Friday, September 22, 2017

Sharab/Daru Chudane Ka Totka Aur Desi Nuskha

Daru Pine Ki Lat Hamesha Ke Liye Kese Chudaye

Yadi aapke beta, bhai ya pita mein se koi bahut sharaab pita hai to aap ye upay aajma sakti hai. Yadi aapke pati sharab pi kar maar peet karte hai to ye upay aapke liye bhaut upyogi ho sakta hai.

ये पोस्ट जरूर पड़ें :-

औरत के स्तन पर तिल होने का क्या मतलब होता है
शादी और सुखी जीवन
पुरुष के लिंग पर तिल होने का क्या मतलब होता है
सभी समस्याओं के लिए चमत्कारी उपाय

Aaiye aapko batate hai ki aap apne pati ki sharab ki lat kaise chudva sakti hai wo bhi kuch hi dino mein:-


Aapko apne pati ko rozana teen seb (apple) paani mein ubal kar khilane hai aur kam se kam ek mahine aapko ubale hue apple apne pati ko khilane hai. Aap dekhogi kuch hi dino mein wo sharab peena kam kar denge aur sharaab chod denge.


Aapke pati jab ghar sharaab ki bottle le kar aaye aur jab wo us bottle mein se thodi sharaab pee le aur baaki ki sharaab doosare din ke liye rahane de tab aapko us bottle ko bhairu ji ke mandir mein le jana hai aur wo us bottle ki sharaab bhairu ji ko pila dena hai matlab pujari ji ko bolna hai wo bhairu ji ko sharab ki bottle chada dega. Aapko wo bottle wapis ghar nahi laani hai wahi bhairu ji ke mandir mein chod deni hai.

Aap pata kar le aapke yaha pr kaha hai bhairu ji ka mandir jaha pr unka parsaad ke roop mein sharab chadti hai.

Is post ko bhi padey "Peepal Ke Chamatkaari Upay"

Girdle Of Venus In Palmistry

Girdle Of Venus In Palmistry
The Girdle of Venus exists in the form of a semi-circle rising between the first and second fingers, and ends between the third and fourth. It relates to emotional intelligence and the ability to manipulate. It Shows highly-strung, nervous temperament. People possessing the Girdle of Venus are capable of rising to the highest pitch of enthusiasm over anything that engages their fancy, but keep on fluctuating between high and low spirits.

Functions of the Girdle of Venus
It adds to the power of the Line of Heart
It indicates the high-strung disposition, nervous temperament of an individual.
Formed as a single deep Line adds to the power of the Heart Line - passion within control.

Characteristic features of the Girdle of Venus

Composed of broken fragments - Increased nervousness - prone to suffer from hysteria.

Bulging Mount of Venus, broken Girdle of Venus - Liable to indulge in masturbation during adolescence.

Sloping Head line, a star, cross or island at termination, broken Girdle of Venus - Grave danger of mental illness

Broken Line, cross on the mount of Saturn, an island on the Head Line or Fate Lien, a grille on the Mount of Moon with brittle or fluted nail - Tendency to paralysis

Connects Mount of Jupiter and Mercury - Refinement of the passions and refined eroticism.

Finely marked but cut by a bar line under the Mount of Apollo - A life spoiled - reverses experienced on account of passionate attachment.

Unbroken - Tendency towards hysteria and despondent.

Comes in contact with Marriage Line - Happiness of the marriage will be marked through the peculiarities of the temperament.

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Net Sign On Mount of Mercury Palmistry

Grille or Net Sign On hand

The grille or net mark generally found on the mounts of the hand, and shows that the success of the subject will be hampered by a weakening of the qualities of the mount on which it is present. The grille forms a complicated network and it is nearly impossible for the vital current to pass through it. The current travels haphazardly through the lines of the grille. Should it finally escape the grille, it will be weak and diffused.

A grille on the Mount of Mercury will spoil the good qualities of the Mount.

Net sign on Mount Of Mercury indicates losses through theft and impediments in business or profession.

Purchase Of Property In Palmistry

If any influence line from Mount of Lower Mars touch Line of Health or branch of Health Line goes towards Mount of Lower Mars then it indicates purchase of land.

Bow Sign On Life Line | INDIAN PALMISTRY

In Indian Palmistry Bow Arrow Sign is considered an auspicious sign.

Location of bow sign is mainly on lifeline.  A diagonal line touch curved lifeline from both ends (see above image) and create bow shape.  Bow sign is also known as "Dhanusha Chinha" in Hindi.

A bow sign represents an strong support of someone from family. Property and financial help from in-laws.


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