
daladal dekhanaa – kaam men aalasy ho
daravaajaa kholanaa – nayaa kaary shuroo ho
daravaajaa giranaa – ashubh snket
dakṣiṇaa lenaa yaa denaa – vyaapaar men ghaaṭaa
damakal chalaanaa – dhan vriddhi ho
darpaṇa dekhanaa – maanasik ashaanti
dastaanaa pahananaa – shubh samaachaar
daheza lenaa yaa denaa – choree kee sambhaavanaa
darajee ko kaam karate dekhanaa – korṭ se chhuṭakaaraa
davaa khaanaa yaa khilaanaa – achchhaa mitr mile
davaa giranaa – beemaaree door ho
daant ṭooṭanaa – shubh
daant men dard dekhanaa -nayaa kaary shuroo ho
daaḍaee dekhanaa – maanasik pareshaanee ho
daadaa yaa daadee dekhanaa jo mrit ho – maan sammaan baḍhe
daan lenaa – dhan vriddhi ho
daan denaa – dhan haani ho
daah kriyaa dekhanaa – sochaa huaa kaary banane ke snket
daatun karanaa -kaṣṭ miṭe
daanaa ḍaalanaa pakṣiyo ko – vyaapaar men laabh ho
daag dekhanaa – choree ho
daamaad dekhanaa -putree ko kaṣṭ ho
daal kapado par giranaa -shubh lakṣaṇa
daal peenaa – kaary men rookaavaṭ
daaḍhxee safed dekhanaa – kaam men rookaavaṭ
daaḍhxee kaalee dekhanaa – dhan vriddhi ho
diyaasilaa_ii jalaanaa – dushmanee baḍhe
deepak bujhaa denaa – nayaa kaary shuroo ho
deepak jalaanaa – ashubh samaachaar mile
deevaalee dekhanaa – vyaapaar men ghaaṭaa ho
deepak dekhanaa – maan sammaan baḍhe
dulhan dekhanaa – sukh mile
dukaan karanaa – maan sammaan baḍhe
dukaan bechanaa – maanahaani ho
dukaan khareedanaa – dhan kaa laabh honaa
dukaan bnd honaa – kaṣṭon men vriddhi ho
dupaṭṭaa dekhanaa – svasthy men sudhaar hon
doolhaa /dulhan bananaa – maanahaani hon
doolhaa /dulhan baaraat sahit dekhanaa -beemaaree aaye
doorabeen dekhanaa – maan sammaan men haani hon
doodh dekhanaa – aarthik laabh mile
dukaan par baiṭhanaa – pratiṣṭ baḍhe,dhan laabh hon
devataa se mntr praapt honaa – na_e kaary men safalataa
devee devataa dekhanaa – sukh snpatti kee vriddhi honaa
donaa dekhanaa – dhan snpatti praapt honaa
domuhaa saanp dekhanaa – durghaṭanaa hon, mitr dvaaraa vishvaasaghaat mile
daudnaa – kaary men asafalataa hon
devee devataa dekhanaa – kriṣṇa – prem snbndho men vriddhi
devee devataa dekhanaa – raam – safalataa mile
devee devataa dekhanaa – shiv – maanasik shaanti baḍhe
devee devataa dekhanaa – viṣṇau – safalataa mile
devee devataa dekhanaa – brahmaa – achchhaa samay aane vaalaa hai
devee devataa dekhanaa – hanumaan -shatru kaa naash ho
devee devataa dekhanaa – durgaa – rog door ho
devee devataa dekhanaa – seetaa – pahale kaṣṭ mile fir samridhi ho
devee devataa dekhanaa – raadhaa – shaareerik sukh mile
devee devataa dekhanaa – lakṣmee – dhan dhany kee praapti ho
devee devataa dekhanaa – sarasvatee -bhaviṣy sukhad ho
devee devataa dekhanaa – paarvatee – safalataa mile
devee devataa dekhanaa – naarad -door se shubh samaachaar mile


dhamaakaa sunanaa – kaṣṭ baḍhe
dhatooraa khaanaa – snkaṭ se bachanaa
dhaniyaa haraa dekhanaa – yaatraa par jaanaa paḍhxe
dhanuṣ dekhanaa – sabhee karmo men safalataa mile
dhabbe dekhanaa – shubh snket
dharohar laanaa yaa dekhanaa – vyaapaar men haani hon
dhaarmik aayojanaa dekhanaa – shubh snket
dhaagaa dekhanaa – kaary men vriddhi hon
dhuree dekhanaa – maan sammaan men vriddhi hon
dhuaa dekhanaa – kaṣṭ baḍhe , pareshaanee men fnsanaa paḍhxe
dhundh dekhanaa – shubh samaachaar mile
dhun sunanaa – pareshaanee baḍhe
dhoomadhaam dekhanaa – pareshaanee baḍhe
dhool dekhanaa – yaatraa hon
dhobee dekhanaa – kaam men safalataa mile
dhotee dekhanaa – yaatraa par jaanaa pade


nal khulaa dekhanaa – kaam sheeghr hogaa
nal bnd dekhanaa – kaam kaṭhinaa_ii se hogaa
narak dekhanaa- kaṭhinaa_iyaan baḍhe
nageenaa dekhanaa – sarakaar se laabh hon , shubh samaachaar mile
nagaaḍaa dekhanaa – dhan laabh , prasidhee mile
namaaza paḍhxte dekhanaa – kaṣṭ door hon , shaanti milegee
namak khaanaa – jhagaḍae men fnsanaa
namak dekhanaa – beemaaree door hon , vyaapaar men laabh hon
namakadaanee dekhanaa – grihasthee kaa sukh mile
nashe men svayn ko dekhanaa – dhan vriddhi hon parantu parishaaniyaa baḍhe
naragis kaa fool dekhanaa – paarivaarik sukh mile
nadee naale men girate dekhanaa – anek snkaṭ aane kaa snket
nakkataa manuṣy dekhanaa – dhan tathaa maan sammaan baḍhe
naqal karanaa – kaam men asafalataa mile
naqal karate dekhanaa – yaatraa men rukaavaṭ , kaam bigaḍae
nakshaa banaanaa – na_ii yojanaaye shuroo hon
nakaseer bahanaa – dimaagee pareshaaniyaa aaye
nakaab lagaanaa – gnbheer beemaaree aaye
naṭ dekhanaa – paarivaarik sukh shaati mile
nasavaar soonghanaa – maanasik parishaaniyaa baḍhe
nadee dekhanaa – bhaviṣy sukhad hon
nadee men snaan karanaa – kaam men safalataa mile
nadee men giranaa – snkaṭ ke baad sukh mile
nahar khodanaa – kaary sambandhee yojanaaye mile
nngaa honaa – vilaasitaa baḍhe
nadee , vrikṣ, yaa parvat dekhanaa – duahkh door ho , dhan mile
naaṭak dekhanaa – bhaviṣy anishchit ho
naakhoon ṭooṭanaa – safalataa deree se mile
naak bahut badee dekhanaa – maan sammaan baḍhe , pramoshan ho
naakhoon dekhanaa – kaam men pareshaanee ho
naak se khoon bahanaa – dhan men vriddhi ho
naaṭak dekhanaa – grihasthee kaa sukh mile
naaṭak men bhaag lenaa – dhokhaa mile
naariyal dekhanaa – dhan laabh ho , achchhaa bhojan mile
naak par choṭ laganaa -maan sammaan men haani ho
naasoor dekhanaa – beemaaree se chhuṭakaaraa mile
naapatol karanaa – vyaapaar men haani ho
naag ke bil men jaate dekhanaa – dhan sngrah ho
naag ke bil se baahar nikalate dekhanaa – dhan haani ho
naag kaa ḍang maaranaa – maan sammaan baḍhe
naag kaa ghar men dekhanaa – dekhe ga_e sthaan kee pavitrataa kaa snket
naag uṭhaaye dekhanaa – – snpatti praapt kaa snket
naanaa naanee dekhanaa – paarivaarik sukh baḍhe
naaḍaa bndhanaa yaa ṭooṭanaa – paarivaarik kalesh baḍhe
naalaa dekhanaa – gaharaa snkaṭ aaye
naav dekhnaa – grihasthee kaa sukh mile
naav men baiṭhanaa – anek snkaṭ aaye
naa_ii se hajaamat banavaanaa – dhokhaa mile
naariyal dekhnaa – shubh snket , dhaarmik aayojanaa ho
naalaa dekhnaa – kaary men safalataa mile
naarad dekhnaa – dhan laabh parantu ladaa_ii jhagaḍaa ho
naabhi dekhnaa – pragati tathaa dhan laabh ho
niraadar dekhnaa – maan sammaan baḍhe
nishaanaa lagaanaa – puraanee ichchhaa poorṇa ho
nitamb dekhnaa – grihasthee kaa sukh mile
neem kaa vrakṣ dekhnaa -bimaaree door honaa
neelam dekhnaa -shubh samaachaar mile , dushman parast ho
neend men sonaa yaa neend se uṭhaanaa – dhan laabh ho
neelaknṭh dekhnaa – maan sammaan baḍhe , vivaah ho
neenboo kaaṭanaa yaa nichodnaa – dhaarmik kaary ho
nukeelee cheeza se choṭ laganaa – vaad vivaad men fasanaa
nukeelaa jootaa dekhanaa – maan sammaan baḍhe
nevalaa dekhanaa – snkaṭ samaapt ho , svarṇaabhooṣaṇa mile


dhamaakaa honaa – snkaṭon men vriddhi ho
dhaarmik sthal dekhanaa -mndir – shubh kaary men dhan lage
dhaarmik sthal dekhanaa -gurudvaaraa – gyaan kee praapti ho
dhaarmik sthal dekhanaa -masjid – samasyaa kaa samaadhaan mile
dhaarmik sthal dekhanaa -charch – maanasik shaanti baḍhe
dharm granth dekhane kaa fal – raamaayaṇa – sngharṣ ke baad safalataa mile


paree dekhanaa – safalataa mile , svasthy laabh ho , maan sammaan men vriddhi ho , dhan baḍhe
pahaad dekhnaa – shatru par vijay ho
pamp se paanee nikaalanaa – vyavasaay men rukaavaṭ aaye
prasaad baanṭanaa – rog kam ho , samridhdhi baḍhe
pahaad par chaḍhxnaa – maan sammaan tathaa dhan baḍhe
pahaad se utaranaa -vyaapaar men mndaa ho
paradeshee dekhanaa – manokaamanaa pooraṇa ho
paṭakaa baandhanaa – maan sammaan tathaa dhan baḍhe
paṭaakhaa dekhanaa – khaushee mile
palng dekhanaa – apamaanit honaa pade
panaghaṭ soonaa dekhanaa – kahee se nimntraṇa aaye
panaghaṭ par bheed dekhanaa – parivaar men utsav ho
parivaar dekhanaa – shubh fal mile
paneer khaanaa – dhan vriddhi ho
papeetaa khaanaa – peṭ kharaab ho
paharedaar dekhanaa – choree kee sambhaavanaa
pnjeeree khaanaa – beemaaree aane kee soochanaa
parachhaa_ii dekhanaa ashubh samaachaar
pagadee dekhanaa – dhan haani ho
pardaa safed dekhanaa – maan – sammaan men haani
pardaa kaalaa dekhanaa – dhan vriddhi ho
pars dekhanaa – gupt kaary pooraa ho
pahiyaa dekhanaa – pragati tej ho
pnḍaal dekhanaa – kisee bade utsav men shaamil honaa
pattal dekhanaa yaa usamen khaanaa -shubh lakṣaṇa
patthar dekhanaa yaa maaranaa – sarakaar se laabh ho
patr likhanaa – pareshaanee ho
pyaaj khaanaa yaa khilaanaa – durbhaagy poorṇa ghaṭanaa ghaṭe
prashnsaa sunanaa – ashubh snket
prasaad baanṭanaa – shubh fal mile
pyaa_oo banavaanaa – dhan vriddhi ho
pareekṣaa men baiṭhanaa – kaary men asafalataa
patng uḍaanaa – lambee yaatraa ho
paḍhxnaa yaa paḍhaanaa – kaam men safalataa
pakavaan khaanaa yaa banaanaa – dukho men vriddhi ho
pahiyaa dekhanaa – yaatraa safal ho
paanee dekhanaa – sukh samridhi baḍhe
paanee peete dekhanaa – dhan vriddhi ho
polish karanaa -naukaree men tarakkee ho
paan kaa vrikṣ dekhanaa – sntaan kee samridhi ho
paagal dekhanaa – shubh kaary men vriddhi ho
paanadaan dekhanaa – mitrataa men vriddhi ho
paa_uḍaar lagaanaa – maan sammaan baḍhe
paarvatee maataa dekhanaa – sukh samridhi baḍhe
paayal bajate dekhanaa – stree se viyog ho
paaritoṣik milanaa – apamaanit honaa paḍhxe
paalakee par baiṭhanaa – svasthy kharaab ho
paalanaa dekhanaa – paarivaarik sukh mile
paalanaa jhulaanaa – sntaan ke lie kaṣṭ baḍhe
paarsal lenaa – achaanak laabh mile
paataal dekhanaa – maan sammaan baḍhe , prashnsaa mile
paad maranaa yaa anubhav karanaa – vyaapaar men laabh ho vyavasaayik yaatraa
paar karanaa (tairakar) – maan sammaan baḍhe
piṭaaraa dekhanaa – dhan laabh ho
pijaraa dekhanaa – svasthy kharaab ho
pijaraa khaalee dekhanaa – dhan vriddhi ho
pijare men pakṣee dekhanaa – grih kalesh ho
peepal dekhanaa – shubh sandesh mile
peelaa rng dekhanaa svaasthy kharaab ho
peeṭh dekhanaa – mitr se laabh ho
peetal ke bartan dekhanaa – dhan laabh ho , vyaapaar baḍhe
peelee sarason dekhanaa – sab prakaar se shubh ho
pustakaalay dekhanaa – samridhi baḍhe
pustak khonaa – maanahaani ho
pustak milanaa – maan sammaan men vriddhi ho
pujaaree bananaa – jeevan men unnati ho
puḍaiyaa bndhanaa – shaareerik kaṣṭ baḍhe
puraskaar milanaa – haani ho
pul paar karanaa – dhan laabh ho
pul ṭooṭate dekhanaa – snkaṭ se chhuṭakaaraa ho
poojaa paaṭh karanaa – sukh shaanti tathaa samriddhi kee soochanaa
poorvaj dekhanaa – shubh svapnaa , samriddhi baḍhe
poojaa yaa praarthanaa karanaa – maanasik shaanti mile
prem prastaav rakhanaa – vivaah men vilnbh ho
ped paudhe dekhanaa – kaary men laabh ho
peṭee kholanaa – choree kee snbhaavanaa
peshaab karanaa – snkaṭ door ho , dhanapraapti ho
peḍhaa khaanaa – muh men rog ho
pair kaṭe dekhanaa – shatru par vijay ho
pair khujalaanaa – yaatraa sheeghr ho
paibnd lagaanaa – kaṣṭ ke poorv soochanaa
paisaa milanaa – muft kaa dhan mile
pen pensil dekhanaa – pareekṣaa men utteeraṇa ho
pochaa lagaanaa – sthaan parivartan ho
poshaak pahananaa – beemaaree aane kaa snket


falaahaar karanaa – sukh samriddhi baḍhe
faṭe kapaḍae dekhanaa – dhanahaani ho , chintaa_e baḍhe
phakeer dekhanaa – kaam men safalataa mile
pharishtaa dekhanaa – manokaamanaa poorṇa ho
fndaa lagaanaa yaa dekhanaa – museebaton se chhuṭakaaraa mile
fafolaa ṭooṭanaa – museebaten samaapt ho
favaaraa dekhanaa – sabhee museebate door ho ,prasannataa baḍhe
faakhataa dekhanaa – patnee kee or se kaṣṭ mile , maanasik glaanee ho
faaṭak dekhanaa – mukadamaa samaapt ho
faaṭak paar karanaa -safalataa mile
fiṭakaree dekhanaa – dhan laabh ho
faansee lagaanaa – jeevan men dishaa parivartan ho
firojaa ratn dekhanaa – shatruon par vijay ho
foolavaaree dekhanaa – manapasnd vivaah honaa , khaushee mile
fulkaa khaate dekhanaa – aarthik samriddhi ho , parantu shok samaachaar mile
fulajhaḍaee chhooṭate dekhanaa – vivaah men sammilit ho
fuhaar paḍhxte dekhanaa – dhan snmriddhi baḍhe
fooladaan dekhanaa – maan sammaan baḍhe
fooṭee aankh dekhanaa – shaareerik v aarthik kaṣṭ baḍhe
foonk maaranaa – saamaajik kaaryo men maan sammaan baḍhe
fool khilate dekhanaa – prasannataa baḍhe , sntaan ho
fool jalate dekhanaa – priy vyakti kee mrityu dekhanaa


batak paanee men dekhanaa – shubh samaachaar mile
batakh zameen par dekhanaa -dhan haani ho
bandar dekhanaa – dhan vriddhi ho , achchhaa bhojan mile
baṭan lagaanaa – snkaṭ aane kee soochanaa
baṭan dekhanaa – dhan baḍhe
barasaat dekhanaa shahar par – khushahaalee baḍhe
barasaat dekhanaa apane ghar par – snkaṭ aaye
barasaat men chhatree lagaakar chalanaa – snkaṭ door ho
bakaree churaanaa yaa khonaa – laḍaa_ii ho
barf khaanaa – chintaa_e door ho
barf girate dekhanaa – aarthik samriddhi ho
banie ko daravaazae par dekhanaa – qarza baḍhe
baṭuaa dekhanaa – dhan laabh ho , rog door ho
banayaan pehenanaa – dhan baḍhe , sukh shaanti mile
bagulaa dekhanaa – saphaed dekhane par laabh , kaalaa dekhane par haani ho
badhaa_ii kaa sandesh milanaa – dukhad soochanaa mile
bachhiyaa dekhanaa – shubh samaachaar mile
baal girate dekhanaa – aarthik kaṣṭ baḍhe
baajoo kaaṭanaa – apamaanit honaa paḍhxe
baajoo par choṭ lagaanaa – maataa pitaa ke lie aniṣṭakaarak
baajoo kaṭee dekhanaa – shatru par vijay mile
baans dekhanaa – lagaataar unnati ho
baaza dekhanaa – durghaṭanaa men fnsanaa paḍhxe
baaza dvaaraa jhapaṭṭaa maaranaa – pahaad se girane ke lakṣaṇa
baraat men jaanaa – ashubh samaachaar mile
baagh dekhanaa – shatru par vijay ho
baarahasinghaa dekhanaa – door sthaan kee yaatraa ho
baaḍhx dekhanaa – snkaṭon se chhuṭakaaraa ho
baaḍhx men ghiranaa – vaataavaraṇa sukhad ho
baaḍhx men fnse aadamiyon ko bachaanaa – grih kalesh baḍhxnaa
baaḍhx ke paanee men tairanaa -vyaapaar men safalataa mile
baaḍhx men logon ko ḍaoobate dekhanaa – lambee yaatraa ho
baadal barasate dekhanaa -paarivaarik sukh shaanti yaa samriddhi
baadal se bijalee girate dekhanaa -ashubh samaachaar mile
baadal ko chhoonaa – dhan vriddhi ho
baazaar men svayn ghoomanaa – achchhe samaachaar mile
baazaar dekhanaa – dhan haani ho , vyaapaar men ghaaṭaa ho
baajeegaree dekhanaa – ṣaḍaayntr men fasanaa paḍhxe
baadaam khaanaa – svasthy kharaab ho , aspataal men bhartee honaa paḍhxe
baadaam dekhanaa – dhan vriddhi ho
baadashaah dekhanaa – dhan vriddhi ho , maan sammaan baḍhe
baal kaṭe dekhanaa sar ke – qarza se chhuṭakaaraa mile
baal kaale dekhanaa(apane sar ke) – adhik dhan mile
baal saphaed dekhanaa (apane) – samaaj men uchch sthaan mile
baal kaṭe dekhanaa – grih kalesh baḍhe
baal dekhanaa (hathelee yaa taluon men) – qarza men fasanaa paḍhxe
baal dekhanaa (bagal ke yaa naabhi ke neeche ke) – apamaanit honaa paḍhxe
baaten bahut karanaa – kaam men vriddhi ho , maan sammaan baḍhe
baaloo dekhanaa – dhan laabh ho
baaloo chhaanate dekhanaa – aarthik pareshaanee baḍhe
bichhu , saanp yaa bhayaanak jeev dekhanaa – dhan mile
baunaa dekhanaa – shubh samay nazadeek hai
baaibal – gyaan men vriddhi ho


bhaṇaḍaar dekhanaa – kaafee dhan laabh ho
bhaṭaṭhaa dekhanaa – bhoomi tathaa bhavan men vriddhi ho
bhabhoot lagaanaa – sheeghr vivaah ho tathaa grihasthee kaa sukh mile
bhaa_ii dekhanaa – bhaa_ii kee aayu vriddhi ho tathaa ,rog door ho
bhaabhee dekhanaa – svayn ko kaṣṭ mile , bhateejaa janme
bhaagate dekhanaa – kaṣṭ miṭe , achchhaa samay aane vaalaa hai
bhng kaa nashaa karanaa – apamaanit honaa paḍhxe
bhaanḍa dekhanaa -laḍaa_ii jhagaḍaa athavaa vaad vivaad men fnsanaa pade
bhaalaa lekar chalanaa – shatru par vijay ho
bhaalaa maaranaa – apamaanit honaa paḍhxe
bhaale ke khel kaa pradarshan karanaa – snkaṭ yaa durghaṭanaa aaye
bheed kaa chhaṭhaa dekhanaa – kaafee laabh mile
bheed kaa kaaṭanaa – duahkh aaye
bhinḍaee dekhanaa – sukho men vriddhi ho , aalasy baḍhe
bhikhaaree dekhanaa – kaary ke achchhe pariṇaam mile
bheegate dekhanaa – sukh samriddhi men vriddhi ho
bheekh maanganaa yaa denaa – paarivaarik sukh – snpatti tathaa samriddhi baḍhe
bheed dekhanaa yaa usame chalanaa – kaary adhooraa ho
bheed ko ugr roop men dekhanaa – kaary men safalataa mile
bhoochaal dekhanaa – tabaahee aaye , janataa par snkaṭ paḍhxe
bhoosaa dekhanaa – pashuon se laabh mile
bhoomigat svayn ko dekhanaa – bhaynkar beemaaree aaye yaa vipatti baḍhe
bheḍaiyaa dekhanaa – vishvaash ghaat ho khatare kee soochanaa
bhed akelee dekhanaa – ashubh ho
bhedo ko samooh dekhanaa – laabh ho
bhainsaa dekhanaa – sngharṣ karane se safalataa milegee
bhais dekhanaa – achchhaa bhojan mile


machhar dekhanaa – apamaanit honaa pade
machhalee dekhanaa – grihasthee kaa sukh mile
makhee dekhanaa – dhan haani ho
makaḍaee dekhanaa – bahut adhik mehanat karanee pade
makaan banate dekhanaa – maan sammaan men vriddhi ho
malaa_ii khaanaa – dhan vriddhi ho
mndir yaa masjid dekhanaa – khushahaalee baḍhe
mndir men pujaaree dekhanaa – grih kalesh baḍhe
mar jaanaa – dhan vriddhi ho
makhamal par baiṭhanaa – lambee beemaaree aaye
magaramach dekhanaa – shubh samaachaar mile
mntree dekhanaa – maan sammaan men vriddhi ho
maalaa ( poojaa vaalee ) shubh samay aane kaa snket
maalaa foolon kee pahanaanaa- maan sammaan men vriddhi ho
maatam karanaa – khushahaalee baḍhe
maalee dekhanaa – ghar men samridhi baḍhe
mirch khaanaa – kaam men safalataa mile
mirgee se peedit honaa yaa dekhanaa – buddi tej ho
miṭhaa_ii khaanaa yaa baanṭanaa – bigaḍae kaam bane
meeṭ khaanaa – manokaamanaa pooraṇa ho
murdaa uṭhaa kar le jaate dekhanaa – binaa kamaayaa maal mile
murde ko jindaa dekhanaa – chintaa door ho
murdaa shaareer se aavaaza aanaa – banaa kaam bigad jaanaa
murdon kaa samooh dekhanaa – galat sosaa_iṭee men kaam karanaa pade
murde ko nahalaanaa – dhan vriddhi ho
murde ko kuchh denaa – shubh samaachaar
murde ke saath khaanaa -achchhaa samay aaye
murgaa dekhanaa -videsh vyaapaar baḍhe
murgee dekhanaa -grihasthee kaa sukh mile
mohar lagaanaa – dhan vriddhi ho
murajhaaye fool dekhanaa – sntaan ko kaṣṭ ho
munḍaan karaanaa yaa hote dekhanaa -grihasthee kaa tanaav door ho
muharram dekhanaa – kaarobaar men unnatti ho
moongaa pahananaa yaa dekhanaa – kaarobaar men unnatti ho
moong masoor yaa moṭh dekhanaa – anek pareshaanee ho
mochee dekhanaa -yaatraa laabhadaayak ho
mom dekhanaa – jhagaḍae yaa vivaad men samajhotaa ho
mor naachate dekhanaa – shubh samaachaar mile
mor moranee dekhanaa – daanpaty sukh men vriddhi ho
mojaa pahananaa – pati patnee men prem bade
momabattee dekhanaa – vivaah ho

yantr banaanaa yaa dekhanaa – ashubh fal ho
yag karanaa yaa dekhanaa – dhan vriddhi ho
yamaraaj dekhanaa – beemaaree door ho
yojanaa banaanaa -ashubh fal
yogaasan karanaa – shubh fal


rajaa_ii odnaa – dhan mile
rajaa_ii na_ii banavaanaa – sthaan parivartan ho
rajaa_ii faṭee puraanee dekhanaa – shubh kaary ke lie nimntraṇa ho
rassee lapeṭanaa – safalataa mile
rath dekhanaa -yaatraa karanee pade
rasabharee khaanaa – vivaah ho
rasagullaa khaanaa – dhan vriddhi ho
raddee dekhanaa – rukaa huaa dhan mile
rng karanaa – sambndhit vaastu kee haani ho
rakṣaa karanaa – maan sammaan men vriddhi ho
rafoo karanaa – na_ii vastro yaa aabhooṣano kee praapti ho
rakṣaa bndhan dekhanaa – dhan vriddhi ho
rasoii ghar gandaa dekhanaa – achchhaa bhojan mile
rasoii ghar svachh dekhanaa -dhan kaa snkaṭ aaye
raastaa dekhanaa (saaf) -tarakkee mile
raastaa dekhanaa (ṭedaa meḍaa ) pareshaanee ho
raakh dekhanaa – dhan naash ho
rŏkeṭ dekhanaa – dhan snpatti men vriddhi ho
raat dekhanaa -pareshaanee aaye
raa_i dekhanaa – kaam men rookaavaṭ aaye
raakṣash dekhanaa – snkaṭ aaye
raamaleelaa dekhanaa – sukh saubhaagy men vriddhi
rishvat lenaa – saavadhaan rahe
rivaalvar chalaanaa – shatrutaa samaapt ho
rikshaa dekhanaa yaa usame baiṭhanaa – prasanttaa baḍhe
relave sṭeshan dekhanaa -laabhadaayak yaatraa ho
rel dekhanaa – kaṣṭ daayak yaatraa ho
reḍaiyo bajataa dekhanaa – pragati men rookaavaṭ ho
refrijiraṭar dekhanaa – aarthik laabh ho
registaan dekhanaa – dhan sampadaa men vriddhi
rojaa rakhanaa – aarthik snkaṭ aane kaa snket
ronaa – maan sammaan men vriddhi ho
roshanadaan se dekhanaa – videsh se dhan kee praapti ho
roṭee khaanaa yaa pakaanaa – beemaaree aane kaa snket
roṭee baanṭanaa – dhan laabh ho
roṭee fainkanaa yaa giree huii dekhanaa – desh men man n lage , videsh kee yaatraa sheeghr ho


lngar khaanaa yaa dekhanaa -dhan vriddhi ho ,vyavasaay men tejee aaye
lngoor dekhanaa -shubh samaachaar mile
lngoṭee dekhanaa -aarthik kaṭhinaa_iiyaa baḍhe
lakeer kheenchanaa -grih kalesh baḍhe , anaavashyak jhagaḍae ho
laṭakanaa yaa laṭakate hue dekhanaa -sochaa huaa kaam sheeghr bane , aarthik samriddhi baḍhe
ladkaa god men dekhanaa (apanaa) – dhan vriddhi ho , vyavasaay men tejee aaye
ladkaa god men dekhanaa (anajaan) – pareshaanee baḍhe ,ghar men kalesh ho
ladnaa – vidrohiyon ke saath – desh tathaa samaaj men ashaanti faile
lagaam dekhanaa -maan sammaan baḍhe , dhan vriddhi ho
lakṣmee kaa chitr dekhanaa -dhan tathaa sukh saubhaagy kee vriddhi ho
lahasun dekhanaa – dhan vriddhi ho parantu ann v sabjee ke vyaapaar men haani ho
lakkad baagh dekhanaa – nayee museebaten aane kaa snket
lapaṭen dekhanaa (aag kee ) – parivaar men shaanti baḍhe , jhagaḍaa khatam ho
laal aankhe dekhanaa – shubh fal kee praapti
laalaṭen jalanaa – chalate hue kaam men rodaa aṭake
laalaṭen bujhaanaa – anek samasyaa svayn nipaṭ jaaye
laaṭ yaa meenaar dekhanaa -aayu vriddhi ho , sukh shaanti baḍhe
laaṭhee dekhanaa -sukh shaanti men vriddhi ho ,achchhe sahayogee mile
laal ṭeekaa dekhanaa -satsng se laabh ho, kaamo men safalataa mile
laal vastr dikhaa_ii denaa – dhan naash ho ,khataraa baḍhe
laal aakaash men dekhanaa -laḍaa_ii jhagaḍaa v aatnk men vriddhi ,dhan tathaa desh kee haani ho
libaas (apane kapaḍae)saphaed dekhanaa – sukh , shaanti tathaa samriddhi men vriddhi ho
libaas haraa dekhanaa – dhan daulat baḍhe , svasthy achchaa ho
libaas peelaa dekhanaa -svasthy men kharaabee aaye ,choree ho
libaas mailaa dekhanaa -dhan haani ho ,kharaab samay aane vaalaa hai
lifaafaa kholanaa -samaaj men maanahaani ho , gupt baat saamane aaye
lohaa dekhanaa – kaafee mehanat karane ke baad safalataa mile
lohaar dekhanaa – maan sammaan baḍhe , shatruon par vijay praapt ho
lobiyaa khaanaa – dhan tathaa vyavasaay men vriddhi ho
laukee dekhanaa yaa khaanaa -shubh samaachaar mile , dhan vriddhi ho ,naukaree men padonnitee ho ! 


vakeel dekhanaa – kaṭhinaa_ii baḍhe , jhagaḍaa ho
vajeefaa paanaa -kaam men asafalataa mile , dhanahaani ho
varamaalaa dekhanaa yaa ḍaalanaa -ghar men kalesh ho mitr se laḍaa_ii ho
vaseeyat karanaa -bhoomi sambandhee vivaad ho , ghar men tanaav baḍhe
vaayadaa karanaa – jhooṭh bolane kee aadat paḍhxe
vaah vaah karake hasanaa -maan sammaan kaa dhyaan rakhe , shatru badanaam karenge
vaarnish karanaa (ghar kee vastuon par)- parivaar par snkaṭ aaye, svasthy kharaab ho
vaaṣp udte dekhanaa – dhanahaani ho , durghaṭanaa tathaa shaareerik kaṣṭ ho
vidaa_ii samaaroh men bhaag lenaa – vyaapaar men tejee aaye , dhan vriddhi ho
vimaan dekhanaa – dhan haani ho
visfoṭ dekhanaa yaa sunanaa – nayaa kaarobaar shuroo ho , bade vyaktiyon se mulaakaat ho
veeṇaa bajaanaa (svayn dvaaraa) – dhan dhaany tathaa samriddhi praapt ho
veeṇaa bajaanaa – shok samaaroh men shaamil honaa pade , (doosaro dvaaraa)maanasik kaṣṭ ho
vriddhaa dekhanaa – ashubh samaachaar mile


shnkh bajaanaa, dekhanaa, sunanaa – shubh samaachaar
shnkarajee ko dekhanaa – sukho men vriddhi
sharabat dekhanaa – beemaaree door ho
shatarnj dekhanaa – samay vyarth men barbaad ho
sharaab dekhanaa – binaa kamaayaa dhan mile
sharaab peenaa – dhan vriddhi ho
shamaa (deepak )dekhanaa – maan sammaan men vriddhi ho
shamaa daan dekhanaa – beemaaree door ho
shahad kee makkhee dekhanaa – dhan vriddhi ho
shahad dekhanaa – shubh kaaryo men roochi baḍhe
shareefaa khaanaa yaa dekhanaa – svasthy men laabh ho
shahatoot dekhanaa – achchhaa bhojan mile
shahanaa_ii bajaanaa yaa dekhanaa – dukhad samaachaar mile
shamashaan par jaanaa – aayu vriddhi ho
shahar ko jaanaa – dhan vriddhi ho
shahar kaa vinaash dekhanaa – apanaa nivaas sthaan khaalee karanaa pade
shav ke saath chalanaa – bhaagy vriddhi
shareer kee maalish karanaa – rog baḍhe
shamiyaanaa dekhanaa – dhan vriddhi ho
shraaddh karanaa – achchhaa samay aane kee soochanaa
shaal odnaa -apayash mile
shaark machhalee dekhanaa – videsh yaatraa ho
shikaar karanaa – parivaar par snkaṭ aaye
sheeshaa dekhanaa – lambee beemaaree aaye
sheeshaa todnaa – pareshaanee aaye
sher dekhanaa – shatru par vijay ho
shok magan honaa – ghar men utsav kaa aayojan ho


shrngaar karanaa – prem prasngon men vriddhi ho
shrngaar daan ṭooṭanaa – daanpaty jeevan men sukh v safalataa mile


syaahee dekhanaa – sarakaar se sammaan mile
sṭov jalaanaa – bhojan achchhaa mile
snḍaas dekhanaa – dhan vriddhi ho
sngeet dekhanaa yaa sunanaa – kaṣṭ baḍhe
sndook dekhanaa – patnee sevaa kare , achaanak dhan mile
sagaa_ii dekhanaa yaa usame shaamil honaa -
sajaa paanaa – snkaṭon se chhuṭakaaraa milaanaa
saṭṭaa khelanaa – dhokhaa hone kaa snket
salaad khaate dekhanaa – dhan vriddhi ho
sarkas dekhanaa – bahut mehanat karanee pade
salaa_ii dekhanaa – maan sammaan baḍhe
sarason kaa saag khaanaa – beemaaree door ho
sarason dekhanaa – vyaapaar men laabh ho
sasur dekhanaa – shubh samaachaar mile
sar kaṭaa dekhanaa – videsh yaatraa ho
sar faṭaa dekhanaa – kaarobaar men haani ho
sar munḍaanaa – grih kalesh men vriddhi ho
sar ke baal jhadte dekhanaa – qarza se mukti mile
sasuraal jaanaa – grih kalesh men vriddhi ho
samudr paar karanaa – unatti mile
saa_ikil dekhanaa -safalataa mile
saa_ikil chalaanaa – kaam men tarakkee mile
saa_in borḍa dekhanaa – vyaapaar men laabh ho
saavan dekhanaa – jeevan men khaushee mile
saaḍaee dekhanaa – vivaah ho , daampaty jeevan men sukh mile
saaras dekhanaa – dhan vriddhi ho
saalaa yaa saalee dekhanaa – daampaty jeevan men sukh ho , mehamaan aaye , dhanavriddhi ho
saagar sookhataa dekhanaa -beemaaree aaye , akaal pade
saarngee bajaanaa – apayash mile , dhan haani ho
saag dekhanaa – achaanak vivaad ho , saavadhaan rahe
saabun dekhanaa – svasthy laabh ho , beemaaree door ho
saanp maaranaa yaa pakadnaa – dushman par vijay ho , achaanak dhan mile
saanp se ḍaar jaanaa -najadeekee mitr se vishvaasaghaat mile
saanp se baaten karanaa -shatru se laabh mile
saanp nevale kee laḍaa_ii dekhanaa – korṭ kacheharee jaanaa pade
saanp ke daant dekhanaa -najadeekee rishtedaar haani pahunchaa_enge
saanp chhatt se giranaa – ghar men beemaaree aaye tathaa korṭ kachaharee men haani ho
saanp kaa maans dekhanaa yaa khaanaa – apaar dhan aaye parantu ghar men dhan ruke naheen
sipaahee dekhanaa – kaanoon ke vipareet kaam kaaranekaa snket
sinemaa dekhanaa – samay vyarth men naṣṭ ho
sigareṭ peete dekhanaa -vyarth men dhan barbaad ho
silaa_ii masheen dekhanaa – pati patnee men jhagaḍaa ho
silaa_ii karanaa – bigaḍaa kaam ban jaaye
siyaar dekhanaa -dhan haani ho , beemaaree aaye
sindoor dekhanaa – durghaṭanaa kee sambhaavanaa
sindoor devataa par chaḍaanaa – manokaamanaa poorṇa ho
seetaafal dekhanaa -kuchh samay ke baad gareebee door hogee
seetaa jee ko dekhanaa -maan sammaan baḍhe
seemaa paar karanaa -videsh vyaapaar men laabh ho
sippee dekhanaa – use dekhane par haani , uṭhaane par laabh
seenaa chauḍaa honaa – lokapriyataa men vriddhi ho
seedee par chaḍhxnaa – kaam men asafalataa mile
sunahaar dekhanaa – saathee se dhokhaa mile
suṭalee kamar men bndhanaa -gareebee aaye , sngharṣ karanaa paḍhxe
sumbhaa dekhanaa (lohe kaa)- kaary men safalataa mile , vivaah ho
sudarshan chakr dekhanaa – ba_iimaanee kaa dnḍa sheeghr mile
supaaree dekhanaa -vivaah sheeghr ho , mitron kee snkhyaa men vriddhi ho
sunaharee rng dekhanaa – rukaa huaa dhan mile
surng dekhanaa yaa surng men pravesh karanaa – nayaa kaary aarnbh ho
sooii dekhanaa – ek dekhane par sukh tathaa anek dekhane par kaṣṭ men vriddhi ho
sulagatee aag dekhanaa – shok samaachaar mile
sundar stree dekhanaa – maan sammaan men haani ho
sunaharee dhoop dekhanaa – sarakaar se dhan laabh ho , maan sammaan baḍhe
suraahee dekhanaa – grihasthee men tanaav ho , pati yaa patnee kaa charitr kharaab ho , rog door ho
sugndh mahasoos karanaa – chamadee kee beemaaree aaye
sunasaan jagah dekhanaa – balavriddhi ho
sood lete dekhanaa – muft kaa dhan mile
sood dete dekhanaa -dhan naash ho , gareebee aaye
soolee par chaḍhxnaa – chintaa_o se mukti ho , shubh samaachaar mile
soory dekhanaa – dhan snpatti tathaa maan sammaan baḍhe
soory kee tarah apanaa cheharaa chamakataa dekhanaa – puraskaar mile , maan sammaan baḍhe
sooar dekhanaa – bure kaamon men fnsanaa pade , bure logon se dostee ho tathaa maanahaani ho
sooar kaa doodh peenaa – charitr kharaab ho , jel jaanaa paḍhxe
soorajamukhee kaa fool dekhanaa – snkaṭ aane kee soochanaa
soory chandr aadi kaa vinaash dekhanaa – mrityu tuly kaṣṭ mile
sem kee falee dekhanaa – dhan haani ho parantu achchhaa bhojan mile
seb kaa fal dekhanaa – duahkh v sukh men baraabar vriddhi ho
sendh lagaanaa – priye vastu gum honaa
sevaa karanaa – mehanat kaa fal milegaa
sevaa karavaanaa – svasthy kharaab hone ke lakṣaṇa hai
seharaa bndhanaa – daampaty jeevan men kalesh kee snbhaavanaa
sainik dekhanaa – saahas men vriddhi ho
sonṭh khaanaa – dhan haani ho , svasthy men sudhaar ho
sonaa dekhanaa – parivaar men beemaaree baḍhe , dhan haani ho
sonaa milanaa – dhan vriddhi ho
sonaa dusare ko denaa – apanee murkhataa se doosaron ko laabh pahunchaanaa
sonaa luṭaanaa – pareshaaniyaa baḍhe , apamaan sahanaa paḍhxe
sonaa giravee rakhanaa – ba_iimaanee kare aur apamaan ho
sote hue sher ko dekhanaa – niḍaarataa se kaary kare , safalataa milegee
solah shrringaar dekhanaa -svasthy kharaab hone kaa snket
svapn men maanik ratn dekhanaa – shakti tathaa adhikaaron men vriddhi
svapn men motee ratn dekhanaa – maanasik shaanti mile
svapn men moongaa ratn dekhanaa – shatru par vijay mile
svapn men pannaa ratn dekhanaa – vyavasaay men vriddhi ho
svapn men pukharaaj ratn dekhanaa -vair virodh kee bhaavanaa baḍhe
svapn men heeraa ratn dekhanaa – aarthik pragati ho
svapn men neelam ratn dekhanaa – unnatti ho
svapn men gomed ratn dekhanaa – samasyaa achaanak aaye
svapn men lahasuniyaa ratn dekhanaa – maan sammaan baḍhe
svapn men ferozaa ratn dekhanaa – vyavasaay men vriddhi


haḍaḍaee dekhanaa – shubh samaachaar mile , svasthy men laabh
hariyaalee dekhanaa – man prasann rahegaa
haldee kee gaanṭh dekhanaa – aarthik pragati ho
haldee peesee dekhanaa – pareshaanee aaye
havaa men udte dekhanaa – yaatraa men kaṣṭ aaye
havaa tejee se chalate dekhanaa – dukho men vriddhi ho
havaa maadhyam chalate dekhanaa -shatru haani pahunchaa_e
hathakaḍaee dekhanaa – pareshaaniyaan baḍhe
hathelee dekhanaa (puruṣ kaa) – shatrutaa baḍhe
hathelee dekhanaa (stree kaa ) – pyaar baḍhe
havelee dekhanaa – kisee najadeekee vyakti kee mrityu kaa samaachaar mile
hakeem dekhanaa – beemaaree aaye parantu gyaan bhee baḍhe
hatyaa hote dekhanaa – deerghaayu ho , dushmanon se saavadhaan rahe
hatyaa karanaa – laḍaa_ii jhagaḍaa shaanti hone ke lakṣaṇa
haraa rng dekhanaa – sukh shaanti men vriddhi ho
hathauḍaa dekhanaa – sammaan mile parantu parishram adhik ho
hasheesh peete dekhanaa – kaṣṭon men vriddhi ho
hajaamat banate dekhanaa – ṭhage jaane kee snbhaavanaa
haj karanaa – manokaamanaa poorṇa ho
hamalaa honaa – durghaṭanaa kee poorv samaachaar
halavaa_ii kee dookaan dekhanaa – ichchhaa_e bahut baḍhe parantu apoorṇa rahe
havaa_ii jahaaza dekhanaa – vyaapaar men adhik jhooṭh bolanaa paḍhxe , laabh ho
hnsanaa – akaaraṇa pareshaanee baḍhe
hasatee stree dekhanaa – grih kalesh baḍhe
hasaanaa (doosaron ke dvaaraa ) – manokaamanaa poorṇa ho
hasulee dekhanaa – jeevan men aannd baḍhe
haath dekhanaa – achche mitron se mulaakaat ho
haath kaṭaa huaa dekhanaa – laḍaa_ii men haani ho
haath par chitrakaaree dekhanaa – aajeevikaa ke lie sngharṣ karanaa paḍhxe
haath dhonaa – kaam apoorṇa rahe , naakaamayaabee mile
haath se aasamaan chhoonaa – manokaamanaa poorṇa ho , kaam men tarakkee mile
haath bndhe dekhanaa – bure kaam kaa buraa nateejaa bhugatanaa paḍhxe
haathee dekhanaa – sntaan ho , nayaa kaary shuroo ho
haathee kee savaaree karanaa – maan sammaan baḍhe , sarakaar se laabh ho
haathee mast dekhanaa – dhanavriddhi ho
hisaab kitaab lagaanaa – apavyay ho , kaam men saavadhaanee barate
hiran dekhanaa – safalataa mile , sheeghr vivaah ho , dhan laabh ho
himapaat dekhanaa – bigaḍae kaam bane , kaafee dhan kee praapti ho
himakhnḍa dekhanaa – kisee najadeekee mitr se dhokhaa milane kee snbhaavanaa hai
heeraa dekhanaa – dhan vriddhi ho parantu sngharṣ adhik ho
hunkaar sunanaa – shatru se paraajay honaa pade
hukkaa peenaa yaa pilaanaa – mitrataa baḍhe
hukkaa peete dekhanaa – vyarth men samay kharaab ho
hukum kaa ikkaa dekhanaa – chalate hue kaam men rukaavaṭ aaegee , niraashaa baḍhe
hoṭal dekhanaa – kaam men tngee aaye , dhan kee kamee ho


Send Me Your Palm Images For Detailed & Personalized Palm Reading

Question: I want to get palm reading done by you so let me know how to contact you?
Answer: Contact me at Email ID:

Question: I want to know what includes in Palm reading report?

Answer: You will get detailed palm reading report covering all aspects of life. Past, current and future predictions. Your palm lines and signs, nature, health, career, period, financial, marriage, children, travel, education, suitable gemstone, remedies and answer of your specific questions. It is up to 4-5 pages.

Question: When I will receive my palm reading report?

Answer: You will get your full detailed palm reading report in 9-10 days to your email ID after receiving the fees for palm reading report.

Question: How you will send me my palm reading report?

Answer: You will receive your palm reading report by e-mail in your e-mail inbox.

Question: Can you also suggest remedies?

Answer: Yes, remedies and solution of problems are also included in this reading.

Question: Can you also suggest gemstone?

Answer: Yes, gemstone recommendation is also included in this reading.

Question: How to capture palm images?

Answer: Capture your palm images by your mobile camera or you can also use scanner.

Question: Give me sample of palm images so I get an idea how to capture palm images?

Answer: You need to capture full images of both palms (Right and left hand), close-up of both palms, and side views of both palms. See images below.

Question: What other information I need to send with palm images?

Answer: You need to mention the below things with your palm images:- 

  • Your Gender: Male/Female 
  • Your Age: 
  • Your Location: 
  • Your Questions: 

Question: How much the detailed palm reading costs?

Answer: Cost of palm reading:

  • India: Rs. 600/- 
  • Outside Of India: 20 USD

( For instant palm reading in 24 hours you need to pay extra Rs. 500 or 15 USD ) 
(India: 600 + 500 = Rs. 1100/-)
(Outside Of India: 20 + 15 = 35 USD) 

Question: How you will confirm that I have made payment?

Answer: You need to provide me some proof of the payment made like:

  • UTR/Reference number of transaction. 
  • Screenshot of payment. 
  • Receipt/slip photo of payment.

Question: I am living outside of India so what are the options for me to pay you?

Answer: Payment options for International Clients:

International clients (those who are living outside of India) need to pay me 20 USD via PayPal or Western Union Money Transfer.

  • PayPal (PayPal ID :
    ( Please select "goods or services" instead of "personal" )
  • PayPal direct link for $20 (You will get reading in 9/10 days) - PayPal Payment 20 dollars
    PayPal direct link for $35 (You will get reading in 24 hours) - PayPal Payment 35 dollars
  • Western Union: Contact me for details.

Question: I am living in India so what are the options for me to pay you?

Answer: Payment options for Indian Clients:

  • Indian client needs to pay me 600/- Rupees in my SBI Bank via netbanking or direct cash deposit.

  • SBI Bank: (State Bank of India)
       Nitin Kumar Singhal
       A/c No.: 61246625123
       IFSC CODE: SBIN0031199
       Branch: Industrial Estate
       City: Jodhpur, Rajasthan. 

      (Contact For Details)

Email ID:

Client's Feedback - DECEMBER 2017

If you don’t have your real date of birth then palmistry is there to help you for future life predictions.  Our palm lines, signs, mounts and shapes which are very useful in predicting the person’s life. We can predict your future from the lines and signs of your both palms. We can predict your future by studying your palm lines and signs. There is no need to send us your date of birth , time of birth , place of birth etc . Palm told the personality ,future ups and downs thus a experienced palmist can guide you to deal with upcoming challenges with vedic remedies.